Final brand monitoring presentation


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Take a look a what we have learned about Brand Monitoring and Online reputation Management start using anyone of these sources to learn how you influence the web.

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Final brand monitoring presentation

  1. 1. Brand MonitoringPresentation By Josh Avidan Andrew Jacobson
  2. 2. What is Brand Monitoring? In a nutshell….• Strategic investigation by a company (searching)• Online web-based resources facilitate the task• Examples are Radian6, Techrigy, ViralHeat, Filtrbox, and many, many more• Discover and react to references of company / brand / competitors• Analyze results• Growing in popularity and importance
  3. 3. What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?• Actions taken resulting from brand monitoring• Goals: suppress negative mentions, or decrease visibility by pushing them lower on search engine results pages• Online reputation is the new word-of-mouth
  4. 4. Benefits to Companies• Improve customer satisfaction (B2C)• Build trust and confidence in a brand (B2B)• Manage your competition (B2C and B2B)
  5. 5. The Resources1. ReviewPush2. Nutshell Mail3. HyperAlerts4. HubSpot’s Grader5. Twilert6. GoogleAlerts7. SocialMention8. TwentyFeet9. Klout10. Topsy
  6. 6. ReviewPush• Daily Email Alert Notifications• Immediate Response Capabilities• Engage and Reward Loyal Customers and Brand Ambassadors• Continuous and Through Monitoring
  7. 7. • Facebook Tracking• Twitter Tracking• LinkedIn Tracking
  8. 8. • Provided by Hyper Interaktiv• Don’t have to be an administrator of the page to get alerts• Have as many subscriptions as you’d like• Get alerts within minutes or a digest every hour, day, week or month – fully customizable
  9. 9. • Powered by HubSpot • Marketing Grader • Twitter Grader • Book Grader • Search Grader
  10. 10. • Use Google or Twitter to create an account• Customize your search• Customize when/how often to receive alerts• Filter your search by languages, tweeters, locations and attitudes
  11. 11. • Brand Monitoring• Analytics & Reporting• Keyword Tracking• Active SEO Research• Follower Analysis• More! (Tagged Bookmarking, Dropped Tweeters, Etc.)
  12. 12. • Real time updates on live and active searches• Different search types• As It Happens – Next Day – A Week Later• Good Results or All Results• Email Alerts
  13. 13. • Searching content from across the Universe• Market analysis• Tracking trends and emotions• Customize filters to enhance specifications
  14. 14. • Brand Metrics• Free Facebook and Twitter monitoring• Create Dashboards and compare feeds• Follow growth and capitalize on dips
  15. 15. • Hub for Social Media connection• Earn perks, achievements and other Klout experiences• Follow your influencers• Influence peoples and subjects• Klout Score out of 100 (Justin Bieber has highest score)• Marketing Metrics
  16. 16. Social Media Guy: What is Klout??
  17. 17. • Real Time Search of twitter and Google + feeds• 10 different language filters• Date and expiry sensitive searches• Marketing analytics and metrics
  18. 18. How should a company use Brand Monitoring and Management?• Watch the competition• Follow trending influence• Associate with high reach and passionate consumers• Compare influence against competition• Watch for bad trends to nip rising problems in the bud
  19. 19. Profitorganizations
  20. 20. Not For ProfitOrganizations
  21. 21. That Concludes Our Presentation….• Thank you for listening!