Small Business Blueprint: Checklist for Website Development


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Small Business Blueprint: Checklist for Website Development

  1. 1. Small Business Blueprint: Checklist for Website Development From Wordcamp NYC Presentation, "Small Business Blueprint for Wordpress Websites" Created by Adria Richards, Organic Technology Consultant • Blog • Training • Speaking 11/25/2009 Get Ready for Success! This checklist will help you determine the important things you need to consider when building a successful website. You should consider these questions and answer them before you approach a website designer or developer for services as it will save you time and create consistent communication. 1. Your Business Is your business based on a tangible product or service? Can your product be delivered online? Do you plan to sell your product online? 2. Purpose What does your website achieve for it's visitors?
  2. 2. 3. Goal What is the goal of your website? Generate qualified leads? Sales? Build a community? Is your website to gather information about your prospective customers? 4. Success How will you determine that your site is successful? Will that be by the number of visitors, visits converted to sales or inquires? 5. Message What do you want visitors to remember about visiting your site? 6. Platform Have you settled on a website platform like Wordpress? If so, what things do you like about Wordpress as a CMS (Content Management System)? Do you have concerns? 7. SEO Do you understand how sites get good SEO search results in Google? Have you used Google Analytics before to view your website traffic? Are there specific search terms you've found that have a high conversion for your product or service? 8. Workflow What are your current steps when you get a lead from your website? Do you use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool like Highrise to manage leads? 9. Email Do you currently have domain email? Where is your email hosted? If you have staff, who manages the email accounts? 10. Social Media Are you currently in the social media scene with Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIN?
  3. 3. Have you considered social media sites focused on rich media like YouTube or Flickr? Are community building sites like Ning relative to your business? 11. Design Find 3 websites that have elements you want in your new site. Note the URL's for later What is most important about the design? (Easy to navigate, photo rich site, SEO friendly) 12. Navigation Do you have a preference for navigation? Many sites are using top navigation vs side navigation 13. Content Do you have existing content for the website for the main pages (Home, About, Contact Us)? Are you prepared to create 3 foundation articles that help visitors understand your business? If not, is there a staff person who will be writing/blogging or will you need a copywriter (someone who writes for a living) 14. Mobile Content Have you considered that people will browse your website on mobile devices? Do you have a mobile device like an iPhone, Blackberry or Android? 15. Budget Have you determined a budget for the website project other than $0.00? Imagine you paid 10% for referrals. Multiply that amount by 20 and you have a starting budget for your website Find a website designer Now that you've prepared your expectations for your website, it's time to find a qualified website designer! • Talk with them • Look at their work • Ask them about their website development process • Ask them about their vision for your website • Get references and call them • Ask for a written proposal • Get a contract in writing that defines responsibilities, timelines, deliverables and cost Working on the project
  4. 4. Now that you've signed up to complete this project with a designer, developer or team of consultants, it's time to get to work! • Be open to suggestions • Make sure to put in effort, not just your opinion • Make time to participate on the website project; it won't complete itself • Be vocal when you don't understand something • Review the timeline and completed tasks on a monthly basis Good luck and if you have questions, feel free to contact me