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If you would like to learn about how sensitive animals are to heat then you may be interested in this brochure I put togeter. It's for humans too! Topics include:
What is dehydration?
What is heatstroke?
Symptoms of heat stroke?
What do you do if it occurs?
Daily water requirements?
Water and hydration facts and heatstroke preventions tips.

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Heat Stroke Pdf Prints On Legal Size Paper

  1. 1. 6. If going to the store, never leave your 1.The best prevention of heat stroke is 12. Learn how to take your pet's rectal 19. Limit time on beaches and pavements the pet unattended inside the car or in a truck simple: pay attention to daily tempera- temperature. Talk to your veterinarian heat is very concentrated an animals paw pads bed. Even if you’re gone a short period of tures, even a typical cool month can have about how to do these things. Did you will absorb the heat, raising it’s body tempera- time, the temperature inside a parked car heat waves. Early walks between 5:30 know a dog's normal temperature is ture. Did you know the U.V. rays can reflect can quickly reach 140 degrees with or with- a.m. -7:00 a.m. is a great time before the If you would like to contact me: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/AdonisWalk between 100.5 - 102.5? And each dog off these surfaces and cause sunburn on the In this pamphlet… out the windows open. At least try to bring sun gets a chance to heat up the ground. What is dehydration? will have a ―normal range‖ just like animals underside? Try to walk on cool sur- another person with you, to stay with the What is dehydration? On hot days, between the hours of 9:30 Dehydration is excess loss of body fluids. you may have a normal range. You faces like dirt and grass. If you are at the dog. Keep the car running with the a/c on, a.m.- 4:30 p.m. limit potty breaks to 5-10 What is Heat Stroke? It involves loss of water and electrolytes might consistently be 98.9, your dog beach, remember salt water can make animals be sure to apply the emergency break. minutes then immediately bring your pet (which are sodium, chloride and potas- Symptoms of Heat Stroke 101.5 – knowing what is normal will and people very sick if drank. Invest in dog back indoors. Forecast for pets: sium). During illness, dehydration may be help you determine when something What to do if it occurs 7. Make sure outside dogs have shelter from collars or harnesses without shiny metal mate- www.weather.com/activities/ due to inadequate fluid intake. Fever in- isn’t normal, faster. Prevention tips rial so it doesn’t attract the sun. direct sun, and access to shade and water at homeandgarden/pets creases the loss of water. This becomes 13. Do not muzzle your dog, or let a Daily water requirements all times. Let your dog dig in the dirt! The 20. A good rule to remember is if you are hot, significant if the dog does not drink enough 2. If your dog is a survivor of heat groomer muzzle a dog while using a Water and hydration facts upper 10 feet below ground level almost your pet is even hotter than you are! Remem- to offset it. Other common causes of dehy- doggie dryer. stroke, he will be sensitive to heat for everywhere across the planet stays the same ber when it’s humid the relative temperature is dration are prolonged vomiting and diar- 14. Keep a quot;pet emergency first aid the rest of his life. Unfortunately, a pet temperature between 50-60 degrees. This About this pamphlet much higher. So if it’s 90 degrees with 60 rhea. If your dog is noticeably dehydrated can pass away only one to two years kitquot; see www.aspca.org or red- can offer much relief to your dog on a hot Pamphlet and facts gathered by percent humidity it feels like 100 degrees. he should receive veterinary attention fast. later if he does survive heat stroke. You cross.org day. Dogs in nature dig their dens not out of Jennifer Dorrell. Dedicated to Source http://www.almanac.com/ Treatment is directed at replacing fluids to must understand that the heat has dam- 15. There will be power outages and frustration but to find food, hide food, and my dog Adonis whose short weathercenter/heathumidity.php prevent further losses. The treatment of aged the major organs. This is a medical give birth or keep cool life steered me towards im- a/c units do