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Online marketing service introduction

  1. 1. Tong Wang Technology Online Marketing Service Introduction
  2. 2. 1. Online Marketing Strategy 2. Online Marketing Service Process– Execution of the strategy 4. Company Background Contents 3. Successful Cases
  3. 3. 1. Online Marketing Strategy
  4. 4. The core of all business models is marketing. And, for Ecommerce, it is Online Marketing. It is online marketing strategy that will decide the fate of an online business. Online Marketing Strategies The Golden Rule of Online Business
  5. 5. Why Choose Tongwang Technology What can we do for you? 1. Avoid Mistakes Tong Wang Technology helps you avoid mistakes, detours, and make your money better spent. 2. Find a Quick Way to Success Use excellent online marketing strategies to make your online business successful in your target market!
  6. 6. Three Stages of Online Marketing 1. Plan and build your website from the marketing perspective 2. Promote website with the most effective method 3. Manage online marketing systematically and comprehensively
  7. 7. SEO (Search Engine Friendly) Humanization (User Friendly) Marketing Function Three critical factors of an excellent sales-oriented website What is a good website from the marketing perspective
  8. 8. SEO Factors SEO Factors Domain Name, File Name Select domain names and file names that include keywords Link Structure The link structure between different pages should be reasonably designed Keywords Layout Ensure proper keywords layout in places, including title, mete, content, alt, text link, etc.
  9. 9. Humanistic Factors Humanistic Factors Speed Factors 1. Space 2. Program Code Design Style Webpage style should be designed with user’s browsing habit in mind Content Layout Let user understand the content and characteristics of the service in the shortest time possible
  10. 10. Marketing Function Marketing Function Online Marketing Management System Marketing result validation and analysis Potential Customer Tracking System 80% deals are made after 5 times of tracking Online Customer Service System On-time service, increased conversion rate Other Online Marketing Systems Customized according to target market requirement
  11. 11. Online Promotion Methods Selecting Best Promotion Channels 1. SEO 2. PPC 3. Affiliate Marketing 4. Database Marketing 5. Article Marketing 6. More…
  12. 12. Which of the hundreds of website promotion methods is more appropriate for you? How can you achieve excellence in the market? Tong Wang Technology helps you find the answer! Selecting Best Promotion Channels Which is better for you? How to excel in business?
  13. 13. The Key to the Best Online Promotion Knowing doesn’t mean having the proficiency to do it, and the details determine success or failure! Every online promotion method involves numerous tactics and skills. The best promotion result can only be achieved by paying attention to all these details! Details
  14. 14. Systematic and Comprehensive Online Marketing Management Online Marketing Management Marketing Result Evaluation Use tools to evaluate various promotion methods and conversion rate Potential Customer Tracking Use e-magazine for long-term tracking of potential customers word of mouth marketing Ask served customers to write service comments to the website, keep track of and manage the customers
  15. 15. 2. Online Marketing Service Process– Execution of the strategy
  16. 16. Online Marketing Service Process 1. Website Diagnostic Analysis 2. Formulate Optimization Plan 3. Make Promotion Plan 4. Training 5. Implementation & Evaluation 6. Consultation Service
  17. 17. Online Marketing Service Process Website Diagnostic Analysis Based on a series of standards, Tong Wang Technology conducts systematic diagnostic analysis on the website in areas such as SEO and online marketing basis, then issues a “Website Diagnostic Analysis Report”. Time Required: 1 Week
  18. 18. Formulate Optimization Plan Work out a “SEO Implementation Plan based on SEO-related questions and the SEO strategies we have planned for you. Time Required: 1-2 Weeks Online Marketing Service Process
  19. 19. Online Marketing Service Process Make Promotion Plan According to the target market, your budget, and the execution ability of your team, make the most feasible online promotion plan. Time Required: 1 Week
  20. 20. Training Training related personnel of your company, to make sure the plans will be carried out properly. Time Required: 1 Day Online Marketing Service Process
  21. 21. Implementation & Evaluation I Implementation Carry out the marketing plans we made. Online Marketing Service Process
  22. 22. II Evaluation 1. How much did we spend? 2. How many traffic (visitors) did we get? 3. How many page views? 4. How many potential customers did we get? 5. How many of these potential customers turned to real customers ? 6. How many repeated buying ? 7. How much profit we made totally ? Time Required: 1 year Online Marketing Service Process
  23. 23. Consultancy Will give advice on any online marketing questions raised during the service term . Online Marketing Service Process
  24. 24. Service Charge: CAD 100,000/Year or 60,000/Year + 20% of annual revenue. Service Price
  25. 25. 3. Successful Cases
  26. 26. Successful Cases
  27. 27. IT World ( Service Item: Online Marketing Service Service Result: After adopting the online marketing strategy of Tong Wang Technology, traffic is increased by 1.5 million IPs/day by the end of 2005. Successful Cases
  28. 28. Successful Cases Paipai Network ( Service Item: SEO Service Result: Natural traffic brought by SEO is increased by 10 times in a year, reaching 500,000IP/day.
  29. 29. ( ) Service Item: Online Marketing Service Service Result: Overseas traffic is increased by 15 times in merely three months’ time. Successful Cases
  30. 30. Che168 ( ) IT168 ( ) Service Item: SEO Service Result: Through comprehensive and systematic SEO strategy, traffic is creased by 200,000 IPs per day, establishing its position among the top three in the IT industry portal and enterprise industry portal. Successful Cases
  31. 31. Chinasq ( ) Service Item: Online Marketing Service Service Result: After comprehensive planning in network positioning, profiting mode and promotion strategy, its traffic increased from 4,000IPs/day to 100000IPs/day. Successful Cases
  32. 32. ( ) Service Item: Online Marketing Service Service Progress: Network diagnosis, optimization plan, SEO training and website promotion planning have so far been completed, and the daily traffic has increased from 200,000IPs to 900,000IPs. Successful Cases
  33. 33. 4. Company Background
  34. 34. Tong Wang Technology was first opened in 2003 by top online marketing/SEO expert, Mr. Wang Tong. The company focus on online business operation, internet marketing, Ecommerce, SEM, SEO, etc. We have provided online marketing services to more than 200 well-known companies in China, published several best-selling books on this field, and trained more than 1000 people on SEM/SEO. Brief Introduction of Tong Wang Technology
  35. 35. Selected Works 《 SEO 秘笈》 《海外推广教程》 《网站运营研究》 《搜索引擎营销》
  36. 36. Contact Info Tong Wang Technology Beijing Address: Room 1404~1405, Yufei Mansion, No. 42 Dongzhimenwai Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing Tel: 86-10-82865151   MSN : ufoer email: [email_address] Websites of part of the company’s affiliates: