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  • What do we need to know…. Create an Agenda
  • Do-it-yourselfExplore and learn
  • Thought Generator Presentation

    1. 1. Introducing … Thought Generator Facilitation for Meetings & Workshops
    2. 2. Think it Plan it Share it Do it The Thought Generator means… Teams and champions in companies who work with strategy implementation use the Thought Generator to learn to facilitate and participate during their own workshops/meetings, using the Thought Generator toolkit with templates Monitor it Learn from it
    3. 3. Ask Gather Map Present  Asking the right questions  Gathering the information  Mapping ( displaying) the information  Presenting the information  Recording the information … all leading to better decisions and actions Record The purpose of the one - two day workshop is to stimulate learning …and skills development in …
    4. 4. Use people’s time more productively Focus on action Stationary is flexible Involves the entire team Why use the Thought Generator for meetings and workshops …
    5. 5. The Thought Generator includes … Encourage teams to engage, participate and co-create solutions Discussion guidelines Visually display and mapping the thinking process Delivered by experienced facilitators Confidence through skills The Thought Generator kit Menu of templates Workshop facilitation
    6. 6. The Thought Generator templates Purpose driven templates  Solution Generator  Gap Analysis Generator  Options Generator  Process Generator  Action Generator  Customer needs analysis Generator  Business Case Generator Think it Plan it Tell it Do it Monitor it Learn from it
    7. 7. What is the issue? Who are the best 2 – 3 people to solve this problem ? What end result do we want ? Translate agenda into questions …what do we need to ask about this issue? Next steps? Date….time… Location to present this solution? Select template … • Gap analysis generator • Process generator Create and agenda … what do we need to know about issue? Solution generator Example of a template
    8. 8. Example of a Template : Partnerships: Stakeholder Map Step 1 : Identify the actors and assign to group (stakeholders) Step 2 : Assign actors to one of the three sectors Step 3 : Insert the actors, using the circles and use V for veto player Position individual actors against the background Position actors whom have a relationship close to each other Step 4: Show the relationships between the actors, using the graphic symbols below.
    9. 9. Using the Thought Generator for meetings and workshops …. Involves the entire team Encourages buy-in to decisions Builds facilitation capacity Stimulates action Think it Plan it Tell it Do it Monitor Learn
    10. 10. The process creates a safe environment for everyone to learn and practice facilitation skills
    11. 11. Thought Generator stationary Easy to transport Thought Generator, which folds up to the size of a flipchart
    12. 12.  Teams learning to facilitate their own meetings  Practical experience with different templates  Practice in presenting their case, solutions and recommendations  Learning, using real examples and action learning  Applying the Thought Generator learning in their working environment Action learning –
    13. 13. The Thought Generator role in Strategic Process process content Strategic Planning Participlan Workshop with Executive Leaders Strategic Plan Detailed plan including key objectives and action plan Monitoring Dashboard: develop roll-out schedule and monitoring system Capacity Building cascade plans to business unit through small group facilitation and training Feedback business units feedback into the strategic planning process Customized workshops customer focus groups / stakeholder mapping / key clients process process Implementation implementation and planning workshops with champions and teams process
    14. 14. Transforming strategic thinking into results ….. Thinkplan in partnership with Participlan – View the U-tube videos demonstrating the Thought Generator – Participlan – Peter Thomas Contact us: Estelle Gautier +27 833769887 | |