break. Move your dog to a 21. Acclimation is key! For example living in dehydration in infant puppies is an ex- term known as sequela. So a personal 8. Wetting down your dog or allowing him proving the quality of life for cool area, like an unfinished basement tremely critical medical condition, in air conditioning then exposed to hot weather all theory of mine is that repeated events of your pet. This pamphlet was floor. Or until the outages are fixed sit to swim can help maintain a normal body which all responsible dog breeders should of a sudden, is stressful to the body. Extreme overheating may shorten their lifespan . created to raise awareness in an air conditioned car, go to a friends temperature. A kiddie pool or lawn sprin- already know how to administer treatment temperature change is a shock to our body. The about the severity of heat re- house or a police station. Even rent a klers can also help keep them cool. body perceives this as a stress. Your body will in case of an emergency. Source: Dog Owners Home pet friendly motel room like Motel 6. lated illnesses. To serve as a try to adapt but it needs a slower acclimation to Veterinary Handbook by Delbert G. Carlson & James Griffin MD 9. Dogs are ―sprinters‖ they are not guide for good intentioned pet 16.Monitor the consistency of your pets hot or cold. Research on ―how to acclimate to 3. Although any normal healthy pet or per- meant to go for long runs or jogs with owners who may not know What is Heatstroke and bowel movements if will give you changes in temperature‖. son can get heat stroke, more so are un- you. Learn more about EIC, Exercise how sensitive animals really what happens to the body? insight as to what’s going on with your healthy pets and people. In hot humid Induced Collapse. The definition of are to heat. After reading this When your pet gets overheated, blood is pet. Call your vet upon diarrhea. If no weather extra caution is advised for pets and sprint is to run or go at top speed espe- 22. To provide a cooler environment, freeze information you should feel sent to the outside layers of the body in bowel movement at all or is very dry people with heart disease, kidney disease, cially for a short distance. You might confident in recognizing the water in soda bottles or heavy duty food storage order to deal with extreme temperatures. and lumpy this could indicate consti- alcoholism, adrenal gland disorders, obesity, say ―well my dog always comes jog- signs of heat stroke and know bags, then stuff in a tube sock. Place them on the This may lead to intestinal organs not get- pation which can be caused by chronic heavy fur coats, breathing problems, if tak- ging with me, he seems fine.‖ You what to do in case of an emer- floor near where your pet likes to lay down. Su- ting enough blood flow and chemical im- dehydration. ing medications, or other medical conditions. must remember that you are his leader gency. pervise in case your dog likes to chew! Also lay balances occur in the body. As the pet’s 17. Look for clever ways you can add Young puppies and babies and senior pets and he will follow you out of loyalty. Coupled with other factors heat wet towels on the floor near a blowing fan. temperature rises to above 106° degrees, water to the diet by adding water to the and older people need assistance from you to He’s not going to tap you on the shoul- stroke can begin just after 15 the cells in the body begin to break down, dry food and mix well. Can food has 23. What if your car broke down on a hot day either keep them cool or warm. In the young, der and tell you stop, he will just col- minutes, once body tempera- and permanent nerve damage as well as high water content. There’s fun treats the body has not developed it’s thermoregu- and you had your pet with you? Be sure to travel lapse. And be wary of EIC with agility ture has risen and if action is internal organ breakdown occurs. Source: like doggie ice pops, and real pet ice latory system; in the old the body starts to with a bowl and a jug of water. And prior to go- training. not taken to cool the animal. www.drsfostersmith.com/pic/article.cfm?aid=375 cream. There’s electrolyte powder lose how it regulates hot and cold tempera- ing on long travels with your pet, make a list of When the body becomes unable to control 10. When you are thirsty you may Your pet can die or have