2010 Toy Manuf Services


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2010 Toy Manuf Services

  1. 1. Wooden Toy Manufacturing Services …making it made easy
  2. 2. …making it made easy Glow Investment Group (Toy Division), a leading US and Vietnamese toy engineering manufacturing company with a international network of skilled employees, has a vision of achieving sustainable growth by delivering highly differentiated products and services that add value to customers operations. At Glow Investment Group we deliver on our commitment to this vision by providing innovative, quality wood toy manufacturing, design and packaging services to toy companies, individual designers and entertainment industries worldwide. With more than 30 years manufacturing experience, Glow Investment Group is becoming the new market leader in Vietnam providing integrated wood toy manufacturing solutions and leading the way in the implementation of Eco-Friendly and sustainable wood use. From our facilities in Vietnam, Glow delivers flexible service options aligning our leading capabilities with your needs. We focus on applying our expertise to increase quality and reduce production costs of your wooden toy products so you can simply realize the full potential of your Toy product assets. www.glowinvestment.com
  3. 3. Whatever your wood toy design or scale of production needs, our knowledge of combining leading CAD based prototyping to manufacturing and wood engineering is at the heart of the service expertise Glow Investment Group provides. How we rise to your business challenges and apply our breadth of expertise is what makes us different. Our production solutions are as individual as your toy designs Optimized Design In an effort to reduce the impact to the environment and positively lower the cost associated with the production of many physical samples , Glow takes the initiative to were possible design and create virtual 3D prototypes . This process provides the benefit of being able to produce many more design iterations with the ability to rapidly integrate into our CNC production systems Our use of modern CAD and CNC production delivers you the ability to go from pencil sketch, 3D model to full production in a matter of weeks, saving you valuable time and resources. …making it made easy
  4. 4. As a progressive company in the toy manufacturing industry, we feel a certain obligation to help set the standards for good business—whether it’s by ensuring quality at every turn or ensuring a focus on sustainable manufacturing. Sustainable Manufacturing We draw on our skills base to help companies deliver designs in eco- friendly ways , always with the environment and safety as a priority. Our manufacturing is based on the use of FSC approved lumber sources, Rubber Wood and Bamboo. Safe Manufacturing Supporting modern responsible toy companies we deliver products only with non-toxic glues, lead free paints and dyes ,encouraging the use of 100% recycled packaging options were possible. In addition it is our policy to use digital media as much as possible in an effort to reduce unnecessary use of materials and reduce costs. …making it made easy
  5. 5. Want to see what an ideal toy manufacturer can do for you Choose Glow Investment Group to experience our independent, individual and innovative manufacturing solutions to produce your wood toy designs When you work, we work. Globally, serving international toy firms and designers, we deliver: • Turnkey toy manufacturing and wood engineering • Design Optimization • Prototype production • Packaging and shipping • Coordinating product testing For more information contact: sales@glowps.com …making it made easy
  6. 6. www.glowinvestment.com
  7. 7. Glow Investment Group, an international metal fabrication, wood engineering and toy manufacturing company located in Vietnam and the USA. Americas Asia PO Box 440781 2276/1B Quoc Lo 1A Houston An Phu Dong Ward TX 77244 District 12, Ho Chi Minh City USA Vietnam Tel: +1 (832) 426 3845 Tel: +84 (837) 195 723 Email: sales@glowps.com Email: sales@glowps.com www.glowinvestment.com