The Simpsons


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The Simpsons

  1. 1. The Simpsons Assignment 2Production Report explaining the content, thecast, the structure, the language style, amount of episodes in each series and the main characters.
  2. 2. The Content.• The Simpsons is a TV animation about humour adventures of one working class family called the Simpsons who live in the city of Springfield.
  3. 3. The cast.The voice overs that do the animation are:• Dan Castellaneta - Homer Simpson• Julie Kavner - Marge Simpson• Nancy Cartwright - Bart Simpson• Yeardley Smith - Lisa Simpson
  4. 4. The structure.The opening sequence in the Simpsons is one of the shows most memorable opening byeveryone. The opening was created by David Silverman. Most of the episodes open withthe camera zooming through the shows title towards the town of Springfield. Then thecamera follows the members of the family on their way home from different places.While they all enter there house, the Simpsons family settle down on their couch towatch the television. The theme song was composed by musician Danny Elfman in 1989.The opening sequence change from episode to episode: Bart writes different things onthe school chalkboard, Lisa plays different solos on her saxophone in a music class,Margeand Maggie are shopping and Homer exists from work. Different things happen toaccompany the family as they enter their living room to sit on the couch. There was also anew opening credit sequence which was introduced to accompany the switch to HDTV.The sequence had all of the features that was in the original opening, but added anumber of characters from the show and details.
  5. 5. Pictures of different opening structure
  6. 6. The language style.• The main language used in the animation is English but there also sometimes use different languages which they only say a few words eg. French, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Arabic etc. The also do English subtitles sometimes but its rare. It’s a family comedy and they don’t always use formal language.
  7. 7. Amount of episodes in each series.Season Episodes Season Episodes 18 221 13 19 202 22 20 213 24 21 234 22 22 225 22 23 n/a6 257 259 2510 2311 2212 2113 2215 2216 2117 22
  8. 8. Main characters.• Homer is the lazy unhealthy loving dad, Marge who is the hardworking wife who looks after the family, Bart is the naughty kid and who is only ten year old underachiever, Lisa is the eight year old who is unappreciated and also the genius of the family and then there is Maggie who is the silent , cute, loving infant and also the youngest in the family.Marge Homer Maggie Lisa Bart