per- made by Nupro that you add to water. phone numbers and addresses to emergency vet- tures. Even mild activity can be harmful. its temperature blood is unable to clot manent injuries if action is feel sleepy too, it is just your body's erinary offices in the area where you're going to 18. ―Puppy proof‖ your home to pre- properly, risking damage to the major or- 4. A spray bottle on a walk works well; get not taken quickly. If animal way of saying it needs water. Dark be traveling to and through. An easy way to do gans which are the kidney, brain, lungs that vent your pet from eating harmful your dog accustomed to drinking from it. Put urine (can have strong odor), dry lips, neglect is the primary cause, it this is by going to Google Maps, type in the city can result in death. Which can also cause things, don’t use drop-in toilet bowel your pets name on it so you know that it’s his dry throat, sunken eyes, dry eyes (can is a felony in most states of and state. Then look in the middle of your screen petechiae. It appears as a red dotted rash or sanitizers Puppy proof outdoors as bottle. Air dry between uses. Pet stores now have a discharge with strong odor), America with jail time, fines where it says get directions then click on the blue pinpoints of blood on the skin. This can well get to know every tree and bush carry special water bottles with attached hoarse sounding voice (or a change in and the privilege to own a pet hyperlink quot;Search nearby:quot; Type in ―24 hour require plasma transfusions and blood in your yard to determine if they’re bowls for walks too, as well as ―cooling the sound of your dogs bark), are all up to 15 years or more can be animal hospital‖ or ―emergency veterinary‖ and transfusions, survival rate can be very low. poisonous. Stop putting pesticides on vests‖ they can wear. subtle signs that water is needed. taken away. then browse the list, write down the information Source: VSCD Animal Hospital the lawn where they spend their time. 5. Provide a water bowl inside and outside 11. Wash and your pet's water bowl or program it into your GPS, repeat for each new For weed control do it naturally by your house. During mosquito season mos- with dish soap. Slimy bacteria build city. We cannot dial 911 for our furry loved ones He is yo ur friend, y o ur p artner, yo ur defender, yo ur dog — Yo u are his life, using things like boiling water, sugar, quito’s lay eggs in water, mosquito larvae can up in the bowl, your pet could smell but we can sure be prepared by knowing whom to his lov e, his leader. — He will b e y o urs, Faithful and true, to the last b eat o f urine, vinegar, salt, apply in the give a dog heartworms. Be sure to change the this and find it unappetizing and your call no matter where we are! his heart.— Yo u o we it to him to b e wo rthy o f s uch devo tio n. -Ano ny mo us ground where the weed lived. water a few times or more per day. pet might drink less.
  2. 2. What to do when a dog gets heat stroke? What are the signs of heatstroke in a dog? What are the signs of heat- (List includes Did You Know Go to the nearest open emergency veterinary office, and if you can, prior to tak- classis signs in the left column, with a variety of other symptoms with short definition.) stroke in people? ing the dog, administer cooling efforts (below) as fast as possible. And call the Did you know you should begin 1 In people, the early symptoms of heat illness Pets are inca- Rapid heartbeat Body temperature In other Increased to hydrate yourself and your pet include: Profuse sweating, Fatigue, Thirst, Muscle veterinary office before you arrive, and prepare them that you are bringing an which can be felt pable of sweat- rises / Rectal words ….. Heart Rate well, before, the day of an event or cramps on chest behind ing they pant to overheated dog. temperature is a walk outside? And of course Later symptoms of heat exhaustion include: exchange hot air First Aid: Remove the dog from the hot area immediately, move the animal into front leg. 104º and can be hydrate during and after the activ- Headache, Dizziness and light-headedness, Weak- for cool air. ity as well. By the time you are shade, or air-conditioned area. Prior to taking him to your veterinarian, lower his much higher. ness, Nausea and vomiting, Cool moist skin, Dark dry mouthed and thirsty you are temperature by wetting him thoroughly