Make $1000 Per Day on Plenty of Fish


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How so scale CPA campaigns on Plenty of Fish.

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Make $1000 Per Day on Plenty of Fish

  1. 1. 1By AdRock MediaFollow online at
  2. 2. 2IntroductionWelcome to POF 1000. This is a guide intended foranyone interested in using the Plenty of Fish ad platform.I have compiled these strategies and sources so that youmay incorporate them in your online campaigns. I am noguru nor do I claim to know it all. The following aresimply practices that I use in my own personalcampaigns. Experiment, be creative, adapt what youlearn and make it work for you.Along with this guide I have started a video blog There you will have access tocomplete video walk-throughs for this guide, along withbonus content and tips. All FREE!I have developed a piece of software to help you evenfurther with your POF campaigns.Check it out: POFAngler.comI wish you the best of success.Enjoy-Adam Tyrrell
  3. 3. 3Let’s get Started!Whether you are a newbie internet marketer or a well-seasoned guru at some point you have or will haveinterest in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is atime saver for online money generation. No productcreation, no dealing with customers, and no pesky refundprocessing. You just have to link the customer with theseller and then the seller pays you commission! Simpleright?!?!Well it sounds easy, but for many new marketers this canbe a daunting process. In this e-book I am going to showyou in detail exactly how you can make a powerfulaffiliate marketing campaign with my favorite trafficsource, Plenty of Fish.
  4. 4. 4Finding an OfferYour first step in creating your campaign is to find anoffer or product that you would like to promote. To dothis sign up to a CPA network such as Above All Offers orMax Bounty. These CPA networks have a large variety ofoffers to choose from. With so many offers to choosefrom how do you find the right one?First take in to consideration your traffic source. In thisguide we will be using POF so let’s examine the trafficthat POF receives. POF is a dating site which people canjoin for free. The majority of the people on there arelooking for dates, love or anything in between. Thismeans that when a user visits POF they are in what I liketo call “date mode.” They are on POF scouring for Mr.Right or Ms. Right. So what if we offered them anopportunity to do just that! Doesn’t it make sense thatperson on a dating site is interested in finding a date?I think so!Now that we have analyzed the users on POF lets pick anoffer. We want to select an offer that fulfills the userswant, has a decent payout, and requires small amount of
  5. 5. 5input from the user. The last thing we want is an offerthat makes a user jump through hoops to sign up. Besure to find out the point of conversion for the offer,meaning what does the user have to do in order for youto get paid? The less the user has to do the higher theconversion rate (typically).So in our case I would look for a dating offer that has apayout of around $3.00 or higher and converts on thefirst or second page. Maybe depending on if the payoutis high enough I will consider a 3rdpage submit.I bet you want an example :)
  6. 6. 6Now by all means feel free to try other kinds of offersother than dating offers. They also convert! I wouldhowever recommend starting with dating offers. You willsee the highest conversions with these if you are abeginner.Selecting an AngleThis is the step which most POF newcomers miss. Doingthis not at all or inaccurately can hinder your success, sono pressure!I’ll walk you through it no worries ;)So what do I mean by selecting an angle? I am talkingabout how you are going to promote this dating offer tothe users on POF. You want to target a specific group ofpeople with a specific need. If those things line up youare gold.
  7. 7. 7Example time:Let’s say we are promoting the Black People Meet offerfrom Above All Offers.Ok let’s narrow down our target.The offer only wants Men and Women above 30 to signup so we must keep that in mind. Now targeting all menand women is very broad and generic. It will get difficultto make that work. So we want to target a specific groupof people woman.Here are some ideas:Women that are ChristianWomen with gray hairWomen that smokeWomen with tattoosAnd it goes on and on. I am sure you get the idea now.Brainstorm on a piece of paper or in your computer’snotepad and come up with a 4-5 angles you would like totest.
  8. 8. 8Creating a Landing PageOnce we have selected our angles it is time we need tomake a landing page. A landing page is a web page whichthe user will visit when they click your ad on POF.Landing pages are not necessarily required but I dorecommend them. The job of the landing page is to pre-sell the offer. You will do this by relating your angle withthe offer. Amplify why this offer meets that person’sneeds.For your landing page you will probably want to purchasea domain name for it. Here is why; many times I have hadpeople visit my landing page and click through. They didnot sign up. Then later they either remembered mydomain name or saw it in their history and came backand signed up. Again this has happened a ton! If youdon’t have a domain name you may be missing money.Additionally it gives your landing page a little morecredibility.Below are some examples of landing pages:
  9. 9. 9 out for more ideas for landingpages.Now if you do not know how to build a web page thereare many templates out there. You can even useWordPress to build a landing page. Alternatively you canhire someone to create landing pages for you for a lowprice.You want fresh images for your landing pages. So I havecomplied some sources for you to check out. I must warnyou I do not own any rights to any of these sources nordo I own any rights to any of the photos from thesesources.Search Royalty Free Images
  10. 10. 10 Great Image Sources < every time you refresh you get new images.http://pinterest.com you can purchase images. This will keep away legal headaches.
