Guerrilla social media weapons for maximum returns


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Learn about the various types of social media weapons available for you to use and how to engage your customers using a combination of tools.

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Guerrilla social media weapons for maximum returns

  1. 1. Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved.Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Weapons Presented by: Rebekah Seragih Adonai Training LLP
  2. 2. What we will be Talking about…Effective social media marketing weaponsWhat are theyHow to use themWhen to use themPutting it TogetherCase studies Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. Social Media WeaponsThere are many social media marketing weaponsout there.As with any profession, guerrillas need tools toperform their trade. The same goes for a socialmedia guerrilla.You must select and master a set of guerrillasocial media weapons that will help you toachieve your business and social media goals. Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. Guerrilla Social Media Weapons Search & Real-Time GlobalHardware Tools Video Sharing Engagement Social Media Marketing Tools Website & Blog IntelligenceSoftware Tools Audio & Video Directories Tools Tools WordPress & Mobile & Social Document Google Weapons Location Based Networking Sharing Weapons Tools3rd Party Social Digg Tribes & WordPress Networking Photo Sharing stumbleUpon Email Plug-ins Application Alliances Weapons ofNano-Blogging White Labeled Light Blogging Social Very Near Weapons Networks Tools Bookmarking Future 25 Categories of Social Media Marketing Weapons & more than 100 weapons
  5. 5. Use What You Have & Good InMost guerrillas will use 10 or 15 of the weapons in theirongoing marketing campaigns.It is not necessary to have all the tools or use all of them.Most importantly is to use what you have within your setbudget and build up your tools as your marketing campaignsgrow.The success to all your marketing campaigns is to use the rightcombination of weapons and there is no one set of weaponsthat are good or right for all purposes.Try different combinations to find what works best for you,your company and your customers.Let us demonstrate… Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 5
  6. 6. Basic ToolsHardware Software Social Video Nano- Website &•Notebook •Graphic & Networking Sharing Blogging Blog Tools computer Photo Editing •Facebook •YouTube Weapons •Website•Digital Camera Software Profile •Twitter Profile •Blog•Video Camera •Microsoft •Facebook Page Office •Twitter Lists•Smartphone •LinkedIn Profile •Contact/Custo •URL Shorteners with a Data Plan mer Relationship Management Software •eDM software Integrate them together…. Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 6
  7. 7. Putting Them TogetherExample LinkedIn YouTube Blog Facebook Twitter Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 7
  8. 8. Putting Them TogetherWebsite – is the central hub of information containing all yourcustomers need to know about you.Blog – is your brand story headquarters. It is the best place tohave conversations with the community. You update your blogweekly or daily with your personal brand story.Facebook – is your engagement ground. Include photos,videos, personal and business information and anything thatwill help you establish trust and credibility. Give your fans areason to talk to you or talk about you. Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 8
  9. 9. Putting Them TogetherTwitter – sets the tone for how status updates and nano-blogging are done. This is where you tell a story within 140characters. People love stories so you tell the world aboutyour brand, your passions, your community, what you love,and what you stand for. Use it for broadcasting stories.LinkedIn – is a destination for professionals to meet and sharetrusted connections. This is the oldest & most respected socialnetworking sites. Many senior executives, future employersand potential fusion partners will check you out in LinkedInbefore doing business with you. This is where you build yourprofessional networks. Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 9
  10. 10. Putting It TogetherYouTube – we market where your customers are. YouTube hasseveral hundred million video views per day, your customersare most likely there. Many go to YouTube to search forinformation. Use it as a channel for teaching, training orsimply sharing a knowledge about your company, productsand services. Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 10
  11. 11. Example – New Product Launch WorkflowProduct Info Website/Blog Broadcast Engage • Product Write- • Website – put • Let your • Run online up all the product customers campaigns to • Photographs of info into the know through tell your the various website email (eDM customers features • Post your system) or about the new • Video on how articles in the newsletter product in to use the blog • Tweet about Facebook. product • Post the the new • Design activities • Articles written product video product launch that tell a about how to in YouTube in Twitter & story… E.g. a use the product point the daily quiz on customers back how to use it by to the pointing back to website/blog the features. • Tweet about • Upload photos the video in & design a YouTube on tagging how to use it competition • Share a Creative use Story contest on how to use the features & liking it Form a Storyboard about the Product
  12. 12. Putting it TogetherKEY:INTEGRATION Offline and Online marketing Appropriate online channels Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 12
