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Tomislav Tipuric - Ms Web Platform And Ie8
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Tomislav Tipuric - Ms Web Platform And Ie8


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Published in: Technology
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  • Title: AcceleratorsTalking Points: With an increase in Web sites and Web-based services that can perform interesting tasks, users are more likely to want to take action on information they find on a particular page. However, whether finding directions, posting blog entries, or performing other tasks, users often find themselves copying information from one Web page, pasting it into another, viewing the results, and then returning to the previous Web page to pick up where they left off—a cumbersome and time-consuming process.Internet Explorer 8 includes a number of useful Accelerators that include search, mapping, word definitions, translation, blogging, and e-mail. Users have full control over which Accelerators are enabled and which service providers are associated with an Accelerator, so they can easily get definitions from one site, view maps from a second site, and search with a third. Accelerators for Microsoft services are included with Internet Explorer 8, but users can easily use Accelerators from other providers.[CLICK] With such services integrated directly into the browser, the user can simply select some text and then right-click to select an Accelerator, upon which they are immediately presented with the results. Some Accelerators can even provide the requested information in place, in a little fly-out window that appears over the page. For these, the user merely hovers over the Accelerator in the list and the fly-out will appear. Clicking on the Accelerator takes the user directly to the Accelerator’s Web site for additional information.Transition: Web Slices enable rich, real-time integration of the online services and content all without navigating away from the current page.
  • Title: Web SlicesTalking Points: Users frequently visit the same Web sites several times a day to check for updates to email, weather reports, sports scores, stock quotes, auction item status, and so on. In the past this was a manual process, where users had to go to those sites to check for changes or new information.Web Slices in Internet Explorer 8 build on RSS functionality to provide a way for users to get relevant information more easily. Let’s look at an example of a Web Slice-enabled search on eBay.We begin by entering a search term – in this case, we are looking for a new mountain bike.[CLICK] At first glance, the results of the search may not look much different than what you’d likely see on eBay using IE7.[CLICK] However, hovering over an item causes the Web Slice icon to appear.[CLICK] Clicking on that presents a confirmation to subscribe to that Web Slice.[CLICK] Using Web Slices, we can monitor the status of sites, viewing whether changes have been made directly on the Favorites Bar and previewing the new information in place before deciding whether a return visit to the site is warranted. Web Slices use the same underlying technology as RSS, in that users subscribe to a Web Slice and browser polls the site periodically to see if anything is new. The primary differences are that a Web Slice enables a site to mark up a “slice” of a page for subscription, and the slice can include visual elements from the page. When new information from a Web Slice is available, the Favorites Bar title becomes bold and may change—for example, a Web Slice to monitor the temperature in Barcelona might display the temperature in the title. [CLICK] When we click on the Web Slice in the Favorites Bar, the Web Slice is displayed as a preview image. For this eBay auction, the image contains a picture of the item and the latest price. For weather, the preview could contain a picture of a storm cloud along with the latest conditions. Clicking on the preview takes the user directly to the site for more information.[CLICK] Multiple Web Slices can be maintained and monitored in the same browser window.Transition: Let’s talk about the new search features in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Title: Improved SearchTalking Points: Internet Explorer 7 has a built-in search box to the right of the address bar. When a user enters a search term, that term is passed from the Search Box to the user’s preferred search engine and the user is taken to search results page from that provider. The Search Box in Internet Explorer 8 looks similar, but it’s more helpful.As users type a search term, they will see real-time search suggestions from their chosen search provider, recommending common searches related to the text that is typed. Users can click on a suggestion at any time to immediately execute the search without having to type the entire word or phrase. Not only does this save time, but it increases the odds that the search results will be relevant.[CLICK] You can choose from a number of popular search providers such as Live Search, Google, and Yahoo and add them to your list of providers. You could also specify your own search provider such as Wikipedia.[CLICK] When you add a new search provider, the confirmation dialog box allows you to specify it as your default search provider if you wish.[CLICK] Now, when entering a word or phrase in the search box, you can click the icon representing the search provider of your choice if you wanted to search on a provider other than your default.[CLICK] Internet Explorer 8 also enables search providers to deliver direct results and “visual search” images that provide users with immediate answers. For example, if the user enters a stock ticker symbol, the search provider could provide a stock quote and corresponding a chart directly in the search box list, whereas a travel location may reveal a gallery of related destinations. Internet Explorer 8 provides the enabling technology, but the choice of what to show is made by the search provider.Transition: Internet Explorer 8 is significantly faster than Internet Explorer 7.
  • Title: Internet Explorer GalleryTalking Points: Internet Explorer is now launching the Internet Explorer Gallery. This is intended to generate excitement, drive adoption of Internet Explorer 8 and provide an enhanced customer experience. Another goal of the gallery is to increase partner incentive.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Microsoft i Web
      Tomislav Tipurić
      TechnologySpecialist, Microsoft Hrvatska
    • 2. Što kaže otac weba?
