Autocad basics


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Autocad basics

  1. 1. Autodesk AUTOCAD An Introduction
  2. 2. Introduction Writing few important words about AutoCAD Applications’ usability and their History. Hope! you would like. Can send your feedback at: @admecinstitute
  3. 3. About the author Hi, I am Pooja Jindal working with a prestigious institute in New Delhi i.e. ADMEC MULTIMEDIA Institute. This institute provides highly professional training for CAD Courses. Visit us:
  4. 4.    AutoCAD was developed by Autodesk. AutoCAD is system software which supports both 2 Dimensional(2D) and 3 Dimensional (3D) formats. Bridges the gap between imagination and implementation, as designs can be created, modified, and optimized in electronic form.
  5. 5. Characteristics of AutoCAD The use of AutoCAD software provides enhanced graphic capabilities which allow the designers to: 1. Conceptualization of Ideas using AutoCAD 2. Easy modification of the engineering designs 3. Perform design calculations quickly 4. Use colures, fonts, textures, and other aesthetic features 5. Know your product’s strength using simulations
  6. 6. Brief History of AutoCAD In the early 1980s the kinds of Computer Aided designs(CAD) techniques provided by AutoCAD were available only to personnel belonging to Specialize Graphics Terminals. However, the release of the first AutoCAD version accord the drafters to access to a tool that could use on standard computers.
  7. 7. Versions of AutoCAD  The first version AutoCAD-1.0 was launched back in the year 1982. The software was considered to be the first program of its own type and has unique features . Since then, Autodesk had launched various upgraded versions of AutoCAD on regular Intervals.
  8. 8. Versions in the Recent Past Official Name          AutoCAD 2004 AutoCAD 2005 AutoCAD 2006 AutoCAD 2007 AutoCAD 2008 AutoCAD 2009 AutoCAD 2010 AutoCAD 2011 AutoCAD 2012 Version and Date of Release          16.0, March 2003 16.1, March 2004 16.2, March 2005 17.0, March 2006 17.1, March 2007 17.2, March2008 18.0, March 2009 18.1, March 2010 18.2, March 2011
  9. 9. Recently Released AutoCAD Software  The latest version released is AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD 2013 for Mac. The version has unique features such as: Autodesk Exchange Apps Customization and Support File Sync Windows 8 Support Programming UI for Specializes application Inventor File Import Material Library AutoCAD WS App Design Feed, Reality Capture Autodesk Live Maps PDE Support
  10. 10. AutoCAD in Present Day Scenario 1.AutoCAD is one of leading and the best known Computer Aided Design(CAD) software being used worldwide. 2.It is used in all kinds of industry sectors where drafting, modeling and design are core functions. 3.AutoCAD is the widely recommended solution available to the drafters as it makes drawing and drafting very easy and handy work.
  11. 11. Advantages of AutoCAD 1.AutoCAD enhances the productivity and quality of designs. 2. Drawings get prepared in relatively shorter duration. 3. Reduced the manpower requirement . 4. AutoCAD software is cost effective and highly affordable. 5. Designs can be drawn with greater accuracy. 6. Facilitates easy modification and revision of drawings.
  12. 12. Career Options 1. Drafting Professional 2. 2D and3D Plan Developer 3. CAD Engineer( Civil, Electrical and Mechanical) 4. Architecture and Interior Designing
  13. 13. Thank You! For more info you can visit For Course related enquiry, ring us at: 9811-81-81-22, 011-3130-5055, 011-3203-5055