Winning Moves


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A short presentation about our business

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Winning Moves

  1. 1. revolutionising business support
  2. 2. our vision is to be... DIFFERENT challenging conventions – exploring new perspectives – stimulating and inspiring – building trust – living innovation – guiding clients – stretching peoples, minds and possibilities
  3. 3. our vision is to be... BETTER striving for real impact and results – adding value – exceeding expectations – exceptional quality – prepared for the future – enough is never enough
  4. 4. our vision is to be... FASTER bold, confident, decisive – quick to start, quick to stop – responsive and future focused – flexible and agile – empowering – performance without limits
  5. 5. what we do... enterprise: enterprise culture, business start-up, social enterprise, strategic change
  6. 6. what we do: enterprise everyone is aware of enterprise, however very few have made the connection between enterprise, their life, and their future!
  8. 8. what we do: enterprise MyB!z “Ifyoudon’tlovewhatyou’redoing, you’rewastingyourtime.Running yourownbusinessishardwork,so youhavetoenjoyit”
  9. 9. what we do: enterprise MyB!z “ifyouwanttodoit...DOIT! You’vegotnothingtoloseand everythingtogain”
  10. 10. what we do: enterprise enterprise is a journey - everyone has the potential to move along the continuum... aware aspire believe develop act
  11. 11. what we do: enterprise supporting the transformational shift to becoming a social enterprise
  12. 12. what we do: enterprise helping Business Link support social enterprise
  13. 13. what we do... innovation: knowledge transfer, culture change, leadership
  14. 14. what we do: innovation “The problem is never how to a get new, innovative thoughts ea e id ol d id old old idea old idea into your mind, but how to get old idea the old ones out!” Dee Hock, Founder of Visa
  15. 15. what we do: innovation promoting innovation 2000 businesses engaged in less than 2 years innovation cultures case study springtime - holland culture is really Once a quarter the whole company goes away for what director, Marcel Schreuder, somewhat The Amsterdam studio is open plan and spacious with a clearly relaxed atmosphere, “culture is really strangely, calls their ‘Hepatitis Days’, “I read a book important for us, important for us, people have to have to right 98% by a Brazilian businessman who had a key member environment to be at their most creative”, of staff go down with hepatitis. Clearly, this person explains Marcel. people have to have was unable to continue to work at the company’s The business has an interesting approach to premises, but was able to work from home; this product design, believing that the products turned out to be a big plus for the business as the themselves are an integral part of the the right environment key man was able to look at the business from the outside and suggest many new ideas that were put into action. So, with this in mind, we set up our communications mix for any brand. “Too many companies treat marketing communications and product development as two separate disciplines, to operate at their own Hepatitis Days”. During their days away, the whole company brainstorms new ideas for new we believe that a holistic approach that integrates both can deliver much more powerful solutions” The Coca-Cola Cruiser can carry up satisfaction rate from markets and new products. But it’s not a to 120 ice cold cans and weave its most creative says Marcel. This approach is evident in the haphazard affair, existing markets and products are Coca-Cola Cruiser, a funky drinks dispenser, way effortlessly through crowds at challenged to reveal gaps and opportunities for the advertising sign and motorised skateboard vehicle large events. It made its grand company to exploit. One problem is prioritising the entrance at the Athens Olympics. marcel schreuder springtime Springtime are an wealth of ideas that are generated. designed by Springtime and then taken to Coca-Cola. This novel approach is helping Coca-Cola to unusual company. When not on their Hepatitis Days, the communicate their brand to a younger audience Based in Amsterdam, company is split between two sites, one participating businesses whilst providing a fun and practical way of getting overlooking a major waterway in Amsterdam, around crowds at large events. they employ just 16 the other in New York (a recent development in Springtime have a fresh and pro-active approach people, yet they have a partnership with an established NY designer). to creating exciting and innovative new products. They also have a close relationship with a client list that looks like company in Taiwan who help to source They are not afraid of taking calculated risks and this approach looks set to guarantee their success a who’s who of major manufacturing facilities in the Far East. for a long time to come. brands - Coca-Cola, 7% Nike and Heineken to The Big-O came about from a loose brief from Nike to think name just a few. around ‘wheels, fun and extreme sports’. A cross between a skate