#STC13: Who is today's technical communicator?


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Adobe's Kapil Verma presented results from an extensive survey of STC members. The survey helps answer the following questions: (a) Who is a technical communicator and where does she work? (b) How does she do her work? (c) Is she leveraging the latest technology in her work?

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#STC13: Who is today's technical communicator?

  1. 1. STC 2013Who is today’s technicalcommunicator?Kapil Verma| Sr. Product Manager, Adobe
  2. 2. Dilemma
  3. 3. A few questions we set out to answerthrough the survey..Who is a technical communicator andwhere does she work?How does she do her work?Is she leveraging the latest technology inher work?
  4. 4. Who is a technical communicator?68%32%BabyBoomer,56%Gen X,40%Gen Y, 4%~70% of technicalcommunicators are women....and is comprised mainly ofBaby Boomer and Gen XSource: Survey to STC members, N = 393Baby boomer: Born before 1962; Gen X = Born between 1962-1982; Gen Y = Born after 1982
  5. 5. Where does she work?SmallMediumLargeEnterprise 30%23%25%22%Across small and bigcompanies..Source: Survey to STC members, N = 393Small=1-99FTE; Medium=100-999;Large=1K-5K;Enterprise=>5K FTE..and few key industriesmake up the majorityOther18%Fin-Serv6%Utilities6%Remaining20%Hi-Tech28%Manufacturing9%Health/Pharma7%Education6%Top 450%
  6. 6. Time spent on various activitiesAuthorReviewPublishCurateConvert33%19%8%5%5%Meetings 12% Fixing content issues 8% Others 10%
  7. 7. Small companies spend more time on authoringand less in meetings 3682914Author Review Publish Curate ContentConversionFix issues Meetings% of time spent on various activitiesSmallEnterpriseSource: Survey to STC members, N = 393Small, N = 85; Enterprise, N = 118
  8. 8. Words written per week and SME collaboration<5001K2K5K21%32%25%17%5%# of words written per weekDistribution of respondents by word rangeAverage<5102054%SME collaborationDistribution of respondents by # SME collaborate withAverage30%9%5%NONE 3%Enterpriseprofessionalscollaborate with 1.5xmore SMEs thantheir peers in smallcompanies1.6K 6.4
  9. 9. Technical communicators are leveraging variety ofchannels to interact with the end usersNone29%1 to 429%5 to 1016%10 to 208%20 - 509%> 509%End user interactionDistribution %age by # end user interaction/month• Average: ~13 interactions per month• Small companies have 1.5x # of interactionscompared to Enterprises78%58%53%21%8%45%EmailMeetingsPhoneOnline ForumBlogOtherChannels of interaction% of respondents using medium to interact with usersSource: Survey to STC members, N = 393Small, N = 85; Enterprise, N = 118
  10. 10. Smartphone ownershipDon’t own asmartphone, 29%34%13%10%6%5%Own a smartphone71%Source: Survey to STC members, N = 393Small, N = 85; Enterprise, N = 118
  11. 11. Some interesting facts about smartphoneownership77% of Gen X & 87% of Gen Y own a smartphone Vs. 64%for Baby boomer generation71% of women own a smartphone Vs. 64% of Men.iPhone is more popular women and Android among men~80% of professionals in hi-tech companies own a smartphoneVs. 54% in manufacturing and healthcareOverall, Tech Comm has higher smartphone ownership of~70% compared to 54% for general US populationSource: Survey to STC members, N = 393; comscore research for overall US population smartphone ownership, Feb’13Small, N = 85; Enterprise, N = 118
  12. 12. Publishing to mobile devices41%13%32%13%Publishingto mobilePlanning toNot decidedNo Plans45% will havecontent onmobilePublishing to mobileDistribution by status of mobile publishing• Industry differences• Hi-Tech (53%)• Education (63%)• Manufacturing (43%)• Healthcare (36%)• No significant difference basedon company size, generationand genderSource: Survey to STC members, N = 393Numbers in parantheses, represent using or planning to publish to mobile
  13. 13. Social Media usage to engage with end usersCurrentlyusing17%Planning to15%Notdecided14%No plans54%Column1Use of social media in end user engagementDistribution by status of mobile publishing • Most popular social media sites• Industry differences• Hi-Tech (38%)• Education (42%)• Manufacturing (31%)• Healthcare (25%)• Generation differences• Baby Boomer: 28%• Gen X = 37%68% 62% 29%Source: Survey to STC members, N = 393Numbers in red represent using or planning to leverage social media to engage with end users32% will beusing socialmedia
  14. 14. In conclusion..1. Mobile publishing expected to gain more traction in techcomm. space, more than social media2. Small companies produce more, spend less time inmeetings and interact more with their end users3. Some industries are early adopters4. Newer generation and their attitude towards newtechnology is going to change the face of tech comm.
  15. 15. Thank you! .com/adobetcs@KapilVermaAdobeblogs.adobe.com/techcomm