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If your senses ignite at the sight of an interesting piece of art and your spirit craves a place to be one with the breeze, the ocean and the trees, soon your utopia will arrive. A place where harmony rules and butterflies live. Step within a realm where contradictions thrive, a place that is both soothing and exciting, beautiful and jarring, still and flowing, moving and stationary, evolutionary and timeless, organic and mechanic.

We are building the first sculpture park of its kind in the world as it will feature:

FREE changing exhibitions of sculpture from established artists from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

FREE community art classes, fitness and entertainment.

365 days per year in the North Beach section of Miami Beach, Florida.

ADMSP will transform North Beach into a community, cultural, tourism and travel destination elevating the quality of life and economy for all.

We are building a place that although at first glance is a sculpture park, upon further inspection it reveals itself as an important community installation with cultural, social and economic implications that extend well beyond the sculptures and the traditional museum audiences- for EVERYONE!

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Arquitectonica-ADMSP Landscape Design Concept

  3. 3. The objective is to create a unique sculpture park toserve as a community, cultural, tourism and traveldestination asset to the City of Miami Beach, theNorth Beach community to elevate the quality of lifeand economy for all.The objective is to accomplish this with a sculpturepark that meets the needs of the present withoutcompromising the needs of the future by utilizingsubtle interventions and ecologically harmoniousmaterials, trees and plants thereby conserving theland while using it as a park with sculptures.
  4. 4. Margarita Blanco from ArquitectonicaGeo and her teamdonated their services pro bono to ADMSP to create thesculpture park landscape design.ArquitectonicaGeo’s site plan and design include soundpolicies for managing the property according the highestprinciples accorded to ocean-front parkland by usingmaterials such as tumbled recycled glass, recycledwooden planks, crushed shell, and coral stone whichundulate and extrude creating a variety of display areasfor the sculptures as well as a central lawn for educationalprogramming. These surfaces protect high traffic areasfrom foot traffic, and reduce irrigation demands.
  5. 5. The plans take into account the neighborhood context.The park will result in creating a pedestrian link to thepublic park spaces to the north and south, and providecurrent and future residents with a cultural andeducational programs destination in conjunction with theother parks. The sculpture park will continue to provide aquiet and relaxing oasis in a sculpture setting. Theopenness of the space, views of the ocean and sky, andgently rolling topography will continue per the site planand design of ArquitectonicaGeo. It will combine toprovide a sense of peace and tranquility, even thoughCollins Avenue runs along its western edge.
  7. 7. Miami Beach is a barrier island formed by anaccumulation of sediment on limestone shoalsAltos del Mar park is ocean front parkland within theurban framework of the North Beach community.
  8. 8. ArquitectonicaGEO’s design concept inspiration is anabstract interpretation of limestone geology found inMiami Beach, ocean-front parkland and urban life: all ofwhich inform the aesthetics and layout of the space tobe:A landscaped gallery space with four naturally dividedrooms that will change from an allée, to dunes, to amaritime planting palette with a butterfly vivarium, toa lawn which the visitor can find his way as he way-findsalong undulating paths as the sculptures change fromcontemporary to figurative to abstract.
  9. 9. LawnWayfinding helps the wanderer choose apathway within the landscaped gallery rooms
  10. 10. pathways can be formed by the wayfinder
  11. 11. Pathways will be from recycled materials
  12. 12. The Tree AlléesSeen from Collins Avenue to the driver andoccasional pedestrian, they open up views into thepark announcing it to the community. Pathwaysare made of stepping stones and coral stonebands set in lawn creating a path that encouragesthe user to choose their own way to come up ontothe Lawn which sits in the center of the parkallowing for a further discovery of the park.
  13. 13. Tree Allées open views into park
  14. 14. The Tree Allées exhibitabstract sculptures.Abstract Sculptures consist of20th-century Western sculpturethat rejects representation andhas no starting- or finishing-point in nature.
  15. 15. The DunefieldSeen from beach and from the recreational beachwalkway, the dunefield creates an invitation forthe wanderer to go see what is in that dunefield.Contemporary sculptures are a part of theexperience while walking on recycled tumbledglass as it weaves through the sand dunes.
  16. 16. Dunes serve as backdrops for the Sculptures
  17. 17. The Dunefield exhibitscontemporary sculptures.“Contemporary Sculptures”are sculptures from WorldWar II to the present time.
  18. 18. The Maritime GardenSeen from the beach and the recreational beachwalkway, it creates the same invitation to go in andsee what is in that maritime garden. Crushed seashell and recycled wooden planks meanderthrough dense planting areas providing backdropsfor the sculptures and shady seating areas forrelaxation and contemplation unless you stumbleupon the Butterfly Vivarium.
  19. 19. Maritime Garden Creates Invitation to Go In
  20. 20. The Maritime Garden exhibitsfigurative sculptures“Figurative Sculptures” arerepresentational and derive fromreal object sources such thehuman figure, animal figure, andany other form that retains astrong reference to the real world.
  21. 21. The Butterfly VivariumThe Butterfly Vivarium is a simulation of the butterflies normalhabitat where they naturally live or grow.Unfortunately, many natural butterfly habitats are being destroyed bythe elimination of weeds and native grasses from yards, chemicalpesticides, parks and roadways, as well as the deforestation oftropical rainforests. In South Florida, many butterfly feeding andbreeding grounds have been destroyed also because ofurbanization, and as a result the Schaus Swallowtail and the MiamiBlue native to South Florida are in the U.S. Federal List ofEndangered Species.At ADMSP these rare species will live and thrive. The ButterflyHabitat will also educate visitors of all ages about Florida nativebutterflies and their habitat.
