Data collection tools ppt


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These are the tools I will use

Data collection tools ppt

  1. 1. DATA COLLECTION TOOLS By Adriana Milena Vargas
  2. 2. Data collection tools Context and participants. Statement of the problem. Research objectives. Constructs. Data collection tools. Retrieved May, 5, 2010, from
  3. 3. CONTEXT AND PARTICIPANTS •COLEGIO PROVINMA •Fourth grade. •Group of 29 students between 9 and 11 years old. •Four hours of English a week. •Basic user A1 according to the CEF.
  4. 4. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM • My students are not able to use very simple vocabulary when they are asked to. Vocabulary that they are supposed to know at this grade according to the syllabus. •This hind students’ communication and understanding in classes Retrieved May, 5, 2010, from
  5. 5. OBJECTIVES GENERAL To identify learners’ basic vocabulary improvement when implementing the use of Quizlet application. SPECIFIC To determine to what extent fourth graders students at Provinma school will improve their basic vocabulary. Retrieved May, 5, 2010, from
  6. 6. CONSTRUCTS VOCABULARY CALL AUTHORING TOOL Retrieved May, 5, 2010, from
  7. 7. DATACOLECCTION TOOL STAGE TOOL PRE- Survey STAGE Student were given a survey. The purpose of this is to collect data about students habits when using internet, students’ likes regarding English and internet . Pre- test Students were given a piece of paper with 24 images of basic vocabulary they should have learnt during their previous school years. This test collect data about to what extent they know basic vocabulary . Teacher’s journal Teacher writes their reflection about each stage.
  8. 8. T COLEGIO PROVINMA “Educación Providencia una alternativa en la NAME:___________________________________ formación de valores, tecnología y ciencia” •WRITE IN ENGLISH E S T
  9. 9. STAGE TOOL While- stage Tests Student will have a weekly test regarding the vocabulary they have studied during the week. This tool gather information avout students progress. Teacher ‘s journal Teacher write in a blog her reflections during the stage, progress, difficulties, etc.
  10. 10. STAGE TOOL Post - stage Post -Test Student will be given a final test regarding the vocabulary they have learnt. This tool will let get information about students’ progress and it will help to determine to what extent student improved their vocabulary. Teacher ‘s journal Teacher write in a blog her final reflection and conclusion.
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