with cool water 2 (for very small dogs, 2 3 Rapid Frantic Constant pant- Not able to retract In other Excessive urine. dehydrated. (You can’t make your use lukewarm water), then increase air movement around him with a fan. You Breathing / Short ing/Tongue may tongue very well The symptoms of heatstroke include: Fever words ….. Panting pet drink extra the day before but can also apply wet towels, ice packs or bags of frozen vegetables to the belly, (temperature above 104°F), Irrational behavior, Fast Shallow be thick looking (hanging out alot) adding an electrolyte powder like Nupro to the water can help, ask legs, chest, neck, head for a few minutes then take temperature. The rectal tem- Extreme confusion, Dry hot and red skin, Rapid Breathing on the sides. your vet or pet store about it.) shallow breathing, Rapid weak pulse, Seizures, perature should be checked every 5 minutes 1. Also per the Dog owners home Shaky legs, weak- Not able to hold Muscles on legs Wobbly leg’s In other Unconsciousness veterinary handbook, If the temperature is over 104 degrees or is unsteady on his words ….. ness; blood sugar himself up very can twitch (can be feet he should be cooled by immersing him in a tub of cool water, take him out First Aid: Have the person lie down in a cool If you have a dog that doesn’t is falling. well / unsteady seen and felt) place. Elevate the person's feet about 12 inches. of the water, check the temperature, alternating in this pattern, repeat as neces- really drink a lot of water, do not Apply cool, wet cloths (or cool water directly) to gait take him for long over exertive sary. Be careful, however, as using very cold water can actually be counterpro- the person's skin and use a fan to lower body tem- Thick sticky Sticky gluey White ropey sa- In other Increased walks. For each day he does not ductive. CAUTION: Cooling too quickly and especially allowing his body tem- perature. Place cold compresses on the person's drink enough water, over a pe- words ….. saliva drool from sides liva on tongue Salivation perature to become too low can cause other life-threatening medical conditions. neck, groin, and armpits. If alert, give the person riod time he is becoming more of mouth Once the body temperature is 103 º F, the cooling measures should be stopped beverages to sip (such as Gatorade), or make a dehydrated, like a slow long Red gums , red *Pale light color Pale color is a Also could Bright red term water debt. As a result, this salted drink by adding a teaspoon of salt per quart and the dog should be dried thoroughly and covered so he does not continue to include ….. tongue indicates late sign of shock. Get lose heat. Even if the dog appears to be recovering, take him to your veterinar- makes him quickly vulnerable to of water. Give a half cup every 15 minutes. Cool tongue stage of distress. immediate medi- heat stroke. He will show symp- water will do if salt beverages are not available. ian as soon as possible, he should still be examined since he may be dehydrated toms faster than a normally hy- cal attention . Call 911 upon the above symptoms of heat- or have other complications. Allow free access to water if the dog can drink on drated animal. Whatever the Not interested in A glazed blank Doesn’t respond In other Glazed eyes stroke. Source: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/ reason for not drinking enough his own, or lick on very small ice chips. Do not give ice cubes. Do not try to words ….. listening to you. facial expression to his name / Is article/000056.htm - Also: www.bt.cdc.gov/disasters/extreme heat_guide.asp “lethargic” whether it’s: fear, tooth / tongue force-feed water; the dog may inhale it and could choke. or anxious ex- just ―staring‖ pain, dislike, timid, reflection in Since diarrhea can lead to dehydration in people & pression the water bowl, jaw muscle pets, one common cause is from switching brands Decline in attitude Gloominess / Low energy/ In other Depression nerve pain, misaligned jaw 1 If the temperature is allowed to go unchecked, the dog becomes unsteady and of foods to fast or eating new foods you’ve never Sadness tired / exhausted (water can dribble back out after words ….. “lethargic” staggers, he has diarrhea, which can be bloody. Diarrhea will make him become eaten before. Even switching formulas within the drinking), always consult your Cannot