  22. 22. Butterfly Vivarium
  23. 23. Native to South Floridathe Schaus Swallowtail isin the U.S. Federal List ofEndangered Species.
  24. 24. Native to South Floridathe Miami Blue is in theU.S. Federal List ofEndangered Species.
  25. 25. The Butterfly Habitat will also educate visitors of all agesabout Florida native butterflies, their habitat and conservation.
  26. 26. The Lawn will serve a the gatheringplace for community programs
  27. 27. Community Programs at the Lawn
  29. 29. The themes of the planned exhibitions are:The Triumph of ModernismThis exhibition focuses on the the 20th century’s most importantinvention in sculpture: Abstraction (art that does not imitate theappearance of things).The Fascination of TechnologyThis exhibition focuses on towering sculptures characterized by therationality, purposefulness, and the predictability of architecturaldesign.New Departures 1945 - 1960This exhibition focuses on the post WWII shift toward redefinition andre-formation of the figure.Post Modernism and MoreThis exhibition focuses on the radical shifts and new currents after the1960’s such as Minimal Art, Arte Povera, Fluxus, Pop Art, Land Artand Installation.
  30. 30. Exhibitions of Sculpture
  32. 32. ADMSP will offer the following programs to the communityat the Lawn: Guided park tours by an art historian; Art classes; Classical music, jazz or other music events that are cultural in nature Book author readings; Kite flying; Outdoor Cinema; Fitness classes such as Yoga, Aerobics, Pilates, Ballet, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Meditation Live butterfly releasesADMSP will also be available for rental for limited privateevents such as wedding ceremonies, baptisms, bar/batmitzvahs, birthdays, graduations, and other such events.The types of programs listed here are a sample of the types of programs ADMSP canoffer. Each can be modified for various groups and needs.
  34. 34. Altos Del Mar Sculpture Park will offer an entrance pavilion onthe south east corner of the park.The entrance gate itself shall consist of a sculpture of the parklogo which has been designed to be a stylized jungle gym.The entrance pavilion will have an information booth, water-fountains, toilets, benches and other required public amenities.
  35. 35. Jungle Gym Sculpture(how will it look?)
  36. 36. Drinkingfountains shouldbe usable fromeither a standingor sitting position. ThisTheir controls computerizedshould be easily informationreached and stations controlsoperated by can be accessedeveryone. Dual by people of allheight fountains statures fromare an effective either a standingsolution. or sitting position. This lavatorys two counter heights and motion activated faucets provide accommodations that are usable by a wide range of users. Because this towel dispenser does not require the user to grasp controls or turn the wrist, it can be operated by almost everyone. Public Amenities
  38. 38. What does the word CONSERVATION mean to ADMSP?Conservation is the careful management of change. It is about revealing andsharing the significance of a place and ensuring that its special qualities areprotected, enhanced, enjoyed and understood by present and future generations.As a result, ADMSP will create a unique park that meets the needs of the presentwithout compromising the needs of the future by utilizing subtle interventions andecologically harmonious materials, trees and plants thereby conserving the landwhile using it as a park with sculptures.
  39. 39. THE MATERIALSThe plans include sound policies for managing thepathways and grounds according the highestprinciples accorded to ocean front park property byusing materials such as tumbled recycled glass,recycled wooden planks, crushed shell, and coralstone bands which undulate and extrude creating avariety of display areas for the sculptures. Thesesurfaces protect high traffic areas from foot traffic,and reduce irrigation demands.
  40. 40. Recyclable, sustainable, natural and coastal native elements
  41. 41. In the tree allées, paths are made of stepping stones andcoral stone bands set in lawn creating paths thatencourages the user to choose their own way.In the dunefield, paths are made of recycled tumbledglass as it weaves through the sand dunes.In the maritime garden, crushed sea shell and recycledwooden planks meander through out unless you stumbleupon the butterfly vivarium where well...what you see arebeautiful butterflies and it does not matter what you walkon really...The lawn will be a type that thrive in a heavy use, salty,windy environment.
  42. 42. The Tree AlléesThe materials would consist of native south Floridatrees, grass, stepping stones and coral stone bands.
  43. 43. The DunefieldThe materials would consist of native south Floridadune plantings, and recycled tumbled glass.
  44. 44. The Maritime GardenThe materials would consist of native south Floridamaritime plants, crushed sea shell and recycledwooden planks.
  45. 45. The Butterfly VivariumThe materials would include larval plants like milkweed, marigolds, Queen Anne’s lace,and violets; nectar plants like the butterfly bush, the beauty bush, sunflowers, lilacs,snapdragons, and zinnias to support two different species that already call Miami Beachhome but which are in the endangered species list: the Schaus Swallowtail and the MiamiBlue. The layout will include rocks, a little waterfall and little hiding niches.
  46. 46. The LawnThe material would consist of grass suitable for thehigh traffic use, tolerant of drought, heavy rains andsalt water.
  47. 47. THE PLANS
  49. 49. TREE ALLEES & LAWN
  50. 50. DUNEFIELD
  53. 53. LAWN
  54. 54. altos del mar_”Lawn” community programming
  55. 55. altos del mar_”Park Tours” community programming
  56. 56. altos del mar_”Art Classes” community programming
  57. 57. altos del mar_”Fitness Classes” community programming
  58. 58. altos del mar_”Entertainment” community programming
  59. 59. altos del mar_”Private Events” community programming
  60. 60. altos del mar_”the community”
  61. 61. Peter SaileCo-ChairmanAltos del Mar Sculpture Park, Inc.A Florida 501 (c) (3) Public Charity7701 Collins AvenueMiami Beach, Florida 33141T: 786-290-5045F: 305-437-7601peter@altosdelmarsculpturepark.comwww.altosdelmarsculpturepark.comMargarita Blanco AIA, ASLADirectorArquitectonicaGEO801 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1100Miami, Florida 33131T: 305-372-1812 ext. 513F: