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A Lap Around Visual Studio 2010
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A Lap Around Visual Studio 2010


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March Dev Tools Webinar - Microsoft Singapore

March Dev Tools Webinar - Microsoft Singapore

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  • 1. A Lap Around Visual Studio 2010
    ALM Webinar - March 2011
    Adrian DunneTechnical Solutions Professional | DPE | Microsoft Singaporea-addun@microsoft.com6888 7050
  • 2. Microsoft Confidential
    The path to any successful solutions requires negotiating many twists and turns.
    Idea is here
    Legacy Code
    Reporting overhead
    Poor Estimation of cost and time
    Poor Documentation
    Integration Issues
    New Team Members
    No Shared
    Poor Usability
    Solution is here
    Changing architecture
    Build Quality
    Heterogeneous Environment
    Scope Creep
    Quality concerns
    Changing Requirements
  • 3. The State Of Development Today
    An Acceptable Rate of Failure?
    Based on time, budget, and delivering specified functionality 68% of projects never made it into production or were cancelled 1
    32% of software projects are successful
    44% are challenged
    24% outright fail
    Source: 1. Dave West, Forrester Research
  • 4. 4
    Considering that software development accounts for 25% of software spend and growing, identifying and addressing the root causes of software development failure makes business sense.
    The State Of Development Today
  • 5. Team Foundation Server
  • 6. DemoTFS Installation
    Microsoft Confidential
  • 7. Microsoft Confidential
    Test and Lab Manager
    UML Modeling
    Manual Testing
    Layer Diagram
    Load Testing
    Web Testing
    Test Case Management
    Architecture Explorer
    Logical Class Designer
    Cloud Development
    Office Development
    Windows Development
    New WPF Editor
    Customizable IDE
    Multi-core Development
    Silverlight Tools
    Web Development
    SharePoint Development
    Generate from Usage
    Static Code Analysis
    Database Deployment
    Code Metrics
    Database Unit Testing
    Test Data Generation
    Test Impact Analysis
    UI Test Automation
    Code Coverage
    Performance Profiling
    Database Change Mgmt
    Test Record & Playback
  • 8. 8
    Test Manager 2010
    Test Case Management
    Manual Testing
    Lab MgmtConfig.
    Checkpoint Environment
    Environment from Template
    Virtual Env. Setup/Tear Down
    Team Portal
    Test Case Management
    Branch Visualization
    Version Control
    Build Automation
    Gated Check-in
    Agile Planning Tools
    Team Explorer
    Team Agents
    Fast Forward for Manual Testing
  • 9. All This and the New MSDN
    MSDN Subscriptions offer the most convenient way to empower your teams for development success
    MSDN subscription benefits vary by level; not all benefits available in all countries and languages
  • 10. ALM Solution – 3 Pillars
    Quality Code Ensured
    Spend Less time Debugging
    Testing Done Right
    Proactive Project Management
    Simplicity through Integration
    Enhance Team Collaboration
    Integrated Development
    Unleash the creativity of your team
    Architecture as a living Asset
    Prototype ideas to bring projects to life
    Spend more time creating code than debugging it
  • 11. Quality Code Ensured
    Spend Less Time Debugging
    Testing Done Right
    Pro-active Project Management
  • 12. Spend Less time Debugging
    Make “No-Repro” History with Actionable Bugs
    Test Impact Analysis and Code Coverage
    Run the Right Tests and only the Right Tests
    And know you have really tested you code
    Coded UI Tests
    Automated regression tests let you find bugs earlier
  • 13. Testing Done Right
    Test and Lab Manager
    Manual Testing for the 21st century
    Plan, Manage and Execute tests from one place
    Virtual Test Environments
    Reduce the overhead of maintaining physical test environments
    Share Virtual environments between team members
    Web and Load Testing
    Know your code is ready for the big time
    Measure performance under real time load conditions and ensure that your applications are ready for release
  • 14. Proactive Project Management
    Optimized for Iterative Development
    Ensure productivity and react to potential risks before they happen
    Understand Project Health
    Detailed reports let you understand what is “Really” going on with the project
    Manage Projects Your Way
    Use Microsoft Project or Excel based agile planning documents to keep control of your projects
  • 15. Simplicity Through Integration
    Enhance Team Collaboration
    Integrated Development
    From Code to the Database
  • 16. Enhance Team Collaboration
    Integrated Tools Ensure Team Consistency
    Drive consistent results as all team members work with an integrated set of tools
    The Collaboration Hub
    Team Foundation Server provides the single collaboration source for all assets associated with a project
    Complete Transparency
    All members of the team have visibility into how the project is progressing
  • 17. Integrated Development
    Quickly resolve issues across the lifecycle Integrated tools and a shared repository let data flow seamlessly from action to action helping you address business needs or resolve technical issues
    Develop for today’s modern platforms
    Support for Windows 7, SharePoint, Cloud development and more out of the box
    Deployment Excellence
    Use detailed information from across your team to know you are ready to ship
    MS Build, Click Once and Cloud deployment options get solutions to customers efficiently
  • 18. From Code to the Database
    Manage Database Change maintaining One Version of the Truth
    Manage your database versions alongside your code so you know they are always in sync
    Work in an offline environment to avoid potential conflicts
    Test Data Generation and DB Unit Testing
    Run database unit tests alongside your Code tests.
    Generate test data from an existing data source
    Powerful Comparison and deployment Tools
    Compare Schema and Data and build deployment packages for your database
  • 19. Unleash the creativity of your team
    Architecture as a living Asset
    Spend more time creating code than debugging it
    Prototype Ideas to bring projects to life
  • 20. Architecture as a Living Asset
    Modeling that works with Code
    Seamlessly move between models and code and describe your application using standard UML Diagrams
    Architectural Validation
    Ensure Code Matches the Intended Design
    Architecture Explorer
    Discover and understand how a system works and visualize existing code assets and how they connect.
  • 21. Create code, Don’t debug it
    Dependency Diagrams
    Understand code dependencies visually and understand where to make changes
    Code Analysis and Code Metrics
    Help you find and fix potential problems before you make them
    Gated Check-In
    Stop build breaks before they happen
  • 22. Prototype Ideas to bring Projects to Life
    The Electronic Napkin
    SketchFlow allows you to deliver functioning prototypes with that “Back of a Napkin” feel
    Design UI Flow
    Design your UI Flow using the Application Flow functionality
    SketchFlow Player
    Easily share and gain input to your prototypes from all interested parties
  • 23. In Summary
    Quality Code
    Integration & Collaboration
  • 24. Thank You