ADMSP Historic Timeline


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Here is a description of the work that ADMSP has done since 2004 in order to make this community project a reality.

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ADMSP Historic Timeline

  1. 1. Altos del Mar Sculpture Park where art meets nature... in service to the community! Historic Timeline
  2. 2. 2004Peter Saile and Gerrit Schulz-Bennewitz sat down to brainstorm the idea of a sculpturepark during November 24th and November 26th, 2004.On November 26th, 2009 Peter Saile brought Dr. Anthony M. Weaver to research whowas the owner of the property and to find out what was needed regarding the intendedcommunity/cultural/social development of the property.The research revealed that the property, known as the Altos del Mar Park, was ownedby the City of Miami Beach and was located in the historic district of Altos del Mar inthe section known as “North Beach” in Miami Beach and any inquiries as to anycommunity/cultural/social development needed to be addressed to the City of MiamiBeach.Therefore, Peter Saile decided to make a presentation of the sculpture park project inorder to proceed further with the investigation of the proposed sculpture park project.
  3. 3. 2005From February, 1st, 2005 to February 28, 2005 Gerrit Schulz-Bennewitz’s and his company Templeflower began the development of the concept. Thefirst artistic rendering of the future sculpture park layout was rendered by Janina Saile from the company Gorgol Productions.On February the 28, 2005 Peter Saile’s local Miami Beach team was enlarged by Juan Carlos Toca, the then project manager of the Altos Del Mar singlehouse development project adjacent to the Altos Del Mar Park. Juan Carlos Toca engaged the well-known Miami-Dade garden architect Bill Rosenberg,who drafted a first landscape design concept for the sculpture park.A presentation was developed with the artistic rendering and the first landscape design.On March 4th, 2005, Peter Saile met with the then President of The North Beach Development Corporation (“NBDC”), Mark Weithorn, Director RandallRobinson and Director of NBDC, Gary Farmer. Peter Saile gave the gentlemen a presentation and explanation of the sculpture park concept. Thegentlemen advised Peter Saile that a non-profit company needed to be formed in the form of a public charity or a foundation. They gave Peter Saile veryencouraging support for the concept. Their opinion was that if the concept was organized properly as a non-profit with the necessary organizational,artistic and financial ability for the development of such an important project, it could be presented to the City of Miami Beach. They advised Peter Sailethat before he went ahead and set up a company to further explore with CMB officials the sculpture park concept to ascertain whether the sculpture parkconcept would be a viable concept to be presented to the CMB.The gentlemen offered to be of further assistance in the continued development of the sculpture park project.Peter Saile continued his research now into the likelihood of museums, art dealers, private collectors interest in having a venue in Miami Beach toexhibit their sculptures. He met with several individuals such as Robert Miller, David Schaff and Robert Rosenblum who are well known art dealers, art-historians, museum directors and curators.The reception was overwhelming. Everyone stated that it would be a beautiful community project and gave Peter Saile their full support.Peter Saile subsequently updated his presentation and then proceeded on March 08, 2005 to have his first meeting with an important CMB official at theNBDC’s office, with then Commissioner Jose Smith. NBDC executives Randall Robinson and Gary Farmer were present as well. Peter Saile explainedthe project concept to Commissioner Jose Smith. Although, Peter Saile got the impression that the project would have to go through several approvalstages and that it would take a substantial amount of time, he was encouraged by Jose Smith to move forward with the formal approval processesrequired by the CMB.Peter Saile was positively encouraged from this meeting and reported the results to Gerrit Schulz-Bennewitz. They jointly decided to go ahead with thedetail planning and with the continued investment of their own funds.
