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examples of social media and web gaffes committed by brand, marketing and advertising for the NMA online marketing trade show.

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  • Marketing industry thinks blog is another tool to their toolbox – my argument is that their toolbox may be wrong/outdated and blog can break it. Maybe a big stronger - Tomi ‘ Consumers’ blog back! Captain Morgan - recent fiasco, still ongoing (rated as successful because of the number of ‘registrations’ i.e. harvested emails). Mazda - taken down Raging Cow - taken down Kevin Kringgle eggnog blog - taken down Raging Cow:; Captain Morgan:; Steve Rubel Kevin Kringle eggnog blog: URL redirects to Best Buy, Mazda blog:
  • Social Gaffes

    1. 1. Destroying your toolbox Mazda blog The moral equivalent of doing an English-language print ad that was written by a native French speaker Kevin Kringle eggnog blog …really cheesy and misplaced effort by marketing and advertising wonks to milk the blog words Kevin Kringgle It doesn’t really seem to be a blog, except for the fact that it rhymes with nog. Captain Morgan Another vulgar blog is born… The horror! Oh well, mix yourself up a Mojito to ease the pain. Captain Morgan It's every bit as cool as Raging Cow, but with a neutered pirate. Raging Cow …consumers are raging about the company's marketing tactics
    2. 2. With it’s overly hipster talk and the fact the domain is registered by a Marketing firm, it didn’t take long for the gaming community to find that Sony was behind the blogging deception. Sony is one of those companies that have made mistakes; they used their blog in the worst way possible by lying to their customers. "Wow, I didn't know Sony could hire such a craptastic marketing company. Check out the comments popping up on the site now... it's getting hilarious." Digg comment
    3. 3. General Motors has teamed up with 'The Apprentice to create a website that allows people to make their own commercials online as part of an ad campaign for the new Tahoe. Chevy Tahoe parody act
    4. 4. The Zero Movement blog is ridiculed and Coke is called out for its patronizing marketing tactics. Following backlash after backlash, it baffles that marketers still attempt to pull wool over people's eyes with these lame cool hunting endeavours. It's as if Coke is purposefully stupid just so they'll get press on this idiocy. Adrants Coca-Cola have created this big "Zero Movement" website and forgot to mention that they own it, and that it's all just a big ad. Ooops... Digg's called stealth marketing, lying, misleading, misrepresenting, fabrication, untruthful and an illustration of a general misunderstanding of the medium.” Steve Hall's comment
    5. 5. Don't Let Your Advertising Agency Write Your Blog... a fantastically moronic example of so-called blogging Juicy Fruit Blog. Venture Blog A fake blog, not even using a blogging application but Flash, blinding colors, a miniscule block for the "text," and the lamest "game" I've ever seen. Sharilyn Horne Michael Arrington : “If you take everything good about blogging and web 2.0 and chuck it out the window, and then add back in everything that is wrong with traditional marketing, you’d end up with the Juicy Fruit blog.” Heather Green : “Wow, this Juicy Fruit blog is so bad, I could hardly tear myself away from it. Usually I wouldn't bother blogging about this, but it's like a trainwreck.”
    6. 6. No you shouldn't just move your ads online, it's more important not move your old attitudes there as well. John Dodds, Make Marketing History This site was intended to increase brand loyalty by giving beer drinkers a fun place to procrastinate online. So how do I feel about the brand? 115.25 annoying points in 10 minutes equals I hate you, Budweiser. It’s gonna take several years worth of funny Super Bowl ads for me to take you back. BusinessWeek
    7. 7. The sales of alli have not lived up to expectations and analysts suggest that all this "transparency" about diet and exercise as part of the treatment mix is just too hard for advertising to tackle. John Mack, Pharma Marketing blog Alli poopy pants TV spot Steve Burton, the "Vice President of Weight Control" for GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare and man behind the cheesy corporate astroturf advertising Alliconnect blog Pharma Giles So, Alli - fuck you very much, FA doesn't need/want your help promoting self-acceptance/health (with allis like you, who needs enemas?) Big Fat Delicious alli connect blog
    8. 8. Their biggest mistake was thinking like traditional marketers. They saw the splash, they saw the content, they saw the message - they didn’t see the new rules, and they didn’t see the consumers as an active voice. Melissa Cheater The fake blog, or "flog," was credited to "Jim" and "Laura," and presented as a folksy travelogue by two ordinary Americans who parked their RV nightly in Wal-Mart parking lots and met numerous, universally upbeat big-box employees and customers. Although a WFWM banner ad trumpeted its sponsorship of the site, it did not mention that Wal-Mart paid for the couple's RV, gas, food and other expenses. MediaPost
    9. 9. My view was that any right-thinking person would view trying to market your product on such a post as revolting , corrupt , cynical , disgusting , sick and dishonourable . And to do such thing in such an offhand, casual manner? I mean that's got to be bordering on sociopathic. Tom Coates Oh dear. It looks quite a lot like Reckitt Benckiser, Cilit Bang’s makers, or their ad agencies, think this is a good way to sell cleaning product. And it looks quite a lot like they’re about to learn what happens when viral marketing goes wrong. May they be flamed to a cinder. Neil McIntosh There is nothing that will jerk most of them out of their, we-are-the-ministry-of-fun-co-opting-the-next-’cool’-thing-and-selling-it-to-clients-for-much-money attitude. Adriana Lukas Cilit Bang clanger
    10. 10. Follow the finger Just lame