Paid in full with one glass of milk
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Paid in full with one glass of milk






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    Paid in full with one glass of milk Paid in full with one glass of milk Presentation Transcript

    • - Adrija and Prarthana
    •  There was a poor boy named Howard Kelly who was going through some real bad times. He wanted to study but had no monetary support so to make the ends meet he started to sell goods from door to door. This way he could pay his school fee. But selling is a hard job. One fine day, he found he had just one thin dime left and he was hungry as well.
    • Many years passed after that smallincident. The young lady became criticallyill and local doctors were clueless abouther illness. She was sent to the big citywhere specialists were called upon todiagnose and treat her problem. Themystery surrounding the illness forceddoctors to call Dr. Howard Kelly. When Mr.Kelly first heard about the town she camefrom, he instantly remember the entireincident and rushed his way to check thepatient.
    • Howard Kelly immediatelyrecognised her and started doingeverything in her capacity to saveyoung woman’s life. After givingspecial attention to the case forquite some time, the lady startedgetting better. When it came tothe matter of bill payment, Dr.Kelly requested hospital authoritiesto pass the final bill to him.
    • After carefully examiningthe bill details, he scribbled somethingon the edge of the paper and passedthe bill to patient’s room. She wasscared to have a look at the billknowing it would take her rest of thelife to pay for the expensivetreatment. But when she finallyopened the bill, she saw somethingwritten on the side of the bill,
    • ‘Paid in full with one glass ofmilk’Signed, Dr. Howard Kelly. X__________X__________X