  13. 13. How It Is DoneSUCCESS STORIES Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 13
  14. 14. Success Stories The Creme Brulee Man (Twitter)Food from street carts have become a foodie favorite for San Franciscans.Food carts travel from neighborhood to neighborhood, offering theirdelicacies to a range of local foodies. But without a set location, how dothese carts let consumers know where they will be? Well, through Twitterof course. Curtis Kimball, the man behind the enormously popular CremeBrulee Cart in San Francisco, has quickly amassed over12,000 followers ina little over a year. He knows that most of his business comes from peoplewho follow him on Twitter because Twitter is the only way you can findthe cart’s location for the day, says Kimball, a former construction workerturned creme brulee expert. “It gives people a valid reason to follow me,”he says.The other use of Twitter for Kimball is to tell people what flavor of cremebrulee he is serving in a given day. And Kimball says that Twitter gives himthe ability to develop a personal relationship with his followers andothers. He says he tries to engage his followers by asking for suggestionsof what type of custard to serve or where he should park his cart, and healways tries to keep things humorous. Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 14
  15. 15. Success Stories Joie De Vivre (Twitter, Facebook, Location Media, Deal Marketing)Joie De Vivre, a company that operates 33 luxury hotels in California is using avariety of social media platforms to drive sales and marketing for its properties.Central to the hotel group’s strategy is disseminating deals and coupons tofollowers and fans on Facebook and Twitter. Every Tuesday, Joie De Vivre’s Twitteraccount will Tweet an exclusive deal to its nearly 10,000 followers. Followers haveonly hours to book the steeply discounted room rate. For example, this pastTuesday, it offered $79 rooms at the group’s Galleria Park Hotel in San Francisco inNovember and December. The company also operates similar deals for its 5,000-plus Facebook fans on Fridays.In less than a year, Joie De Vivre has booked over 1,000 room nights throughthese types of deals—rooms that otherwise would have stayed empty. Thecompany has also started a partnership with coupons site Mobile Spinach to offercoupons for the group’s restaurants. And the company has partnered withFoursquare to offer deals for check-ins at its various restaurants. In terms of flashsales, Joir De Vivre has done a number of deals with travel sites likeGilt’s Jetsetter as well as RueLaLa, and Nadeau says these deals have donemoderately well. Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 15
  16. 16. About The AuthorRebekah SeragihA Business and Marketing Strategist in her own rights, Rebekah has beenoffering consultancy advices on business strategy, marketing, training,operations, crisis management and change management to MNCs,governments and businesses for more than 15 years. She has beeninvolved in major international projects amounting more than US$30million. As the pioneer Strategists in Asia in her field, one of herachievements is the design and engineering the first touch screen ATMmachine in Asia and implementing it throughout Asia and Europe with oneof the international bank. She has also strategized and designed the world’scredit card merchant tracking system that resulted in merchant credit cardfraud management.Rebekah has conducted seminars, workshops and trainings to audience allover the world which includes corporations, business owners,governments, and financial institutions. For the past 8 years, she has herpassion in building schools in developing countries for the poor makingeducation available to the needy and orphans. She is also involved inselective charity programs round the globe.Looking to do much more, she has engineered her own holding companywith a special focus on being a social entrepreneur in all the niche businessstart--ups under the holding group to make a difference in the lives ofothers. Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 16
  17. 17. About Adonai TrainingAdonai is a leading training and online media consultancy company in Asia. Led by amateurprofessionals, our corporate and public training arm you with the latest knowledge, toolsand skills to make you a success. Our training includes online marketing media, socialmedia, branding, management, training, professional certification, entrepreneur start-upprograms, and etc.Our foremost consulting authority on business strategy, social media, digital media, onlinespace, creative marketing and branding helps Brands & Organizations create customizedand unique social media and business solutions. Our clients range from major brands,government agencies, business owners, small-to-medium size companies to financialinstitutions. Our consulting services include: Social Media Strategy & Planning Social Media Marketing & Engagement Social Media Monitoring Contents Generation & Article Writing Online Campaign Creation & Management Online analytics Website and Micro-site development such as corporate blog Mobile Application Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & SEO Copywriting We believe your success is our success… Copyright © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 17
  18. 18. Connect with Us…. Adonai Training [E]: [W]: [FB]: [TW]: Rebekah Seragih [E]: [W]: [FB]: [TW]: (LI): © 2011 Adonai Training LLP. All rights reserved. 18
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