Will your brand have a voice in the fast forward future

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Slides for WPP presentation on the effect of PVRs

Slides for WPP presentation on the effect of PVRs

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  • Sadly change tends to be greeted in one of two ways by the advertising industry and this is illustrated particularly well in the responses to the dawn of the PVR. First there are the Ostriches who bury their heads in the sand and insist that nothing fundamental is going to change and certainly not on their watch Then there are always the Lemmings who at the slightest disturbance to the status quo leap off the cliff shouting “content, content its all about branded content” The reality is that is is unclear exactly how PVRs will affect the effectiveness of television advertising However nobody who has a Sky+ and works in marketing can be under any illusion that the old rules and certainties are going to change fundamentally My intention is to do nothing more than act as a conversational catalyst for the dinner table by delivering 7 ideas, provocations and scenarios about the way in which the impact of PVRs may play out.


  • 1. Will your brand have a voice in the fast forward future? Richard Huntington Planning Director, HHCL/Redcell
  • 2. 1. People are falling in love with TV again Watching more Enjoying more TV is fighting back
  • 3. “ Sky+ is better than sex” ES magazine
  • 4. “ I would find it easier to live without my liver” Daily Star
  • 5. 2. The power of live TV is still watched live Must watch live TV is gold dust Create must watch live content
  • 6. 3. Ad skipping is not news Endemic in PVR households But skipping is a national sport
  • 7. Causes of ad avoidance 26% of viewers watched the ad break 30% paid partial attention 19% paid no attention 17% left the room 8% surfed away Source: Media Dynamics and Forrester
  • 8. Ad recall remains strong in PVR homes
  • 9. 4. New advertising models Associated involvement New techniques for targeting New forms of interaction New means of evaluation
  • 10. 5. We may learn to love ads again
  • 11. Source: TGI, 2004 % “ The adverts are as good as the programmes”
  • 12. Less advertising Better targeting Higher standards New regulatory environment?
  • 13. 6. Brand Darwinism Death of the level playing field Survival of the fittest & funniest The brand will sell the ad
  • 14. Source: WPP Brandz, selected UK car brands 2001/2002. YouGov online omnibus 2003 Voltage Presence signature Little tigers Faded stars Clean slate Weak 1 6 5 4 3 2 7 8 9 10 11 12 Classic Olympic
  • 15. The future... TV advertising will survive TV advertising has to change
  • 16. What do you want to watch?