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Letters from a Slave Girl - The Story of Harriet Ann
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Letters from a Slave Girl - The Story of Harriet Ann


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Published in: Education, Self Improvement

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  • 1. Letters From A Slave Girl The story of Harriet Ann Jacobs. Adrian Wisaksana | Da Eun Hong | Rhea Ghirish | Nicholas Solomon
  • 2. Summary. Connectivity . Character Tracing . Illustrations . This is what it’s all about.
  • 3. Summary. Harriet and her family were owned by Margaret, but then, Margaret died. So Harriet moved to Gran (granmother) at Tavern and later on, Harriet was owned by Norcom and Maria ’ s (Margaret ’ s sister) family. Harriet worked for babysitter of Mary Matilda. While she was working, Norcom threaten and tried to (sexually) abuse Harriet, but his wife, Maria noticed that and the gossips spreads. Harriet met Sawyer in the store and Sawyer decided to protect Harriet and buys her, so she moved to Sawyer ’ s house. Sawyer and Harriet slept together and Harriet got pregnant. Gran was angry because, she thought Harriet pregnant Norcom ’ s baby. She named her first baby ‘ Joseph ’ . Harriet had a second baby, and named ‘ Louisa Matilda ’ . Her children were baptized. #1
  • 4. Summary. Harriet ’ s uncle, Joseph was sent to the jail. Norcom sent Harriet and her children to plantation to make Harriet ’ s son work for Norcom and sell him later. Then, Harriet planned to send her children to Sawyer, and she ran away from Norcom for a while in the hiding place. Her plan worked because, her son was with Sawyer, and so Norcom couldn ’ t sell her son. But Harriet kept hiding in Martha Blount and Norcom kept trying to find her. Harriet moved her hiding place to the ship and the swamp. Her another plan was moving to Gran ’ s house to hide. #2
  • 5. Summary. Harriet hide under the roof of Gran ’ s house. Only Gran and Uncle Mark knew about it. Dr. Norcom kept tried to find her and banned on the newspaper that he is finding her and for people who find Harriet will get $100 for reward. Few days after, Harriet heard that Norcom is going to New York for a while. So she felt safe and start to come down from the roof. One day, Harriet met Sawyer in Gran ’ s house while he wanted to say good-bye to Gran before he goes to Washington City. Sawyer promised Harriet that he would free her children. John went to Washington City to serve Sawyer. In Washington City, Sawyer married with Lavinia and they had a baby named, ‘ Laura ’ . Lavinia wanted to adopt Louisa and planned Joseph to move to her house. So Louisa and Joseph moved to Washington City. Aunt Betty died when Harriet was planning to leave Gran ’ s house. After Aunt Betty died, Harriet left Gran ’ s house and she left the city for freedom by ship. #3
  • 6. Summary. Harriet arrived in Philadelphia by ship. She stayed in one family ’ s house for and while and went to New York to find her daughter, Louisa. She found a job as a nursemaid in Nathaniel Parker Willis ’ family in New York. Then, she heard that Dr. Norcom will come to New York, so she bring Louisa and join John to go to Boston and lived with Louisa. Mrs. Willis helped Harriet to go to England for a while to earn money. After few years later, Harriet heard that Dr. Norcom died. Even though Norcom died, Matilda ’ s husband, Messmores kept found Harriet, but finally Mrs. Willis paid for Harriet ’ s freedom so she finally escaped from the slavery. She wrote a book about her, and she worked in many place. Finally in 1897, Harriet died in Cambrige. #4
  • 7. Connectivity. #1
  • 8. Connectivity. #2
  • 9. Connectivity. #3
  • 10. Connectivity. #4 These are simple connections that I found: 1. Harriet was trapped in a room like Anne Frank .           The two pictures are Harriet’s hiding place (top) and Anne Frank’s secret annex (bottom). Anne Frank’s door to the secret annex is hidden by the bookshelf. 
  • 11. Connectivity. Cont. 2. Harriet wanted to run away (during the time when she was in the swamp areas, when she described her feelings about ‘wanting to be free’, and more) and we often have similar feelings too. 3. Sometimes we are helpless like Harriet . She couldn’t do anything when she was trapped in different places because circumstances wouldn’t allow her to have any other choices. 4. People care about us like people care for Harriet. Many people made a lot of sacrifices for Harriet. Those people include Gran, Aunt Betty, Harriet’s dad, and etc. 5. We should not give up when we face difficulties, just like what Harriet did.
  • 12. Character Tracing.
  • 13. Illustrations. #1
  • 14. Illustrations. #2