Move for YOU, move for THEM!


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Public Service Announcement for KIN 122

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  • -The following public service announcement is entitled “Move For YOU, Move For THEM!”
  • “Move For YOU, Move For THEM” is aimed at encouraging mothers with young children to get active and in effect better their overall health. Additionally, it provides several diverse methods for integrating physical activity into the lives of mothers with young children.
  • To improve their overall health, newmothers should strive to make physical fitness a priority. One study shows that 73% of women who visited an obesity clinic attributed a past pregnancy to their weight issues. Maintaining a healthy activity level can help women shed baby weight and stave off future weight problems. Regular physical activity can also reduce the risk of postpartum depression. Additionally, It’s been shown that children born to active mothers are twice as likely to be active themselves. This can have a profound affect on the incidence of childhood obesity.
  • We know that mothers with young children have LOTS of commitments and statistics show that it’s not lack of motivation, but lack of TIME which drives mothers to become more inactive. So it’s a challenge, but the good news is that it can be done! A mother can find ways to work out individually through some careful preplanning to allow for a routine time for exercise. Get creative when thinking of ways to integrate activity into your life. Maybe this means taking a walk during your lunch break, exercising while the child is at daycare, or running to the gym during a time where your partner is normally home. Utilizing child care to allow for exercise time is another option.
  • Many mothers feel uneasy being away from their young children. The good news is this doesn’t have to limit your activity because you can workout WITH your child. For example, mother/child fitness classes allow a mom to workout in a variety of ways (such as stroller fitness, yoga, and much more) while bonding with her child. Stroller Strides and Baby Boot Camp are two such programs. Mother/child fitness devices like bike seats, strollers, jogging strollers, carriers, slings, or baby backpacks are just a few other options for mother/child fitness, but always check that the device is safe for the child’s age. What if you don’t want to purchase a device though?? The answer is simple, engage in playtime with your child. Have hula hoop contests, jump rope, run around and play tag! The options are virtually endless
  • Overall, being physically active as a mother with young children is essential to improving their overall health and their children’s health. Through some creativity and planning the activity can be not only achievable, but enjoyable.
  • We know it’s hard, but you can do this! Whether it be your child’s health or your own, pick a reason to become active and create a way to do this individually, or with your child. When it comes down to it, it’s as simple as this: Find your motivation, chose your method, and become physically active!
  • Move for YOU, move for THEM!

    1. 1. Move For YOU, Move For THEM! Jenny Bergstrom, Anna Dorn, Colette Falsey, AshorOshana, Jaimie Sanders 1
    2. 2. PurposeEncourage mothers with young children to become active andmaintain a healthy lifestyleProvide methods for integrating physical activity into the lives ofmothers with young children 2
    3. 3. Importance of Fitness in New MothersShed baby weightImprove mental healthPositively influencechildren 3
    4. 4. How Can You Get Active: Individually 4 Utilize Child care Be Creative Preplan
    5. 5. How Can You Get Active: With Your Child Mother/Child Fitness Classes Stroller Strides Baby Boot Camp Mother/Child Fitness Devices Playtime 5
    6. 6. SummaryMaintaining a healthy activity level through a variety of methods can improve the overall health of new mothers and their children 6
    7. 7. Find your motivation…Choose your method… Become physically active! 7
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