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Mobile Search and Marketing - Pubcon 2013 New Orleans
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Mobile Search and Marketing - Pubcon 2013 New Orleans


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Mobile Search & Marketing – Pubcon New Orleans2013Presented by:Prashant PuriCEO,
  • 2. Agenda2ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL• State of Mobile• Mobile Search Marketing Trends – SEO & SEM@puriprashant
  • 3. Mobile Phone Subscriptions = Human Population3ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALSource: ; ; people on theplanet7.0B global mobilephone subscription@puriprashant
  • 4. Still – Huge Growth Opportunity in Smartphone Market4ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALSource: Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins, Morgan Stanley Research5.9B1.03 BSmartphone Users Feature Phone UsersGlobalUsers(Billions)@puriprashant
  • 5. In the US – Greater than 50% own a Smartphone5ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALSource:,2817,2417442,00.asp57%49%Nov, 2012 Apr, 2013133M people in USown a smartphone ofthose 68% havehousehold income greater$75,000@puriprashant
  • 6. In 2015, mobile search volume to surpass desktop local searchvolume6ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALSource:
  • 7. By 2017, Mobile Search Ad Spending will be 50% of TotalSearch Ad Spending7ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALSource: eMarketer State of Mobile Search 2013$0.65$1.99$3.59$5.57$7.85$10.30$12.884.3%11.3%18.2%25.6%33.7%42.1%50.8%Mobile search ad spending(Billion)% of digital search ad spending@puriprashant2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
  • 8. User Search Trends8ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 9. Tablet Users Search & Buy1. Sent text message to another phone2. Took photos1. Used email1. Accessed weather1. Accessed social network1. Accessed search2. Played games1. Accessed maps1. Accessed news2. Listened to music90.5%Smartphone Users Tablet Users83.4%77.8%67.1%65.3%58.7%52.9%51.2%49.2%48.0%1. Accessed search1. Used email1. Accessed social network1. Played games1. Accessed weather1. Accessed news2. Accessed photo/video site1. Read books1. Watched video2. Accessed retail73.9%73.6%67.5%66.3%64.6%58.8%51.5%51.2%50.9%49.8%@puriprashantSource: comScore “2013 Mobile Future in Focus”
  • 10. 10ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALSource: Google & Nielsen “Mobile Search Moments: Understanding How Mobile DrivesConversion Mar 2013. eMarketer Mobile Search Trends. Data: Q4 2012Smartphone Usage peaks in the Evening12am-3am3am-6am6am-9am9am-12pm12pm-3pm3pm-6pm6pm-8pm8pm-12am3%2%7%13%17%19%18%22%@puriprashant
  • 11. 11ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALSource: xAd and Telmetrics “Mobile path-to-purchase – Restaurants” Oct 2012Smartphone User likely to Act fasterImmediatelyWithin hourWithin dayWithin monthWasn’t looking to book30%15%34%29%25%40%7%15%3%1% Smartphone Tablet@puriprashant
  • 12. 12ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALwith34%making a purchase71%Visit a retailwebsiteSource: Google & Nielsen “Mobile Search Moments: Understanding How Mobile DrivesConversion”@puriprashant
  • 13. Mobile SEO Trends13ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 14. 14ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALSearch Marketing Tactics UsedPaid searchSEOMobile paid searchMobile SEOSocial media PPCOther78%58%58%31%28%9%Source: Forester Research, Q3 2012 Global Search Marketing Customer Reference SurveyMobile SEO Adoptionis growing@puriprashant
  • 15. 15ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALMobile SEO – 3 options• Responsive web design, which includes sitesthat serve the same HTML to all devicesthrough a single URL and use CSS to changehow pages render on different devices—Google recommends this configuration• Dynamic serving, which includes sites thatuse the same set of URLs for all devices butserve different HTML, and CSS, to desktopand mobile devices• Sites that have separate mobile and desktopURLs; for example,
  • 16. 27%28%30%32%60%42%48%16ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALSource: eMarketer Mobile Search Marketing 2013Direct vs. Search Traffic to US Websites from iOS51% 49%52%58%60%68%70%72%Aug 26Sep 16Sep 23Oct 14Nov 4Nov 1Nov 25Dec 273%iOS masks searchtraffic@puriprashant
  • 17. Mobile PPC Trends17ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 18. Mobile Paid Search Clicks grow 65% YoY18ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALSource: eMarketer State of Mobile Search 201314.2%Share of Paid Search Clicks from US Mobile Devices Jan-Dec 201214.3%15.9%16.6%17.1%18.4% 19.1%19.2%19.5% 19.7%21.1%23.4%Jan 2012 Dec 2012@puriprashant
  • 19. Smartphones/Tablets Lower CPCs Comparable ConversionRates19ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALSource: Marin “Mobile Search Advertising Around the Globe,” Feb 2013ConversionRatesCPCsCOMPUTERS SMARTPHONES TABLETS$0.75$0.48$0.623.9%2.8%3.3%COMPUTERS SMARTPHONES TABLETSCPC ChangeJan – Dec20129%13%25%COMPUTERS SMARTPHONES TABLETS@puriprashant
  • 20. 20ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALGoogle Adwords Enhanced Campaigns• Powerful bid adjustments in one single campaign• Increase/Decrease bids on different devices• Increase/Decrease bids based on location• Increase/Decrease based on time of day• Ad extensions based on device@puriprashant
  • 21. 21ADLIFT CONFIDENTIALTo Summarize• Mobile search volume to surpass desktop searches by 2015• 50% US population own a smartphone• Mobile ad spending is currently 20% of search spending – to grow to 50% by2017• Mobile paid search clicks growing at 65% YoY• Mobile CPCs are lower than Desktop – Get in now !
  • 22. Who We Are22ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 23. 75 Million SearchVisitsEvery Month, We Manage
  • 24. About us & Our AchievementsADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL 24Founded in 2009, AdLift provides customizeddigital media strategy and search marketingsolutions for online businesses in the NorthAmerican and Asian marketsAdLift has assembled a world-class technicalteam of search marketing experts from firmssuch as Yahoo, eBay, and IACAdLift’s unique value proposition has beenrecognized by fortune 500 companiesincluding PayPal, eBay, Barnes & Noble &AT&T15+ person team – business developmentand account management located in PaloAlto, CA.• Running campaigns across 50+ sites• Optimizing 10K keywords• Managing $2M in SEO spend• Delivered results & gained trust
  • 25. AcquireAmplifyAdvancePrashant PuriCEO & CONFIDENTIAL 25@puriprashant