Seo Strategy Workshop


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This PPT will describe my newest initiative in Mumbai, India. This Training PPT is for Corporate Houses to understand SEO/SEM, Internet Marketing Techniques so that resources are channelized in a better direction.

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Seo Strategy Workshop

  1. 1. In the next 6 months YOU will build a strong foundation for your online business using on-page optimization and natural link building strategies, create valuable content for users and syndicate that content, cultivate a buzz about your brand, product and services in social media sites, and target keywords that will translate into conversions, and bring in new customers. SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP
  2. 2. MISSION Today you will learn: ABOUT THE “SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP”  For CEO‟s, Marketing Heads, Management & Online Teams  Full Customized SEO Strategy Training  Interactive Workshop with your Brand as a Case Study  By the End of the Workshop you will have a complete SEO and Online Marketing Strategy SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP
  3. 3. OUR CREDENTIALS  Internationally Certified SEO Expert Trainer, Nevil Darukhanawala from „Search Engine Workshop‟ taught by Robin Knowles USA (Robin Knowles is known as the first lady of SEO across the globe running one of the reputed institute teaching SEO across USA)  In collaboration with SEO Expert India – Consulting Firm (Rank #1 for „SEO Expert Mumbai‟ in Google for past 6 months)  SEO Expert – Nevil Darukhanawala (10 years Experience)  Worked with Brands across USA, Canada, Gulf & India in all major industry verticals  Over a decade of experience in Online Brand Campaign Management, Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Generation, Online Marketing Strategies & Consultancy  Launched successfully one of the first Black book of human experiences shared on Earth – „ Dealing with Life‟ visit, SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP
  5. 5. WHY SEO STRATEGY Why do you need to have an SEO Strategy? What comes to your mind when you think of SEO; Is it link building, Meta tagging, keywords discovery, higher traffic & conversions, social bookmarking, making money online, social media, article submissions, Twitter, reputation management, web directory submissions, Google, optimization of pages, blogging … While the SEO process includes all the elements mentioned above, what‟s missing in this puzzle is how they all come together as a “focused strategy” to ensure the success of your online business. Now there are many paths to SEO success, and all may work and show results (some maybe temporarily), so how does one decide what‟s the “right strategy” for their business? SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP
  6. 6. THE RIGHT TO KNOW The Right SEO Strategy for Your Business:  Does your SEO strategy make common sense?  Is it consistent over the lifetime of your business?  Is it immediate?  Is it delivering “constant value” for the users?  Can your SEO strategy be sustained over the lifetime of your business?  Does it reflect the values and ethics of your organization? SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP
  7. 7. THE MANUAL SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP – THE PROCESS  Pre Workshop Analysis of your Website  Preparation of Customized SEO STRATEGY Course Material  The SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP  Cover Course Material Interactive Sessions 1.0 to 6.0 (inlcuding course material)  Workshop to develop the Right Online Marketing Strategy for your Brand SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP
  8. 8. COURSE MATERIAL 1.0 1. Winning Keyword Strategy  What keywords are people using to reach a business/ service like yours  What is the traffic potential of those keywords  What is the competition for those keywords  How to use various analytical, statistical, and research tools  How to use content development/ article writing to target your keywords. SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP
  9. 9. COURSE MATERIAL 2.0 On page optimization strategy  Learn How to Focus your pages i.e. page name, title, description, other relevant Meta tags, and the body content around a specific keyword. What this means is that you create ONE PAGE of content themed AROUND one KEYWORD you want to target, and include the keyword in your page name, title, description, and other relevant Meta tags on that page.  Identify current site structure, and keyword mapping possibilities.  How to Optimize each page of the website. Create better titles, description and tweak other relevant Meta tags for the existing pages.  Set up Google Local account/ Google maps. The Power of Localization and Local SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP
  10. 10. COURSE MATERIAL 3.0 Content strategy  Why is content is King?  What kind of content needs to be developed?  Content Syndication Model Blogging strategy  Understand how blogs can be used for search rankings  Corporate Blogging  Blog Reviews and Commenting  Marketing your Blog SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP
  11. 11. COURSE MATERIAL 4.0 LEARN Natural Link Building, Social Media & Reputation Management  Be consistent in creating unique, compelling and resourceful content in the form of articles/ blog .  Be consistent in building internal links and external links on the article pages. Internal links will be used from within the content to point to (with combinations of anchor text) another page of related information or the primary keyword pages on the website, and external links point out of your domain to other useful sites and resources. In moderation both are useful in determining the PR (Page Rank) of that page.  Be consistent in syndication of the articles to relevant and WORKSHOParticle SEO STRATEGY popular
  12. 12. COURSE MATERIAL 4.1 Natural Link Building, Social Media & Reputation Management  Be consistent in promotion of the same content links across relevant and popular social bookmarking sites. (enhance Social Reputation, Traffic, Natural Links)  Be consistent in attracting thumbs up/ reviews for same content. (Enhance Social Reputation, Traffic, Natural Links)  Be consistent in submitting content links to Twitter & Stumble Upon etc  Be consistent in participating in relevant blogs, by blog commenting and forum postings. (Natural Links, Website reputation/Page Rank) BENEFITS: Enhance Social reputation, Web reputation (Page SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP Rank) and
  13. 13. COURSE MATERIAL 5.0 Monthly seo strategy  Be consistent in submitting to web directories each MONTH  Be consistent in submitting to social media sites each MONTH  Be consistent in submitting Press release to Top PR sites each MONTH.  Be consistent in monitoring site traffic, keywords performance and competition  Be consistent in “adding user value” for the users in way of innovative and entertaining content ideas, quizzes, tools, podcasts and videos.  Be consistent in ALL OF THE ABOVE each MONTH BENEFITS: Build quality links from diverse web, user and social communities. SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP
  14. 14. COURSE MATERIAL 6.0 UNDERSTAND THE EXPECTED DELIVERABLES FROM YOUR SEO STRATEGY  Page #1 results for 70 % of the selected city centric keywords in 4 months  Page #1 results for 70 % of the selected county centric keywords within 6 months  Increase Traffic sources from Stumble Upon, Twitter, Article Sites, Social media sites  Increase traffic from Search engines (Google & Yahoo primarily, MSN)  Increase conversions to the website & increase ROI  Monitoring Traffic and Search Rankings  Understand Brand Reputation Management and Concerns SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP
  15. 15. BENEFITS OF THE SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP  Understand your brand‟s Current Presence Online  Identify Online Opportunities for your brand  Develop SEO, SEM & Brand communication strategy  Identify roadblocks & solutions for your brand online  Understand your brand‟s competition  Understand Search Engine Behavior  Understand Traffic sources & identify potential traffic for your brand  Excess to SEO advice from our Experts, till ONE month after the training  Understand your Online Spend & ROI SEO STRATEGY WORKSHOP