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eClinicAssist has become one of the premier Revenue Cycle Management Services in the industry. We provide accurate and swift medical claims processing that productively transcends into a high collection rate. Our ultimate goal is to not only meet our clients’ expectations, but to exceed them in every way. What makes eClinicAssist a leader in the industry? It starts with our dedication to cutting-edge technology and utilizing the latest developments in the field. We stay in step with all of the new resources, methods and software available that will aid in maximizing reimbursements and cash flow; while simultaneously minimizing denials. But perhaps the most successful element of our business is yet the simplest- WE GENUINELY CARE.

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New pagers (e clinicassist)

  1. 1. Call us today: 713.893.78630 eClinicAssist: Your Virtual Assistant: Appointment Scheduling Virtual Front Desk Patient Enrollment Eligibility Verification Pre-Certification / Pre-Authorization Appointment Scheduling: •Electronic Scheduling •Time efficiency •Mutual Convenience •Appointment Reminder Patient Enrollment: •100% accuracy •Timely claim submission •5 day turn around time •95% accuracy ratio •Compliance with HIPAA Law Eligibility Verification: •Strong Management Skills •Streamlines process •Minimize claim denials •Maximize Collections Pre-Cert/Pre-Auth: •Insurance timely payment •Minimize risk •Improve receivables management Also ask us about Revenue Cycle Management Services Transferring Call to provider/front office facility PAY AS YOU GO! PRICING STARTS FROM $5/HOUR YOUR APPOINTMENTS – OUTSOURCED! Virtual Front Desk
  2. 2. Call us today: 713.893.78630eClinicAssist: Your Billing Assistant: Patient Demographics / Eligibility Verification Billing Services Medical Coding / Billing A/R Services / Payment Posting Also ask about Free EMR & Revenue Cycle Management eClinicAssist ensures higher reimbursement to your practice Insurance / Self-Pay Follow-ups MEDICAL BILLING SERVICES PAY AS YOU COLLECT! PRCING STARTS FROM 3% ACCURATE CLAIMS – FASTER RETURNS! Patient Demographics/ Eligibility Verification: •100% Accuracy •Minimize Denials •Improve Collections •Get Paid on Time Medical Coding / Billing: •CPT-4 & ICD-9-CM •Experienced Coders •95% clean claim submission •Reduction of claim denials •48 hour turn around time A/R Services / Payment Posting: •Payment of EOB’s, ERA, EFT’s •Payment tracking pattern •Checking discrepancies in Payments Insurance / Self-Pay Follow-ups: •Aging Billing Reports •Timely Follow-ups •Electronic Claim Submission •Minimize Denials
  3. 3. Call us today: 713.893.78630eClinicAssist: Revenue Cycle Management: Medical Billing Services RCM Services Denial Management Services Medical Transcriptions Also ask about Free EMR & Revenue Cycle Management All these services enhance in productivity & quality of care Provider Credentialing REVENUE CYCLE MANAGEMENT SERVICES PAY AS YOU COLLECT! PRICING STARTS FROM 5% COMPLETE CLINICAL PROCESS – OUTSOURCED! Medical Billing Services: •100% Accurancy in Coding •Charge Capturing •Claim Submission •Payment Posting Denial Management Services: •Improve revenue realization •Aging Billing reports •Timely recovery of payments Medical Transcriptions: •Advanced auditing process •Close interaction with client •HIPAA electronic transaction standards Provider Credentialing: •Reduce administrative burdens •Keep data current •Compliance with all state- mandated forms.
  4. 4. Call us today: 713.893.78630eClinicAssist: Denial Management Services: Denial Management Services Also ask about Revenue Cycle Management Services. Providing assistance in your lost money! DENIAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES PAY AS YOU RECOVER! PRCING STARTS FROM 20% RECOVER PAYMENT FOR UNFAIRLY DENIED CLAIMS Denial Analysis & Follow-up Insurance Follow-up Patient Follow-up Denial Analysis & Follow-up: •Thorough analysis of every denied claim •Make necessary corrections •Improved revenue realization •Introduce preventive measures for future billing •48-96 hour Turn Around Time Insurance Follow-up: •Aging Billing reports •Improved revenue realization •Reduce DSOs •Maintain payment target of 45-50 days Patient Follow-up: •Timely follow-up •Recover outstanding payments •Improved revenue realization •Timely recovery of payments