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Animation degree-courses

  1. 1. Degree in VFX and Animation An Overview
  2. 2. Introduction Presenting the two most comprehensive degree programs in the field of VFX and Animation design. Compiled by: Pooja Jindal Can send feedback at: @admecinstitute
  3. 3. Why Degree in VFX and Animation?  The most important feature of an animated character is it’s emotions and how is the ideas being portrayed.  A degree course in Animation and visual effects allows the students to bring the life to a lifeless character and makes it look almost alive with a soul.  Presently Animation proves to be an effective medium of story telling and visual communication in the world enabling dissemination of information in the most efficient and effective manner .
  4. 4.  A degree in VFX and Animation, allows the students to grasp indepth knowledge on 3D Animation and visual effects i.e. how to create computer animated images for several visual mediums like televisions, movies, advertising, film making etc.
  5. 5.  ADMEC Multimedia Institute in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi University(MGU) has announced Unique Professional degree programs in VFX and Animation at Bachelor and Master level.  Mahatma Gandhi University is an apex body for the Open and Distance learning . MGU is an UGC, DEC and AICTE approved university.
  6. 6. Courses Offered  B.A. in VFX and Animation  M.A in VFX and Animation
  7. 7. B.A in VFX and Animation Duration: 3 years
  8. 8.  Bachelor in VFX and Animation degree course is spread across six semesters. It ‘s an industry oriented program emphasizing upon the theoretical, practical and technological learning in animation design. By pursing this course one can optimize their skills in      Motion Graphics Digital Photography Broadcast Media 2D and 3D Animation Audio Video Editing
  9. 9. Program Outcomes  Traditional Art, Design and Digital techniques  Fundamentals of Photography and Film making  Introduction and Advancement of 3D  3D Character Design  Fundamentals of UV layouts  Texturing, Lighting & Dynamics  Character Setup & Animation  Practical on Film Making, 3D Design  Dynamics and Character Design  3D Rendering & Composting  Match moving& video Editing  Practical on Editing and Compositing
  10. 10. Eligibility  Candidate must have passed the higher secondary examination (10+2) or in any stream or equivalent thereto.  Prior knowledge of computer fundamentals will be an added advantage.
  11. 11. M.A. in VFX and Animation Duration: 2 years
  12. 12.  M.A. in VFX and Animation degree course is spread across four semesters. This intense and leading edge program offers well-rounded and balanced curriculum to meet the requirements of amateur as well as professionals. The degree course accommodates learning in advance animation, computer graphics and visual effects.
  13. 13. Program Outcomes  Introduction & Advancement of 3D  3D Basics, 3D Environment and Character design  Fundamentals of UV Layouts  Study of Animation and VFX  Texturing, Lighting & Dynamics  Practical on Dynamics & Characters  3D Integration, Rendering and Compositing  Final Stage Development  Animation Production  Practical on Animation Industry  Case Studies and Projects
  14. 14. Eligibility  Candidate must be graduate in any stream or equivalent thereto.  Basic knowledge of computer will be an added advantage.
  15. 15. Software used in VFX and Animation Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Adobe Illustrator Eyeon Fusion Adobe Premier Pro RealFlow CoralDraw 3ds Max Autodesk Maya
  16. 16. Career Options Creative Director Texturing Artist VFX Artist 3D Animator 3D Rendering Artist Visualizers Character Animator Production Manager Multimedia Professional AV Editor 2D/3D Modeler Technical Trainer Compositor Modeler Story-Board Artist Motion Graphics
  17. 17. Thank You!!! For more info you can visit For Course related enquiry, ring us at: 9811-81-81-22, 011-3130-5055, 011-3203-5055