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Affirmations for Prosperity. Here’s How.

Affirmations for Prosperity. Here’s How.



For More Information About Affirmations for Prosperity...

For More Information About Affirmations for Prosperity...

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    Affirmations for Prosperity. Here’s How. Affirmations for Prosperity. Here’s How. Document Transcript

    • ==== ====For more affirmations and tips on using affirmations visit this link.http://www.coachingreallyworks.com/gift/==== ===="Any thought that is passed on to the subconscious often enough and convincingly enough isfinally accepted."- Robert CollierAffirmations for success are positive statements that you can write and say out loud to bring uppositive changes in your life. Our lives are directed and influenced by the constant thoughts goingthrough our minds. These thoughts can be about ourselves, our relationships, our health, ourprosperity, our success, our home, the foods we eat, the clutter in our closet, the traffic, theweather and many other forms.These thoughts are present in our conscious and subconscious mind. If the majority of yourthoughts are negative in nature, they will cause you to feel unhappy, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled.These negative thoughts also will attract more unhappy circumstances into your life. If the majorityof your thoughts are positive, you will feel lighter, peaceful, joyous, and happy. These positivethoughts act like magnets and bring more positive circumstances into your life. To see how yourthoughts are influencing your life, you must first become aware of what most comes into yourmind.One simple way to know where your current thoughts are leading you is to continually ask yourself- what am I thinking most during the day? Consider writing small notes and placing themthroughout your home to check your mind condition. Put one in your car, in your calendar, besideyour computer keyboard, in your silverware drawer and on your toothpaste rack. As you start toget a sense of your dominant pattern of thinking, you may start to evaluate your thoughts aboutwhat you dont want and not about what you want.To begin to improve your life, you must think about what you want. The good thing is that yoursubconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and dream. You can take thisadvantage to control your thoughts and be left with only positive things to think. You can usepowerful affirmations to shape your life into what you want it to be without having to undergo thestressful process.Great Examples of Positive Affirmation for SuccessAffirmations are statements in the present tense that you repeat to change the negative actionsand thoughts in yourself. Using these statements, you can create many things that you wish toexperience or bring into reality.Examples of positive affirmations for success include:1. I see evidence of my abundance everywhere I look.
    • 2. I walk with great energy every day and feel my body getting into the desired shape.3. I am worthy of a new job position that brings me additional income and success.4. My body is nourished by the vitamins and all of the wonderful ingredients in this salad.5. My house remains clutter free as I put everything in its place.To manifest good things into your life, you must be able to believe that it is possible to have thethings that you want. Do you believe you can get that promotion? Do you believe that you canreach a healthy weight? Do you believe you can attract substantial amount of money? If you dontbelieve it now, the good news is that this belief is just a thought you keep thinking over and overagain. And you can definitely change this if you allow yourself too. This repetition will convinceyour mind that what you are saying is true - you now believe it to be true and that is when the mainchange happens.Affirmations are the primary key to changing your life. Your thoughts and what you believe willattract and manifest whether you are conscious of them or not. Improve the quality of yourthoughts in a step by step way. Start using a few powerful affirmations for success everyday so itwill become easy for you to reach your goals.Jurgen Mendel is living life to the fullest. Skydiving and base-jumping are just a few of his hobbies.He is running several successful businesses and understands that success begins in the mind.Jurgen has created a powerful tool that anyone can use to accelerate success. Find more detailsabout affirmations for success on Jurgens Blog or on his Website: http://www.reflectaffirm.com.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jurgen_Mennel==== ====For more affirmations and tips on using affirmations visit this link.http://www.coachingreallyworks.com/gift/==== ====