      “People keep asking me what I think of it now that it's done. Hence my protest: The Web is not done!”
      – Tim Berners-Lee
      Founder, World Wide Web
    • 3. Što je Web 2.0?
      Alerts, AnalyticsandReaders (eg. RSS)
      Blogging, Microblogs (eg. Twitter)
      SocialNetworks (eg. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn)
      SocialBookmarkingandContentSharing (eg. Digg)
      Video (eg. MSN Video, You Tube)
      PhotoSharing (eg. Flicker)
      Web conferencing
    • 4. The Microsoft Web Platform Community Community
      Web App Gallery
      Web Platform Installer
    • 5. Web Platform Installer
    • 6. Microsoft WebsiteSpark
      Stvarajte nove poslovne prilike
      • WebsiteSpark Marketplace (powered by Pinpoint), stranica gdje tvrtke mogu prikazati svoje mogućnosti te ih korisnici mogu pronaći
      • 7. Partner Recruiting Portal, resurs Microsoftove partnerske mreže (MPN) za pronalazak partnera s komplementarnim vještinama
      • 8. Web App Gallery, resurs za pronalazak i objavu Web aplikacija
      Iskoristite profesionalnu podršku i treninge
      • Dva profesionalna zahtjeva zapodrškom godišnje (break-fix)
      • 9. Neograničen pristuptehničkim newsgrupama na MSDN-u
      • 10. Neograničena podrška za ne-tehnička pitanja
      • 11. Podrška širokezajednicekroz partnere i kolege
      Pristup softveru i rješenjimaza razvoj i hosting
      • Dizajnerski alati/Razvojni alati/Test alati:
      • 12. Visual Studio® 2008 Professional Edition – 3 korisničke licence
      • 13. Expression®Studio 2 (or 3) – 1 korisnička licenca
      • 14. Expression® Web 2 (or 3) – 2 korisničke licence
      • 15. Windows Web Server® 2008 (or R2 when available) – 3 korisničke licence
      • 16. SQL Server® 2008 Web – 3 korisničke licence
      • 17. Produkcijske Hosting licence (u slučaju self-hostinga)
      • 18. Windows Web Server 2008 R2– 4 procesorske licence
      • 19. SQL Server 2008 Web Edition – 4 procesorske licence
      • 20. Vrhunski Web site control panel (DotNetPanel)
    • 21. The real web for the real world
    • 22. Upoznajmo Internet Explorer 8
      Get where you want quickly
      • Nekoliko klikova uz WebSlicesi Acceleratore
      • 23. Brzo učitavanje stranica
      • 24. Instant pristup informacijama iz Favorite trake
      Nađi što želiš, ali brže
      • Pametni Address Bar olakšavanavigaciju
      • 25. Grupiranje tabova po boji
      • 26. Vizualni pretraživačpomaže pronaći što želimo
      Pouzdano, sigurno i privatno surfanje
      • InPrivate browsing ifiltriranjeomogućuje korisniku kontrolu nad informacijama
      • 27. Izolacija “oštećenog” taba smanjuje mogućnost “rušenja” preglednika
      • 28. Ugrađena zaštita protiv scripting & phishing napada
      Izrađen po mjeri 
    • 29. Stvarajući OptimalneScenarije
      Ovih 6 scenarijaidentificirani su kao najvažniji zadaci prilikom surfanja
      Pretraga, Novosti
      & Istraživanje
      Dijeljenje trenutaka
      E-pošta & Komunikacija
      Visual Search
      Web Slices
      Praktičan pretraživač koji nudi više
      Nadgledajtevaše omiljeno web mjesto
      Direktan i brz pristup web servisima
    • 30. Usklađenost sa standardima
      Usklađenost s CSS 2.1
      DOM poboljšanja
      HTML poboljšanja
      Usklađenost s Acid2
      CSS 2.1
      ACID 2
    • 31. Akceleratori
      Izuzetno brz pristup često korištenim web servisima:
    • 32. Web Slices
      Bogata, real-time integracija web sadržaja
    • 33. Poboljšano pretraživanje
      Brz odabir željenog pretraživača
      Vizualno pretraživanje dohvaća slike i detalje
      Sugestije s rezultatima od prije
      Dodajte više pretraživača
    • 34. Brzina je više nego brzina učitavanja web stranice
      7 klikovapostaju 2 ili 3
      Web Slices:
      Uštedite 10 sec na svakodnevnim stvarima
      Visual Search:
      Traži pametnije bez napuštanja stranice
    • 35. Internet Explorer Galerija
      Centralno mjesto za preuzimanje svih dodataka za IE8
      Marketinška podrška partnerskim stranicama koje su izdradile dodatke za Internet Explorer 8
    • 36. Microsoft WinDays10
    • 37. ?