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Linking Data with sameAs: Challenges and Solutions - Workshop
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Linking Data with sameAs: Challenges and Solutions - Workshop


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Feedback from 'Linking Data with sameAs: Challenges and Solutions' 3 hour workshop given at ELAG 2014 in Bath, UK. …

Feedback from 'Linking Data with sameAs: Challenges and Solutions' 3 hour workshop given at ELAG 2014 in Bath, UK.

Published in: Education

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  • Mention this is a very gentle and won’t go into much detail given only 4 hours
    Aim is to get people actually creating some linked data
    Will inevitably have to gloss over a number of issues.
    Please leave if think it might be too simple
  • Transcript

    • 1. ELAG 2014 Workshop. Bath, UK. 11–12th June 2014 Adrian Stevenson and Jane Stevenson Mimas, University of Manchester, UK @adrianstevenson @janestevenson Linking Data with sameAs: Challenges and Solutions
    • 2. Linking Lives • An interface to biographical data, using – the Archives Hub – VIAF – DBPedia – the British National Biography (BNB) – Copac •
    • 3. owl:sameAs <Archives Hub Person> owl:sameAs <VIAF Person> < rthabeatrice1858-1943socialreformer> owl:sameAs <> . 3
    • 4. bmarthabeatrice1858-1943socialreformer foaf:familyName + foaf:givenName + hub:dates “Webb, Martha Beatrice, 1858-1943” foaf:name “Webb, Martha Beatrice, 1858-1943” 4
    • 5. Matching • LOD Refine • • SILK Framework • http://wifo5-03.informatik.uni- 5
    • 6. LOD Refine 6
    • 7. SILK 7
    • 8. Comments on the workshop • ‘great lead-through on LOD refine’ • LOD Refine and Silk seem to be workable tools for creating sameAs triples that can help matching • ‘purpose and possibilities of Silk perhaps a little rushed for me’ • ‘made me realize how disconnected my concept of Silk restrictions and Sparql was. This is now fixed. Ta!’
    • 9. Comments on Linking Lives • ‘Great to see the British National Biography (BNB) being used’ • Linking Lives project shows the need for more open data!’ • ‘We need robust Sparql endpoints!’
    • 10. Comments… • ‘Funny how hard it is to find useful stuff to link to, and how the user is to make sense of it’. • ‘I feel reconciled!’ • ‘Linking = hard work’
    • 11. Challenges Identifying entities: • One of the main problems we came up with in our linked data pilot connecting library catalogue data and theatre performance data was the lack of identifiers for people and works • String matching on personal names and work titles in legacy heterogenous systems is extremely important
    • 12. Challenges • Question is how to match work titles in multiple languages.