  11. 11. 11Elements of a Landing PageHere is your check list when building a landing page: Captivating title Tell them how the offer or product fulfills their need Nice design and images Call to Action! (tell them to sign up or purchase)Creating an AdOk now that we have our beautiful landing page in placewe need to create our ad creative. Now the POF adplatform offers 2 types of ads when you first start out.There are the text based ads and the 310 x 110 bannerads.When choosing between the two types keep this in mind.Text based ads can feature dynamic content such asswitch the number in the ad to the age of the user.Banner ads typically grab more attention though. You cancustomize anything on a banner ad as long as it adheresto the POF guidelines:
  12. 12. 12Because of this banner ads on POF almost alwaysoutperform text ads. So in this guide we are going tofocus on them.When making a banner ad you can use programs such aspaint or photoshop. Or you can use software that doesthis all for you called POF Angler . Here are the basicelements of a banner ad: Title (ask a question or make a bold statement) Body text Call to action (Sign up, join now, etc.) Picture (must grab attention) Background color (test different variations of colorsto find one that works the best) Boarder (optional)Here are some solid examples of 310x110 ads. Use thebasic principles to develop your own.Want to automatically created banners and uploadthem? Check this out!
  13. 13. 13Create a CampaignBiddingAlright, so we have our ad creative made now we need tocreate a campaign. The first section you may have somequestion about is the bidding section. I typically prefer tostart bidding lower and then gradually increasing my bidas the campaign develops.The lowest bid you may select is $0.16 CPM or cost per1000 impressions. So start there and let your ads run for12 – 24 hours. If you are not seeing the volume youwould like to see jump your bid up 5 – 10 cents. Continueto do so until you see desired results. Remember give ittime. The last thing you want to do is bid yourself out ofa profit. Impatience can be detrimental here! A gradualapproach will ensure that you don’t spend more thanwhat is necessary.
  14. 14. 14DeliveryFor testing purposes it will be important that you set thedelivery parameters. When first testing and offer I like toset the Max Spend for the day approximately 4 times thepayout of the offer. In the picture below you will see theValue of the offer is $3 therefore the Max Daily Spend is$12. In addition I have had great results from setting thefrequency cap to 3 per day. This means that the sameperson will only be shown your ad up to 3 times per day.TargetingWhen setting up the targeting for a campaign it isimperative that you do research on your offer to find outwho exactly is interested in the niche or site. You can usetools such as Quantcast and to determinethings such as age, gender, income and much more. Usethe information you find using these tools and plug theminto your targeting.A couple things to be aware of,
  15. 15. 15If you do not set the browser target option in thetargeting section, you will receive traffic from allbrowsers. This can severely hinder your campaign somake sure you set those browsers!Second, make sure you pinpoint your target. If you arerunning dating offers be sure to target singles that arelooking for the opposite sex or same sex depending onyour offer.Spend time thinking this through because the success ofthe entire campaign rests on this. Now you may ask howdo I know what the best targets are for my offer? Thisleads me to my next point.
  16. 16. 16TestingYou need to perform split tests. There are several waysto split test but here is how I do it.First I create a batch of ad creatives, around 20 or so. Ithen create 3-5 campaigns with the same ads with onevariable slightly different. For example I may makecampaigns for the age groups 18- 25, 26 – 35, ad 36- 45. Ican then see what group performs best. You can do thiswith any piece of the targeting!Also, you can split test your actual creatives. Change acolor, title or picture. It is up to you. Keep testing untilthe results are satisfying.It is important to note that you do not want to changemultiple things in a split test, because how will you knowwhat variables actually made the difference?!?!
  17. 17. 17The WaitNow once you submit your ads you will probably have towait about 24 hours before your campaigns startrunning. Take this time to double check that everything ishow you want you campaign to be. Last thing you wantto do is run a mistake!What to do Once Ads are RunningLet your ads run for a bit. You want each of yourcreatives to receive at least 2,500 impressions before youdetermine if it is a loser. However, if you are on a tightbudget 1,500 will do. Once and ad has reached 2,500impressions I evaluate the ad. Look at the CTR. If it islower than 0.1% you may want to pause it. At 0.1% CTRyou are essentially paying whatever you are bidding perclick. The CTR gets more people to your landing page forless money.Next you will want to track how many people are clickingto the offer from your landing page. Here I would aim forat least 50% of the visitors to my landing page.After that look for conversions. Does your landing pageproperly sell the offer? If you are in the profit you are on
  18. 18. 18to something and it is time to look for ways to increasethat profit. If you are not, determine what element isfailing. Is it the ad or landing page?TacticsSo you have a winning campaign now and you want toincrease volume and make even more money!Raise bidYou can simply raise your bid and get more traffic. Morevolume = more money! Increase your bids in incrementsof 5 or 10 cents.Duplicate campaignAnother way to expand volume is to duplicate a winningcampaign. Make several copies of the same campaignand the likelihood that your ads will be drawn from therandom order is much higher. Make sure that if youmake changes to one of the duplicates you make thechanges to all.
  19. 19. 19Split test with different variablesContinue to test even though you found a winner. Youmay be able to refine your campaign or create new onesfor even more volume.Create more campaignsOnce you have found working princes apply them todifferent offers. Remember they do not have to be datingoffers.Pay BumpOnce you are pushing volume ask your affiliate managerfor a pay bump. Sometimes there is some wiggle room inthe payouts.
  20. 20. 20Sources and Supporthttp://pofangler.comhttp://blog.pofangler.comAbove All Offers