get up on Fumbling /just Lack of coordina- weak really fast. Coma and death ensue. Emergency measures must begin at same brand (from puppy to adult) can cause it too. In other Collapsing vet to rule out a medical condi- Purina recommends reducing 10% of old food, and words ….. his own / someone wants to lay tion / Animal may once. Source: Dog owners home veterinary handbook by Delbert G Carlson DVM & James Griffin MD tion, even ask for an electrolyte replace with 10% of new food over a 10 day pe- will need to pick down look alert but this test to measure hydration levels. riod. Watch for diarrhea and mucous in the stool up the animal, will is an emergency If your dog is timid around water 2 Keep up with brushings as the dog sheds during and prior to warm weather. over the next 24 hours. If it occurs call your vet, be feel limp. situation. seek a behaviorist for help. For double coated dogs like Chow Chows and Keeshonds use a slicker brush, prepared to feed a bland diet to settle the stomach Never lose your patience with Vomiting with 1 Keep in mind 2 An animal in a 3 Not only do Vomiting , pin brush, or thinning shears to remove loose fir and debris. You should be able down. Once diarrhea clears up, start over from the your pet, don’t get angry or yell. blood some- that darker color hot car may act dogs pant, cats, beginning, by reducing 10% of the old food and to brush through the entire coat with relative ease. Dogs with long thick coats Diarrhea, Never chase your dog. Reinforce times. Instant coats absorb more frantic and hy- horses and rabbits keep the fur free of tangled matted sections. If your pet’s coat is matted and replace with 10% new. Feed your pet the same Unconscious, diarrhea can confidence by rewarding any heat than lighter per, even throw time each day, fluctuating feedings causes unex- knotty you may want to use an electric shaver to clip off just these areas, leaving can too. progress with lots of praise and Coma, Death gush out like colored coats. themselves at the pected bathroom habits. about an inch of fur or so. (Use baby sunscreen on exposed skin until fur grows treats. Never stop working with urine, with or door trying to back!) If you don’t remove the matted fur the heat can’t escape. Thus, wetting him to overcome their fear. without blood. escape. Source: down a matted coat the heat still can’t really escape! If you’re ever in a situation Most veterinarian offices note that they dread the SPCA where heat exhaustion presents itself , you have to work twice as hard in cooling summer months. They see a lot of pets with heat Daily water requirements for dogs Below is a ―dog daily wa- Did you know you should never injuries such as sunburn and heat exhaustion. your pet if the fur isn’t groomed, so do not delay grooming. Your dog will scare a newborn puppy with loud Which correlates to the lack of knowledge people ter requirement‖ calculator found at: www.mycockerspaniel.com/h2o.htm — appreciate the brushings as it relaxes them and they will sigh of relief, as this sounds while drinking? This can Measure the water you give your pet to familiarize how much he drinks on a have about heat related illnesses. Learn more about helps them maintain a stable body temperature. create a fear of water. Hold off on pet insurance: www.petinsurance.com daily basis. Just keep that mug filled and Fido’s bowl filled always! giving baths the first month home 10 lbs. 349 ml or 1 cups & 4 oz with your new puppy. Research Daily water requirements for Not all veterinary offices are open 24 hours. on the internet ―puppy’s first bath‖ Did you kn ow that worldwide, dehydration 20 lbs. 586 ml or 2 cups & 4 oz people? http://nutrition.about.com/ Here are three places with overnight care: and see the many ways to make a caused by diarrhea is the leading cause of death in 30 lbs. 795 ml or 3 cups & 3 oz library/blwatercalculator.htm VCA Animal Hospital 1360 Marrows Rd. Newark De 737-8100 children? Because of their small body weights and positive experience with water Tip: Don’t stress out about it! Just learn to 40 lbs. 986 ml or 4 cups & 1 oz VSCD (near Banning Park) 1212 E Newport Pike Wilm. De 691-3647 high turnover of water and electrolytes. *Source: Mayo and your pet. 50 lbs. 1166 ml or 4 cups & 7 oz listen to your body's signal for water! Dover Veterinary Hospital 1151 S Governors Ave Dover De 674-1515 Clinic