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Rainforest Presentation
Rainforest Presentation
Rainforest Presentation
Rainforest Presentation
Rainforest Presentation
Rainforest Presentation
Rainforest Presentation
Rainforest Presentation
Rainforest Presentation
Rainforest Presentation
Rainforest Presentation
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Rainforest Presentation


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Rainforests and Deforestation By Kwan Seok Thomas Mathias Axel
  • 2. Contents
    • Rainforests of the world
    • Biodiversity
    • Deforestation
    • What causes deforestation?
    • Effects of deforestation
    • Percentage of remaining rainforests
    • Graph of remaining rainforests
    • Our actions to stop deforestation
  • 3. Rainforests of the world
    • Rainforests covered about 14% of the Earth’s surface, but now cover only about 6% of the Earth’s surface. Some experts say that within 40 years, rainforests could be gone
  • 4. Biodiversity
    • Biodiversity means different types of living things .
    • There are about 772 species in 1 square mile of rainforest.
    • The table below shows the typical biodiversity in a rainforest
    • Cutting down trees will kill species until none are left!
      • Experts estimate that 137 species are becoming extinct everyday due to rainforests being cut down.
  • 5. Deforestation
    • What’s the definition of deforestation? The answer is that our planet is slowly becoming a desert. This happens because humans cut down too much trees to make paper, build recreational services and more. Because of this, as we speak now, trees are still being cut down.
  • 6. What causes deforestation?
    • 1. Lack of land in some countries with forests are causing deforestation. For example, more than half of land area of Brazil is covered with the Amazonian rainforest, and therefore, many trees are being cut down to allow homes to be built for the ever increasing population.
    • 2. Conversion of forests to agricultural land to feed the growing human population.
    • 3.Since there are lots of people around, they need wood to make stationary (ie books, newspapers).
  • 7. Effects of deforestation
    • After deforestation, mountains without trees can cause severe damage. Without tree roots the land gets weakened and landslides and mudslides can occur.
  • 8. Percentage of remaining rainforests
    • 55% of the world’s total rainforests have disappeared. This might decrease much more if we don’t take action now.
  • 9. Graph of remaining rainforests
    • This graph shows the
    • remaining rainforests of
    • the world now, and it also
    • tells us that there won’t
    • be many rainforests in
    • 2040. We have to take
    • action!
  • 10. Our actions to stop deforestation
    • Don’t waste paper! It takes only a few seconds to chop down a tree, but it takes years to grow another!
    • Recycle used paper! Use the roots and shoots boxes around school.
    • When printing, use recycled paper, and print on both sides.
  • 11. Thank You for Watching!