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CH_18 NPO, Ed, Health PR
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CH_18 NPO, Ed, Health PR


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Chapter 18 Think! textbook. Slides adapted from Think!

Chapter 18 Think! textbook. Slides adapted from Think!

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  • This question will stimulate discussion of the strategies and tactics used by advocacy groups.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Ch 18: NonprofitsAdrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 2. What is a nonprofit [npo]?• A collection of entities that are organizations; private as opposed to governmental; non-profit distributing; self-governing; voluntary; and of public benefit• Often referred to as the third sector, independent sector, voluntary sector, philanthropic sector, social sector, tax-exempt sector, or the charitable sector.• NGO overseas [nongovernment organization] Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 3. Climate Change in NPO’s• Government cutbacks• Competition• Demand• Diversity & cultural issues/initiatives• Credibility/Accountability/Transparency/Trust• Social problems• Technology Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 4. The Role of PR• Serving public interest• Fostering good will• Tax exempt• Staff development• Volunteer recruiting• Fundraising Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 5. ABC’s of PR for Nonprofits• Acceptance• Build [audience]• Communication• Donations• Encouragement Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 6. 3 Issues• Competition for donations• Partnership based on common interest• Conflict with different causes Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 7. Why PR in Nonprofits?• Generate awareness• Enhance fundraising efforts• Survive a crisis• Change public policy Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 8. Fundraising• A major public relations task• Motivations for giving – Why do people give? • These are potential strategies. Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 9. Fundraising Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 10. Fundraising Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 11. Fundraising Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 12. eNonprofit Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 13. eNonprofit Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 14. Fundraising• Fundraising methods – Corporate and foundation donations – Structured capital campaign – Direct mail [direct email] – Event sponsorship – Volunteering [$ budget offset $21+ per hour] – Telephone solicitations – Online and social media – Text-to campaigns – Friend raising Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 15. Membership Organizations• Professional Associations – Seek mutual benefit – Examples • Royal Institute of British Architects • National Association of Professional Organizers • American Medical Association Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 16. Membership Organizations• Trade Associations – Memberships are held by corporate entities, not individuals. – Examples • Electronic Industries Alliance • American Beverage Association Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 17. Membership Organizations• Labor Unions – Represent the interests of an entire industry – Examples • National Basketball Association • UPS employees Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 18. Membership Organizations• Chambers of Commerce – Work to improve city’s commercial climate and to publicize city’s attractions – Examples • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce • Local chamber of commerce Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 19. Advocacy Groups• Use various forms of advocacy to influence public opinion and/or policy.• Groups vary considerably in size, influence and motive.• Some long term, some short term.• Examples: – PETA – NRA – Greenpeace, Sierra Club Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 20. Advocacy Groups• Use various forms of advocacy to influence public opinion and/or policy• Groups vary considerably in size, influence and motive• Some long term, some short• Examples:• Social Issue Organizations – Mothers Against Drunk Driving Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 21. Advocacy Groups• What kinds of strategies and tactics do advocacy groups use to further their causes?• What about the law? Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 22. Advocacy Groups• PR Strategies and Tactics – Lobbying – Litigation – Publicity stunts – Media campaigns – Mass demonstrations – Boycotts – Polls – Briefings – Reconciliation – Fundraising – Social media Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 23. Social Service Organizations• Philanthropic foundations• The original “nonprofit” – Examples • The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations • Habitat for Humanity • United Way • Gilda’s • American Heart Association • Boys and Girls Club Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 24. Social Service Organizations• Cultural Organizations – Examples • Libraries and musical organizations • The Getty Museum • The New York Philharmonic Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 25. Social Service Organizations• Religious Organizations – Churches Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 26. Social Service Organizations• PR Strategies and Tactics – Publicity – Creation of events – Use of services – Creation of educational materials – Newsletters Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 27. Health Organizations• Types of Health Organizations – Hospital (nonprofit & profit)• Health agenciesHealth campaigns: Strategies and tactics – To prevent and respond to diseases – To promote health and quality of life – Growth of online health information Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 28. Educational Organizations• Colleges and universities – Involve both development/fund-raising and enhancing the prestige of the institution.• Elementary and secondary schools – The need for public relations has increased. • Competition among districts for students. • Sports & other extracurriculars. • Various ballot initiatives. Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 29. Educational Organizations• School districts – Build community support – Crisis communication – Marketing of schools – Sports & extracurriculars – Administrative Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 30. Remember R.A.C.E?• Research• Action• Communication• Evaluation Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 31. Research• Defines problems• Defines publics• Determines process – Who to reach – What action to take – What messaging to use Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 32. Action• Goals• Audience• Objectives• Strategies• Tactics Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 33. Communication• Execution of the plan – What messaging through which channels – Did they reach intended audience – How will we know if we are successful? • Evaluative process planned here Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 34. Evaluation• Measure – What were outcomes? [not outputs]• Identify – Was it successful? – How do we know?• Adjust [strategies/tactics]• Research [again] Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    • 35. Sometimes R.O.P.E in Nonprofits• Research• Objectives• Programming• Evaluation• Be able to translate between the two – ROPE is an integrated communications approach term [read: marketing people got ahold of it] Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA