A Precious Gift


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We are looking to adopt a baby. This presentation is to give you a glimpse into our lives, our culture (Indian) and give you a feel of how we will raise your child. If you could help us achieve our dream, we would love to hear from you.

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A Precious Gift

  1. 1. A PRECIOUS GIFT A journey of a mother into her child's future Veena & Manoj
  2. 2. This story is dedicated to You, dear Birth Mother, Without whom this precious gift, wouldn’t and couldn’t be ours. We THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart. Veena & Manoj
  3. 3. As the Legend goes………… Veena & Manoj One day in July, a few years ago, in a one of a kind wedding filled with music, dance and laughter, We and our families were joined together…Forever.
  4. 4. We, that is VEENA & MANOJ Veena, a fun, lively woman, who loves to cook, drink tea (Chai) and eat Chaat (Bhel), likes to listen to music and watch animated movies. Manoj, is a person who likes to read and explore new things, he loves the outdoors, he is full of laughter, dances all the time and cracks tons of Jokes (pj’s) and is fun to be with.
  5. 5. Now lets takes a step back in time Long Long time ago, In the towns of Bombay and Bangalore, Two kids were born chubby, Destined to become Wife and Hubby, Their cute smiles and beautiful voice Made their large family rejoice. Did I say the family was Large? You will get an idea, once you see the following collage.
  6. 6. Veena’s immediate family A Mom, whose unconditional love & support fills the Home. A Dad who provides wisdom & advice from the immense knowledge that he possesses…and laughter too! Sisters – loving, caring, sharing and always there for one and another no matter what. Sweet little nephew who is the life & heart
  7. 7. Manoj’s immediate family A very loving, caring understanding & protective Mom. A Dad who was, hardworking, enthusiastic &very energetic. A dedicated and loving brother and sister-in-law. A close extended family, lived together since childhood, having tons of fun, chaos, leg pulling and support for each other.
  8. 8. Our family continued…
  9. 9. And you thought the Amazon forest was big
  10. 10. Bigger than the Amazon ? To give you a sense of scale, organizing a small lunch with my family in India, involves about 50 phone calls, Over a period of 4 hours, Takes up about 40 chairs in the restaurant, And basically… The waiters and waitresses pull their hair out. But we have a great time!
  11. 11. Our family teaches Our family us values… Faith Be Strong hug Care Dance
  12. 12. Eat Be creative Ethnic dance Work hard laugh
  13. 13. Team work go to the dentist celebrate party Eat Rise
  14. 14. Eat love listen Sparkle & Dazzle Drama
  15. 15. Be serious Challenge sleep Make other’s Eat Eat & celebrate And…eat!
  16. 16. Our Wonderful friends
  17. 17. And so you see, we stand strong on the shoulders of Giants, and what precious gifts we are to our families & friends, with the same love, care and wisdom we will raise your gift, Our most precious Gift
  18. 18. Manoj Witty, creative & passionate are the words that immediately come to mind to describe Manoj. He is full of love for life, loves to play with children, arouse their curiosity, and constantly makes them questions their assumptions. He is a wonderful son who takes care of his mom and they share a very strong bond, so much so that everyone calls his Mom as JAJU MAMMA. Jaju is Manoj’s nickname. He loves the outdoors, the mountains, enjoys the hikes. Nothing seems to be impossible for him to achieve. He likes to take pictures, especially of the sunrise, sunset and children. His creativity and wit shines through in his poems. He loves to listen to music, sing (pretty bad) and reading and learning new things are favorite pass times. He is eternally curious. Manoj enjoys watching movies and dislikes watching T.V. except sports; he likes going to the gym and watch stars at night. He is also an active member of a non-profit group, raising funds for children’s education in India. He does not believe in idol worshiping, but believes that god is everywhere and in everyone. His education, from some of the leading institutions in the world has given him the tools he needs to be successful in all his endeavors. He is a very loving, caring husband, honest, helpful, broadminded ,romantic & a very honorable person.
  19. 19. Veena Creative, smart ,understanding loving and giving person, She loves to take care of people and is a very compassionate person. People easily open up to her. She enjoys cooking and eating healthy home cooked meals. She is very intelligent, hard working, strong minded, reliable and sensitive person. She enjoys going on vacations with family & friends, hiking, taking long walks on the trails and beaches and playing board games. She enjoys watching She believes in God and is an idol worshiper, she also believes basketball and Ice hockey. in positive thinking and doing good deeds. She believes in good karmas and the philosophy that hard work pays off & all things in the world happen for a reason and something good comes Her undergrad and Chartered out of every action. She loves helping friends and families and accountant degree from Bombay provides an ear to listen and imparts words of wisdom to guide and her CPA Award from Michigan them. has given her the education she needs to be successful in her She is a very honest, loyal, truthful, chubby and an adorable career. wife, who takes good care of her Poo Bear hubby.
  20. 20. We picture instilling our child with the values of a TREE A solid foundation rooted deep, in love, courage, honesty, compassion and wisdom. Always giving. As strong as a tree trunk to withstand all the forces around, standing tall and growing, providing for a safe haven to all the creatures around a stable & strong environment
  21. 21. Lots of branches, to connect to everyone around and protect them, fuel their passions and make them strong, and help them grow. With plenty of leaves, to always provide fresh air and insights & loads of energy & life.
  22. 22. Our Dream A home full of laughter and fun with children playing & running around and creating a chaos & mess in a sweet and wonderful way. A vacation to India, visiting all the wonderful uncles and aunts and kids playing with their cousins and having a gala time. A quite room where Grandma tells stories and Grandpa sits and plays games. A beautiful house with a backyard where the children go boating with their dad & play with their aunts and friends . A small cozy room for the kids to relax and be loved and pampered by their Mom in all possible and an unconditional way. ….Our dream
  23. 23. Dear Birthmother Thank you for viewing our profile and spending time in knowing us, our families and friends. We know this is the most difficult choice you have had to make in your life. It takes a very special person to do what you are doing. We respect and admire your courage in making this selfless choice and we hope you feel that too. We can assure you that if you chose us, we would be the luckiest parents. This would be the lottery of our lives and would change our lives in a very special way. Our child would be loved & cared for unconditionally and will have a strong, safe, secure, stable & happy environment, with a whole bunch of family and friends to guide, play and grow with. We thank you once again and our thoughts and prayers are with you. THANKS Veena & Manoj
  24. 24. We are looking to adopt a baby. If you could help us achieve our dream, we would love to hear from you. 1-888-280-0262 adoptvm@gmail.com http://sites.google.com/site/lookingt2adopt/