Their reputation is built on and a bicycle wheel, it’s set to pro-active design solutions; in attract interest from extreme other words, they don’t wait for sports enthusiasts everywhere. the phone to ring, they design You never know, we could all be innovative new products and go and travelling to work on one of these knock on the door of the company in the near future! average increase in profit by they think is right to take it. A philosophy that clearly has in-built risk, but also one that The Roodrunner was developed for Holland’s focuses the mind and drives the national post office as an aid to postmen on company to come up with their delivery rounds. To date, the post office inspirational solutions. have taken delivery of over a 1000 units and the participating businesses launch of the product made the front page of 158 every dutch national newspaper. 159
  16. 16. what we do: innovation Is your vision for the future a bit like this? *
  17. 17. what we do: innovation 148 PEOPLE, 48 HOURS, ONE BIG IDEA! 82 “ We’re going to have to re-think innovation strategy across London as a result of what’s happened here tonight. This event has raised the bar considerably. Andy Chisholm : LDA ”
  18. 18. what we do: innovation 500% that’s how much more high performing businesses spend on research development compared to their less successful counterparts.* Food for thought!
  19. 19. what we do: innovation helping London’s businesses grow prosper by connecting them to the Capital’s knowledgebase inspiration preparation matching collaborating
  20. 20. what we do: innovation old thinking new thinking leaders should manage govern leaders should inspire enable enterprise needs stability enterprise needs restlessness continuous improvement is key continuous re-invention is key leaders are responsible for strategy everyone is responsible for strategy being different is high risk being the same is high risk
  21. 21. what we do... diagnostics: winning measures for... business support, finance, consultants
  22. 22. what we do: diagnostics the future of public sector benchmarking is here...
  23. 23. what we do: diagnostics Our online winningmeasures performance benchmarking system is used in over 13 countries and is arguably the most sophisticated tool of its kind. winningmeasures is a proven methodology in helping small businesses dramatically enhance their competitiveness. winningmeasures is currently helping to stimulate economic growth in Australia • South Korea • Poland • Portugal • Czech Republic • Slovakia • Germany • India • Ireland • Scotland • England
  24. 24. what we do: diagnostics PROFITABILITY TREND ANALYSIS Headline ratio How does your performance Are you profitable enough? compare over time? This section will allow you to determine the relative profitability of your business. It will focus your attention on sales performance, cost control, operating efficiency and staff Financial ratios, considered in isolation, are of limited information value. This section of management. With the assistance of your adviser, it will help you prioritise further the report, therefore, demonstrates how your business’s financial results have changed investigations, which will generate ideas to improve profitability. over time, relative to other businesses in your comparator group. This trend analysis will help you to identify areas of improvement and, more importantly, those areas which require management attention. Discuss the results with your accountant/ chosen financial adviser, who will help you interpret the information and decide what action is l ua st st ct e ge required to manage your business more effectively. e n winningmeasures for finance tiv ke g pl ra ia k n n m ed la ea ea ro ro u Re Sa Yo St St W W M Ratios 4 Gross Profit Margin (%) 52 1.19 0.57 0.95 1.19 1.60 3.97 97 1 Sales (GBP K) Financial benchmark report 5 Operating Profit Margin (%) 45 0.72 0.15 0.54 0.80 1.15 3.26 93 6 Pre Tax Profit / Total Turnover (%) 80 355.14 17.17 92.86 125.53 191.62 858.93 144 A Financial benchmark report for James Bolton and Sons Ltd 7 Profit Per Employee (#) 59 77.31 126.10 92.14 78.25 65.03 37.51 136 Undertaken by ABC Accounting Ltd 3844.03 2429.98 3514.86 2398.8 3628.23 2463.79 3741.22 2514.31 2552.35 2089 2001/02 2002/03 2003/04 2004/05 2005/06 8 Fixed Costs as Percentage of Sales (%) 89 13.57 -51.53 -4.43 3.62 8.74 46.27 93 Created 17:03:35 on 01.06.06 Reference: 55697 Accounting year: 2006/07 Ratio definition Sales (GBP K): this illustrates the increase/decrease in total sales of your business over time. It provides an indication of the ability of your business to grow sales in the future. Q3 Powered by: winningmeasures ©2008. (V1) KEY Your performance Average performance James Bolton and Sons Ltd winningmeasures Created 17:03:35 on 01.06.06. © winningmoves 2008. 10 James Bolton and Sons Ltd winningmeasures Created 17:03:35 on 01.06.06. © winningmoves 2008. 16
  25. 25. what we do: diagnostics what gets measured gets managed and what gets managed gets done!
  26. 26. At Winning Moves the kettle is always on and we’re always open to to discuss the opportunities for us to work together in the future.