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Keynote Presentation: You’ve Lost My Attention: Technology and the Regression of the Human Mind
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Keynote Presentation: You’ve Lost My Attention: Technology and the Regression of the Human Mind


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Technology has provided us access to a wealth of information, but left us in a poverty of attention. From one perspective, technology has enabled us to exceed many of our physical limitations; from …

Technology has provided us access to a wealth of information, but left us in a poverty of attention. From one perspective, technology has enabled us to exceed many of our physical limitations; from another, technology is hampering our ability not just to work, but to live. The great myth about the products we consume today was their promise to make us capable of doing more things at once.

“Strong ability to multi-task” is one of the most common phrases found on the resumes of today’s graduating class. Yet the human brain has been scientifically proven to be incapable of successfully devoting its resources to more than one task at a time. The capabilities of technology may be limitless, but as people, we are not.

In this presentation, Christopher Luise will discuss the impact of these issues on organizations and the evolving needs of the workforce, from hiring and training to motivation and performance analysis. He will examine the historical evolution of the concept of “productivity”, and highlight the differences between the ability to multi task and the ability to balance competing priorities. Lastly, Chris will demonstrate the ways in which employers will need to adapt as technology progresses far beyond our capabilities to manage human behavior through policy and procedure alone.

Speaker: Christopher J. Luise, Executive Vice President, ADNET Technologies, LLC

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 11. What if I told you that some of your employees were doing something on the job that might decrease productivity?!
  • 12. Hint: It’s not this, ! although the distractions created by smoking pot do lower our I.Q. by 5%!
  • 13. The distractions created by attempting to multitask lower our I.Q. by 10% ! and make us 40% slower.! What if I told you that all of your employees are doing something worse, and so are you?!
  • 14. Guided Exercise!
  • 15. Mindfulness! Leadership! Respect! Focus!
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  • 18. Grounding Technology! •  Define and respect boundaries! •  Respect and adapt to generational differences! •  Reteach critical thinking and awareness of self! •  Establish time outs - unique work/life balance!
  • 19. Policies and Procedures! •  Know your culture and your industry! •  Examine legacy policies impacted by technology! •  Acceptable Use policies! •  Communication procedures! •  Social Media Policies! •  Monitor performance/ performance recognition!
  • 20. From Distraction to Focus! Obligatory Disclaimer: App Icons Source: iTunes App Store, Apple, Inc.! ADNET does not own the copyright on any app or app icon, nor does ADNET endorse any particular applications or mobile platforms.!
  • 21. Recommended Reading!
  • 22. “There is more to life than increasing its speed.”! Mahatma Gandhi!
  • 23. Talk to Me! @ITWithValue @ChristopherLuise @TechWorx
  • 24. @ADNETTech @ADNETTechnologiesLLC @ADNETTechnologiesLLC