RIAs with Java, Spring, Hibernate, BlazeDS, and Flex
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RIAs with Java, Spring, Hibernate, BlazeDS, and Flex






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RIAs with Java, Spring, Hibernate, BlazeDS, and Flex RIAs with Java, Spring, Hibernate, BlazeDS, and Flex Presentation Transcript

  • RIAs with Java, Spring, Hibernate, BlazeDS, and Flex James Ward www.jamesward.com Technical Evangelist - Adobe #6662
  • Applications have evolved Easy 2004 WEB APPLICATIONS EASE OF DEPLOYMENT RICH INTERNET 1998 APPLICATIONS 1992 Hard MAINFRAME CLIENT/ SERVER Client Limited Capability Full
  • Adobe’s Software Development Platform Applications Adobe Media Open Bug Database: Acrobat Buzzword Connect Player http:/ / bugs.adobe.com Designer/ Developer Tools Clients Client Runtimes Adobe Flash PDF AIR Player 60 Day Free Trial Free for students Frameworks High Performance Adobe and Creative Suite 4 educators JIT’ing VM: Ajax Flex 3 Mozilla Tamarin Servers/ Services Open Source: MPL Flex Builder LiveCycle ColdFusion Use any text editor Scene7 Acrobat Flash Media Flash / IDE Server Connect Cast
  • Adobe AIR Application Stack HTML Flash Cross- OS HTML Flex Application JavaScript Flash ActionScript HTML Integrated XML XML Rendering CSS Audio Integrated DOMs PDF Video PDF & Scripting File Syst em Network Applicat ion Drag and Local Access Detect ion Not ifications Update Drop Database ... Adobe AIR APIs Mac, Windows, Linux & Device OS
  • How Flex Works Flex Builder IDE Browser and ActionScript AIR MXML Adobe Flash Player Flex SDK MXML ActionScript Flex Class Library SOAP HTTP/ S AMF/ S RTMP/ S Web Server Compile XML/ HTTP BlazeDS or REST LC Data Services SOAP Web Services J2EE Application Server .swf Ex isting Applications and Infrastructure
  • Tour de Flex - flex.org/ tour
  • Flex with Java via XML (RESTful / SOAP) App Server Web Service XML Client (RESTful / SOAP)
  • Introducing Open Source BlazeDS BlazeDS Service Data Management BlazeDS is the remoting and HTTP- based Adapters Data Synchronization messaging technology which Adobe is LiveCycle Off- line Applications contributing to the community under LGPL Data Paging SQL v3 Capabilities RPC Services Hibernate > Easily connects Flex & AIR applications to existing Web Service server logic HTTP Service ColdFusion > High performance data transfer for more responsive Rem ote Object Service applications JMS Messaging > Real- time data push over standard HTTP Java Publish & Subscribe > Full pub/ sub messaging that ex tends existing Collaboration messaging infrastructure Real Tim e Data Push Custom… Publication of the Action Message Format Prox y Service (AMF3) binary data protocol specification Web- tier Compiler Portal Deployment Certified builds, warranty protection and RIA- PDF Generation enterprise support subscriptions available
  • http:/ / www.jamesward.com/ census/
  • Flex with Java via Remoting J2EE Server BlazeDS POJO Endpoint Spring Bean AMF Client EJB Other
  • Flex with Java via Messaging J2EE Server BlazeDS Messaging Adapter X System X Message JMS Endpoint JMS Adapt er Service Provider Messaging Adapter Y System Y RTMP AMF HTTP Publisher Subscriber
  • Spring and Flex! SpringSource and Adobe have formed a joint partnership to turn this idea into reality! The foundations of this new integration will be available as open source – A new Spring subproject in the web portfolio: Spring BlazeDS Integration Focus on integrating the open source BlazeDS with Spring 12
  • M1 - Dec 2 0 0 8 Bootstrap the BlazeDS MessageBroker as a Spring- managed bean (no more web.xml MessageBrokerServlet config needed) Route http- based Flex messages to the MessageBroker through the Spring DispatcherServlet Expose Spring beans for remoting using typical Spring remoting exporter configuration 13
  • M2 - March 2 0 0 8 Spring Security integration – Ensure that Spring security can secure any Springmanaged endpoints with credentials provided by the Flex app 14
  • post M2 Spring JMS integration – Integration with the BlazeDS MessageService – Use Spring configuration to manage BlazeDS MessageDestinations – Let Spring manage the JMS details – Allows easy communication from Flex clients to Spring message- driven POJOs Spring 3.0 REST integration – Provides support for multiple client- types – Flex apps can already consume Spring 3.0 RESTful endpoints through HTTPService – Additional value could be realized by providing an AMFView implementation  Response  or  TTP  f H request w i h  Cont ­ s  t a  ent Type= applcat on/ i i i act onscri pt
  • web.xml < listener> < listener- class> org.springframework.web.contex t.Contex tLoaderListener< / listener- class> < / listener> < servlet> < servlet- name> testdrive< / servlet- name> < servlet- class> org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet< / servlet- class> < load- on- startup> 1< / load- on- startup> < / servlet> < servlet- mapping> < servlet- name> testdrive< / servlet- name> < url- pattern> / messagebroker/ *< / url- pattern> < / servlet- mapping>
  • web.xml - Security Config < contex t- param> < param- name> contextConfigLocation< / param- name> < param- value> / WEB- INF/ config/ web- application- config.x ml / WEB- INF/ config/ web- application- security.x ml < / param- value> < / contex t- param> < filter> < filter- name> springSecurityFilterChain< / filter- name> < filter- class> org.springframework.web.filter.DelegatingFilterProx y< / filter- class> < / filter> < filter- mapping> < filter- name> springSecurityFilterChain< / filter- name> < url- pattern> / *< / url- pattern> < / filter- mapping>
  • web- application- config.xml < beans xmlns= "http:/ / www.springframework.org/ schema/ beans" xmlns:flex = "http:/ / www.springframework.org/ schema/ flex" xmlns:security= "http:/ / www.springframework.org/ schema/ security" xmlns:x si= "http:/ / www.w3.org/ 2001/ XMLSchema- instance" xsi:schemaLocation= " http:/ / www.springframework.org/ schema/ beans http:/ / www.springframework.org/ schema/ beans/ spring- beans- 2.5.xsd http:/ / www.springframework.org/ schema/ flex http:/ / www.springframework.org/ schema/ flex/ spring- flex- 1.0.xsd http:/ / www.springframework.org/ schema/ security http:/ / www.springframework.org/ schema/ security/ spring- security- 2.0.4.xsd"> < flex :message- broker> < flex:secured / > < / flex :message- broker>
  • web- application- config.xml - Remoting Beans < !- - Ex pose the productDAO bean for BlazeDS remoting - - > < flex:remote- service ref= "productService" / > < !- - A secured version of productService - - > < bean id= "securedProductService" class= "flex .spring.samples.product.ProductDAO" > < flex:remote- service/ > < constructor- arg ref= "dataSource"/ > < security:intercept- methods> < security:protect method= "find*" access= "ROLE_USER" / > < / security:intercept- methods> < / bean>
  • 20 Hibernate Integration  Either wrap beans by remoting Spring services / EJB Session Beans / POJOs... public class Employee public class EmployeeService  Or use dpHibernate  Or use LCDS’s Data Management Service
  • 21 EJB Entity Beans and Session Beans
  • The End Questions? Learn More: > Tour de Flex - flex .org/ tour > www.jamesward.com