Disruption removing the barrier


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  • What is PaaS? It stands for Platform as a Service... Why should you care?
  • What is PaaS? It stands for Platform as a Service... Why should you care?
  • AWS - kicked off the inception of cloud computing about 6”ish” years ago with EC2 and S3. Continuous Deployment, Integration has been found to be the key to exponentially greater levels of success. The ideals of developers (which I include myself in), to do an intelligent, capable, efficient, and elegant job. To see their users, hopefully lots of users, use what we developers make.
  • Netflix big? Facebook big? Maybe not always that big, but you could, and that is part of the reason for Cloud Computing. These two companies have been major innovators in the space around cloud computing.
  • Cloud computing - changed funding operational vs. capitol - enabled a whole new line of startups/small biz - which is now the driving force of any economic growth. Which right now, we as a nation and a world should be thankful for considering the economic times. AWS, Joyent, Tier 3, Windows Azure, etc. Compute -> Enables a clear SoC at a system level and forces better architectural design for large systems... Storage -> The same goes for storage. Also reducing overall cost for reliable storage.
  • Seamless? Is it, because if it isn’t, it ought to be. Not having a seamless deployment for end users will be a determinant of failure in the very near future and for many users already as a determination that YOUR company has failed.
  • Deployment - It is painful, has been painful - often arduous and time consuming - rarely taken care of in a dev process when needed, because of the round about, time consuming & difficult process.
  • The build process should be clean, elegant but often it isn’t.
  • Ideals - In software we aim for lofty goals - SOLID, DRY, etc. - creating ideal workflow between dev, staging, UAT, production, etc.
  • Ideals - In software we aim for lofty goals - SOLID, DRY, etc. - creating ideal workflow between dev, staging, UAT, production, etc.
  • The agile manifesto is over 10 years old now, many in the industry have leapt forward and improved the way they make software. Some haven’t. Lean ideals and process have taken foot and are even more focused on innovation and results.
  • Wouldn’t it be cool if we could just select our PaaS cloud and push an application to it? ...and get results? Wouldn’t it be cool if we weren’t limited to one framework stack, we could push any technology framework or language we wanted to? So step away from what you think might be working and let’s talk about how well things ought to be...
  • Here’s the standard deployment for Cloud Foundry PaaS System... What we have here... target, login, push and auto detect of app, deployment, stat, parameters, and stage & start of application.
  • Ideally, continuous delivery is the axiom of software development. Of course, from the technical side, but it was born out of the process and practice of strong teams.
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  • Disruption removing the barrier

    1. 1. Disruption Removing Barriers
    2. 2. PaaSPlatform as a Service?
    3. 3. IaaSInfrastructure as a Service?
    4. 4. historyAmazon Web Services - AWSHeroku - ‘git push heroku master’Continuous Deployment, IntegrationSOLID, DRY, KISS...
    5. 5. cloud computingMaking Things Big or Big Things!
    6. 6. cloud computingComputeStorageLocation
    7. 7. deploymentWhat’s the perception to the user?
    8. 8. deploymentProcess
    9. 9. deploymentBuild
    10. 10. deploymentDeploy
    11. 11. idealsAgile Ideals & Lean Process
    12. 12. ideals
    13. 13. ideals
    14. 14. ideals - agile & leanAgileLean
    15. 15. the cool kids Wouldn’t it be cool if...
    16. 16. Demo Time...PaaS Deployment & Iterations
    17. 17. questions...I’m not done yet though...
    18. 18. Coding Against the “Cloud” A Software Craftsman’s Perspective AKA - Kick Ass Continuously
    19. 19. The Cloud?Utility ComputingDistributed ComputingGrid Computing
    20. 20. Nothing HasChanged...But everything has changed...
    21. 21. Continuous DeliveryWhat is continuous delivery?
    22. 22. Demo Time...IaaS Continuous Integration ServerContinuous Delivery = True
    23. 23. Discussing...Horizontally ScalingGetting rid of RDBMS constraints...Getting rid of NoSQL limitations...Vertical Scale? Trash it.
    24. 24. Twitter: @adronMe E-mail: adronhall@gmail.com Blog: http://compositecode.com Company: http://www.tier3.com Thor: http://ironfoundry.org/Thor