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Is Link Building Still Crucial, Or A Waste Of Time & Money? SMX London 2013
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Is Link Building Still Crucial, Or A Waste Of Time & Money? SMX London 2013


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Is Link Building Still Crucial, Or AWaste Of Time & Money?Presented by:Prashant PuriCEO & Co-Founder,
  • 2. ME2ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashantWho’s this guy ?
  • 3. Topics to Cover3ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL• Is Link Building a waste of time ?• What works• What doesn’t work• Penguin/Panda Recovery@puriprashant
  • 4. 4Lets get back to the basics for a minuteThe Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine• Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page• “In this paper, we present Google, a prototype of a large-scale searchengine which makes heavy use of the structure present in hypertext.”ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant4
  • 5. Quality Link BuildingIn the past, the page with the most high-quality, relevant links won.A BWebsite WebsiteLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLink LinkLinkLinkLink LinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLink LinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLink LinkLinkLinkLinkLink LinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkWINNER!ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant5
  • 6. Quality Signal BuildingA BWebsite WebsiteLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLink LinkLinkLinkLink LinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLink LinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLink LinkLinkLinkLinkLink LinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLinkWINNER!Now, the page with the most high-quality, relevant signals wins.FacebookTwitterUsageDataLocalCitationsSentimentAnalysisLatentSymanticIndexingAvoidingOver-optimizationADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant6
  • 7. 3 Leading Sites in the “Shoes” Vertical7ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashantDebenhamsdrives 5X theamount if SEOTraffic/Visibility
  • 8. Links Work8ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashantDebenhams has5X the amount ifExternal Links
  • 9. Quality Link Building is What Actually Works9ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant`
  • 10. Jun-11 Jul-11 Aug-11SEO Visits - Leading Mobile WebsiteSEO VisitsSustainable SEOrequires scalablelong terminvestmentA couple of slides in.… I’ll give everyonethe latest..Traffic Doubles in 2months
  • 11. What Doesn’t Work11ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 12. Unnatural Link Building12ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashantPaid Linking -Unnatural
  • 13. Low Quality Directory Sites13ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashantLow quality linkscounterproductive tohigh quality links
  • 14. Blog Rolls14ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 15. What Works15ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 16. The Ideal Anchor Text Variation16ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant50%20%15%5%10%Anchor Text Distribu onBrand KeywordsExact MatchPhrase MatchClick Here/ImageIrrelevant Non Brand
  • 17. Quality Link Development Takes Time.. But it Works17ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL1. Identify target sites2. Follow bloggers on twitter3. Comment (not spam) on their blog articles4. Reach out with quality articles/opportunites@puriprashant
  • 18. Bonus Tip – Help The Bloggers fix Broken Links18ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant• Hey Blogger – I’m a frequent your site and noticed a couple of brokenlinks.. Thought you should know.• Tools that help identify broken links• Domain Hunter• Xenu• Screaming frog
  • 19. Competitive Research – Acquiring Competitor Links19ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 20. MajesticSEO Clique Hunter20ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 21. OpenSiteExplorer21ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 22. Penguin 2.0 & Penalties22ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 23. What does a Penguin/Panda Penalty Look Like?23ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 24. What Causes it ? The “Complete Link Building Solution”Does24ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 25. How To Recover ? Check for..25ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL• Steeeeeep Link growth rate@puriprashant
  • 26. How To Recover ? Check for..26ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL• Anchor Text Variation@puriprashant3070Anchor Text Segmenta onBrandNon Brand
  • 27. How To Recover ? Check for..27ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL• Spam Links - Build a spreadsheet that analyzes the following:• Page Rank• Domain Authority• # on incoming links• # of out going links• Other paid links on the site• Comments on the blogs• Social presence• Tools• aHrefs• OpenSiteExplorer• MajesticSEO• Google Webmaster@puriprashant
  • 28. How To Recover ? Reach out28ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL• Reverse IP Lookup• Email• CallTRACK EVERYTHING@puriprashant
  • 29. How To Recover ? Reconsideration Request & Disavow29ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 30. So..Is Link Building isDEAD ?
  • 31. REALITY: Youcan believewhat you likeJun-11 Jul-11 Aug-11SEO Visits - Leading Mobile WebsiteSEO Visits
  • 32. REALITY: Youcan believewhat you like..But I like tobelieve the DataJun-11Jul-11Aug-11Sep-11Oct-11Nov-11Dec-11Jan-12Feb-12Mar-12Apr-12May-12Jun-12Jul-12Aug-12Sep-12Oct-12Nov-12Dec-12Jan-13SEO Visits - Leading Mobile Website
  • 33. About AdLift33ADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL@puriprashant
  • 34. 75 Million SearchVisitsEvery Month, We Manage
  • 35. About us & Our AchievementsADLIFT CONFIDENTIAL 35• Founded in 2009, AdLift provides customized digital media strategy and search marketing solutionsfor online businesses in the North American, UK and APAC markets• AdLift has assembled a world-class technical team of search marketing experts from firms such asYahoo, eBay, and IAC• 15+ person team – business development and account management located in Palo Alto, CA.
  • 36. AcquireAmplifyAdvancePrashant PuriCEO & CONFIDENTIAL 36@puriprashant