  4. 4. 2005On March 31st, 2005, Rudy and Betsy Perez (owners of the house currently for sale) declared their interest to help realize the project and shortly afterbecame the first financial donors outside Gerrit Schulz-Bennewitz and Peter Saile. An official ADMSP team of supporters begins to form.On April 1st, 2005, NBDC provided Peter Saile with a list of the CMB officials, who need to be approached in order to start the official process.On April 1st, 2005, Loreyne Alicea, proprietor of Numark Ventures offers her pro bono marketing consulting services to the ADMSPOn April 19, 2005, at NBDC’s board meeting, Peter Saile had the opportunity to inform the Board of Directors of NBDC about the sculpture parkproject. The NBDC Board of Directors unanimously approved their support of the sculpture park project At this meeting NBDC’s new President,Daniel Veitia, became involved with the ADMSP team. The board of directors was established with Peter Saile, Gerrit Schulz-Bennewitz, LoreyneAlicea, Juan Carlos Toca and Dr. Anthony M. Weaver.In July of 2005, Peter Saile hired Samantha Fitzgerald, Esq. at Fowler, White, Burnett, and P.A., located in Brickell, Miami to discuss theestablishment of a Florida domestic non-profit corporation with the attendant 501 c3 IRS status, for the sculpture park project. The corporationwas established on August 26th, 2005.June through November of 2005, was a period of several meetings with CMB officials such as: Mayor David Dermer, Commissioners Matti Bower,Saul Gross, Luis Garcia, Richard Steinberg, and Simon Cruz. Peter Saile was informed that the first steps were to hold public workshops todetermine whether the public and the residents of Miami Beach and the North Beach section of Miami Beach were interested in having such asculpture park with social programming in the community at the site of the Altos del Mar park. Joyce Meyers, Principal Planner at the CMB was incharge at the time of organizing the workshops on behalf of the CMB as part of “Revitalizing North Beach Oceanfront Parks throughPlacemaking”Peter was then informed that the Altos del Mar Park site was part of this plan and its adjunct plan “The North Beach Town Center Plan” and thatthe public workshops needed to be held within the parameters of these two plans.The public workshops were held on December 1st, 2005 and December 3, 2005. The consultant for the workshops was Project for Public Spaces(“PPS”) from New York. The result of the public workshops was an overwhelming support by the community of the sculpture parkproject. Over 300 hundred letters of support were signed by local North Beach residents.
  5. 5. 2005Further required steps would be to make presentations to the Planning Board and the Historic Preservation Board of the CMB’s PlanningDepartment. The Planning Department prepares, updates, and maintains neighborhood and citywide plans and technical data. The PlanningBoard is the land planning agency of the city. The Historic Preservation Board reviews reports on historically significant buildings and sites,demolition and historic designations for a district. Presentations needed to be made and approved because the ADMSP project requiredconstruction and because the site of the ADMSP project is in the Historic District of Altos del Mar.Furthermore, a presentation would have to be made to Arts in Public Places Committee of the Tourism and Development Department. The Art inPublic Places committee reviews proposals for permanent and temporary works of public art and makes recommendations to the city commissionfor such works of art and an appropriate site for works of art. Presentations needed to be made to this committee as one of the subject matters ofthe ADMSP involves the placement of “art in a public space”.On December 13th, 2005, Peter Saile presented the sculpture park project to the Historic Preservation Board. The Historic PreservationBoard unanimously approved the sculpture park project.On December 20th, 2005 Peter Saile and Gerrit Schulz-Bennewitz presented the sculpture park project to Art In Public Places. Art inPublic Places unanimously approved the sculpture park project.
  6. 6. 2006On March 22, 2006, the City of Miami Beach’s Planning Board discussed the North Beach ocean front parks including the Altos DelMar Mar Park as an intended future park for community/cultural/social activities as a result of the positive community response fromthe December, 2005 public workshops.On June 21, 2006, Peter Saile presented the sculpture park project to the Planning Board. The Planning Board unanimouslyapproved the sculpture park project.July 2006 through the end of 2006 was used for numerous meetings with city officials and further refinement of the sculpture parkproject.On December 4, 2006, the ADMSP Team attended a meeting with the City Bond Committee. Loreyne Alicea, Juan Carlos Toca, Dr.Anthony M. Weaver and the new ADMSP team member, the art historian and attorney-at-law, Marlene Saile, and made shortpresentations. The discussion involved the budget the CMB would designate towards the construction of the sculpture park project. Itwas at this time that ADMSP determined that the slow-go at the CMB was the issue of allocation of funds.This was a slow year with the City of Miami Beach. It was difficult to get them to focus on the project and its moving forward along theadministrative process.
