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After a contest, my student designed a power point about his USUAL WEEKEND.

After a contest, my student designed a power point about his USUAL WEEKEND.

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  • 1.
    • C.E.I.P.
    • P
    • A
    • U
    • L
    • O
    • F
    • R
    • E
    • I
    • R
    • E
    E.U.I.D. Comenius Project 2009-2011 A USUAL WEEKEND S P A I N
  • 2. At the weekend, I get up later than on school days My friend is still sleepy.
  • 3. At the weekend, I make my breakfast.
  • 4. At the weekend, especially on Saturdays, my mum and my dog, Kiko, are with me at home. Yam, Yam,..I want a bit of milk, please!!!
  • 5. At the weekend, I do my homework in the morning. While, Kiko looks at me very interested. Oops, your homework is very difficult!!
  • 6. On Saturdays, I do my ICT homework. I have a big help, my wonderful lap top. When I finish all my homework, I collect my books and lap top. Diego is my hero….
  • 7. In few minutes, I will go to play with my friends. I want to go with you!!
  • 8. I always brush my teeth and have a shower before going to bed. Then, I always say “Good night” to my parents.
  • 9. At the weekend, I go to bed a bit later than the week days. Then, Kiko goes to his own bed. Just, my friend is sleeping. Now, I go to my bed.
  • 10. Thanks to: Diego Gilbert Cea, 5 th grade Spanish Team Coordinator in CEIP Paulo Freire: Adoración Peinado