The birth of a starr


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The birth of a starr

  1. 1. Birth of a StarrThe Life Of Indira Adrianna Ernest
  2. 2. Table Of Content The beginning  Addition number 2 The middle The beginning of a new life The now
  3. 3. The BeginningIwas born to Anthonia and Adrian Ernest. I weigh 10 lbs 9oz and had skin as white as snow, hair as black as the dark night eyes so big and brown, feet way longer than the average new born baby, but I was loved anyways.
  4. 4. The joyous addition to the Ernest family
  5. 5. Even from oneyear old I enjoyed church My first birthday party, I was 2 yrs
  6. 6. Me in myfavourite dress Always up to mischief
  7. 7. Me in mynational wear Another party for me yayyy
  8. 8. School days at teacher Giovannis were the greatest
  9. 9. Addition Number two Ever thing was Kevin Ernest going good, Iwas happy, and my parentsworld revolvedaround me and no one else until…..
  10. 10. Addition number twobaby kevo as he was called was my baby brother and I was upset he came along but grew to love him
  11. 11. The middle I always try to keep it real no matter who I was with or what I was doing.
  12. 12. Mad me
  13. 13. School days were some of the best days I had My Indian roots was one I valued
  14. 14. FINALLY it happened I FELL IN-LOVE, yes IN- LOVE. His name, Lysander S St. John.
  15. 15. The Beginning of a New LifeWe were going strong for four whole years when it happened.........
  16. 16. Our bundle of joy Arianna St. John
  17. 17. From birth till now she hasalways been a joy
  18. 18. As the saying goes good things don’tlast, Lysander and I had tosay good bye to what we had and move on
  19. 19. THE NOW We came a long way
  20. 20. After being on site for almost two years I decided to move on to the teaching profession where I taught for one year at Soufriere comprehensive secondary school.
  21. 21. Ari is at infant school now at 5 yrs Am at teacher’s college now at 24
  22. 22. Arianna and I (summer 2011). We have gone through so much and now that we havesurvived who said we cant make it even if It has been and willbe just Ari and I for a very long time.
  23. 23. THE END