  7. 7. 2007In January 2001, ADMSP held a VIP party the evening before the opening of the annual “Miami Beach Festival of the Arts” whereADMSP made further presentations and lobbying about the project and convince the CMB to allocate some funds to to beautify thecurrent park site with at least sodding and some shrubs.February 2007 through August of 2007 was used by the ADMSP planning team to further prepare details of the financial planning forthe sculpture park project. It was decided to announce to the CMB that ADMSP would not require any CMB financing to moveforward with the project. Peter Saile then throughout these months met with the Mayor and the Commissioners to inform them of thisinternal development. In June 2007 Marlene Saile met with Assistant City Manager Hilda Hernandez and city attorney, Raul Aguila todiscuss which vehicle the CMB would use to move forward with the project, a “Request for Proposal” (“RFP”) or a “Request forLetters of Interest” (“RFLI”).On August 17, 2007 the Finance and Citywide Projects Committee met and allocated funds towards the beautification of the Altos DelMar Park by cleaning up the park, planting grass and some trees, which was done in 2008. Up until this point, the park was an emptylot full of garbage that did not even have grass. It is still used as a hang out spot to sell drugs, prostitution, dump garbage and as asleeping place for the homeless.On October 30th, 2007, the Mayor and the City Commission approved the issuance of Request for Proposals No. 02-07/08 for thepurpose of Establishing a Cultural Arts Themed and/or Other Passive Recreational Activities Program in Altos del Mar Park with adue date of April 30th, 2008,
  8. 8. 2008On January 23rd, 2008 a pre-proposal conference was held with Maria Estevez of the Procurement Division to establish the formatand contents of the proposal to be submitted by ADMSP.On April 30th, 2008 ADMSP timely submitted its Proposal pursuant to Request for Proposals No. 02-07/08. ADMSP was the onlyproposer although the CMB issued the RFP state-wide.On May 19th, 2008 the City Manager, Jorge Gonzales appointed an Evaluation Committee to meet with ADMSP to make arecommendation as to ADMSPs proposal.On June 19th, 2008 the Evaluation Committee met with ADMSP where ADMSP gave a full presentation of the proposal, thelandscape design and answered all questions posed. The Evaluation Committee unanimously approved the project conceptADMSP and the City Manager agreed and these recommendations were sent to the City Commission.On July 16th, 2008 the Mayor and the City Commission adopted a resolution to accept the Evaluation Committees and theCity Managers recommendation of ADMSP and further authorized the administration of the CMB to enter into negotiation ofa management agreement.
  9. 9. 2009On February 27th, 2009 ADMSP and the legal department of the CMB began negotiations of the management agreement.On June 3rd, 2009, the Mayor and the City Commission unanimously decided to approve the management agreement asnegotiated between the CMB and ADMSP.On June 18th, 2009, Mayor Matti Bower representing the CMB and ADMSP-CEO Dr. jur. Marlene Saile signed the managementagreement in a special signing ceremony.On June 23, 2009 the Planning Board approved ADMSP’s landscape design and made a recommendation to the CityCommission to approve them in order to move forward to the drafting of the Preliminary Plans. On July 15, 2009, theCommission reviewed the landscape design and agreed with the Planning Board and authorized ADMSP to move forwardwith the drafting of the preliminary plans.
  10. 10. 2010On January 15, 2010 ADMSP, presented in accordance with its management agreement, the preliminary plans to Jorge Gonzalez,City Manager of the City of Miami Beach for review and approval.The preliminary plans were prepared by Les Beilinson of BeilinsonGomez Architects PA based on the landscape design done byMargarita Blanco from ArquitectonicaGEO. Both companies worked pro bono.On January 15, 2010 ADMSP, presented in accordance with its management agreement, the preliminary plans to Jorge Gonzalez,City Manager of the City of Miami Beach for review and approval. The preliminary plans were prepared by Les Beilinson ofBeilinsonGomez Architects PA based on the landscape design done by Margarita Blanco from ArquitectonicaGEO. Both companiesworked pro bono.On May 13th, 2010 Miami Beach’s City Manager, Jorge M. Gonzalez, approved the preliminary plans after review with all of thepertinent city staff.See: that submittal, ADMSP included full landscape design plans that were created by Orlando Comas A.S.L.A., Landscape Architect.See: next steps were:1. A neighborhoods meeting for the North Beach Community to give us their input on the landscape plans on August 5th, 2010; and2. A Historic Preservation Board (HPB) meeting to obtain the approval from the HPB of the landscape plans on August 10th, 2010.The community of North Beach, at the neighborhoods meeting on the 5th at the Normandy Shores Park and Pool Community Room,loved Les Beilinson’s and Orlando Comas’s presentation outlining the preliminary plans and the landscape plans. We also got severalquestions at that meeting that we put together in a Q&A.See: August 10th, 2010 the City of Miami Beach’s Historic Preservation Board (“HPB”) Unanimously Approved ADMSP’s Preliminaryand Landscape Plans Submitted by ADMSP.See:
  11. 11. 2011ADMSP must show by September 14, 2011 that it has the funds to prepare the construction plans in order to apply for theconstruction permits.Next Steps:I. 9/14/11: Construction Plan FundingII. 5/13/12: Building Permit ApplicationIV. 04/15/12: Building Permit Award & Construction of ParkVI. 11/01/12: Delivery and Installation of SculpturesVII. 3/01/13: Grand Opening Gala for the Public