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ADP ReThink Global HCM: Workforce Planning


Published on …

By Peter Howes
VP, Workforce Planning & Analytics

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Beautiful Minds Best Practices in Workforce Planning Peter Howes Vice President, Workforce Planning and Analytics SuccessFactors
  • 2. Talent Management + Talent Analytics
  • 3. Critical HR Questions
  • 4. Data-Driven DecisionMaking = Future of HR?
  • 5. Top-performing companies are Today, Analytics Is the Difference 3X more likely than low performers to be users of analytics
  • 6. 1.  Grow talent internally Five Strategies to Optimize Human Capital 2.  Provide employee training and development 3.  Raise employee engagement 4.  Improve performance management processes and accountability 5.  Increase efforts to retain critical talent Source: Conference Board, “CEO Challenge 2013”,
  • 7. HR Executive Challenges 35% of HR Executives Biggest Challenge is Measuring Programs in Financial Terms Source: Bersin & Associates, “The High-Impact HR Organization: Top 10 Best Practices on the Road to Excellence,” January 2011.
  • 8. Business Impact of Best-in-Class Workforce Analytics Source: Aberdeen Study: Year-Over-Year Improvement in Results
  • 9. Minority A of CEOs Receive Comprehensive Data on Their Workforce Source: PWC 15th Annual Global CEO Survey.
  • 10. The Reality Firms Struggle to Access Data and Apply It to Talent Decisions … How Many Organizations…
  • 11. Relationship: Workforce Reporting, Analytics, and Planning – Part 1 Workforce Planning Workforce Analytics Workforce Reporting
  • 12. Business Planning Process Relationship: Workforce Reporting, Analytics, and Planning – Part 2 HRIS Systems Workforce Demand Forecasting Supply Forecasting Matching Workforce Supply & Demand Forecasting Strategic Staffing Human Capital Strategy Human Capital KPIs
  • 13. Predictive Analytics Analytics Benchmarking Advanced Metrics Metrics Reporting Data The Analytics Journey
  • 14. Move from Operational to Strategic Decision Making
  • 15. Workforce Planning         Risk mitigation Demand gap Competencies and Numbers Planning
  • 16. Workforce Analytics Key Principles   Workforce segmentation   Workforce is heterogeneous   What do we not know about the workforce?
  • 17. Top 10% of Managers who: Transferred or promoted most individuals OUT by Performance Rating Reward Managers Who Are Net Exporters of Talent Performance Number of Rating People Transferred or promoted most individuals IN by Performance Rating Performance Rating Number of People 1-3 16 4 116 4 64 5 36 5 21 1-3 25
  • 18. Importance of Labor Turnover By Tenure 25% Voluntary turnover rating from top performers
  • 19. Top Performer Replacement Cost 29% Voluntary turnover from top performers with 3-5 years tenure
  • 20. Revenue by Tenure $685K Revenue from top performers with 3-5 years tenure
  • 21. Quantifying Differences in Profit – The Impact of Turnover
  • 22. In 2012 and 2013, 100%+ Growth in Firms Choosing SuccessFactors for Workforce Planning and Analytics
  • 23. Your workforce makes up 40 60% to of your operating expenses
  • 24. Thank You