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Tribal Art | Warli art



Tribal Art | Warli art

Tribal Art | Warli art

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    Tribal Art | Warli art Tribal Art | Warli art Document Transcript

    • AaidvaasaI k laa ý India’s Global Art, Proudly Tribal Art!The sacred nature of the trees is suggested by their soaring heights in relation to the men and beasts.Dances of spring, of budding trees, of the meeting of lovers, and the poise and abandon form an importantrepertoire in tribal vocabulary. Nothing is static; the trees, the human figures, the birds challenge andrespond to each other, create tensions and resolve them. The art of the Tribal people symbolises mansharmony with each other and with nature. These paintings also supposedly invoke powers of the Gods.The original symbolism of the paintings was (and still is) found in marriage ceremonies, which could nottake place until a painting was complete. We call them as “Lagnacha Chauk” meaning marriagepaintings. The Ttibal values the sense of uniformity and the close social interactions with nature and thespirits is what makes the Tribal who they are. For the Tribal, life is an eternal circle. Death is not theend as much as it is a new beginning. Hence circles best represent the art of Warli, which has neither anend nor a beginning. The purpose of these drawings remain ritual as it did from ancient times, that ofprojecting and invoking power, virility, protection from unknown diseases, and the dark supernaturalforces which have to be kept appeased and satisfied at all times. The paintings pulsate with energy andare a vehicle for the tribals innermost urges. Buy Warli Art directly from Tribal, be part of social development, let us do it together! कम् लित या सा कला Ì ी आनंद दत ती कला, अशी कलची Óया´या कली ात. कला Ì स दयª , संÖकती, राग,आनंद, लोभ, ितरÖकार, सुखदु:ख, वदना या सवª भावना कलतून Óय करता यतात. ÿÂयक कलचा Æम ा को Âया ना को Âया संÖकतीतून ोतअसतो. अशीच ठा ि Ð ाला परं परन लाभलली आि आ तागायत तन कलली कला Ì वारली िचýकला ोय. वारली िचýकला ी ठाि Ð ातील नÓ तर गातील सवाª त म ßवाची िचýशली आ . संÖकती, ी, परं परा आि कमª कां या माÅयमातूनच वारली मूलिनवासी िचýशलीउदयास आली आ . ी िचýशली िटकव ं एक साधनाच आ . ºया ÿमा िसंधू नदी¸या खोöयातील संÖकती ी अितÿाचीन संÖकती आ . Âयाचÿमावारली िचýशली ी संÖकती मानली ात. फार पूवीपाªसन सामूि कåरÂया राि Ðयान समू श ìच म ान दशª न या संÖकतीतून िदसून यतं. ू वारली िचýकला ी म ाराÕ ातील कोक िवभागातील आिदवासी मातीची विश ् यपू ª िचýशली आ . ग ची पा ª भमी ूअसलÐया िभंतéवर तांद ा¸या पां öया िपठान साध व सुबक आकार रं गवÁयाची प त या िचýशलीच विश ् य सम ल ात. ÿÂयक िचýामÅय िविवधस , उÂसव, सो ा याचं िचý यतं. यातून Âयांची सांिघक भावना िदसून यत. ÿÂयक कला Æमाला यÁयास का ी तरी कार असतं. ि िÈशयनसंÖकतीत मर ो°र ीवनाला म ßव दऊन थ कला Æमास आली तर रोमन कला ीवन सुखकर ोÁयासाठी गासमोर आली तर वारलीिचýशलीत या दोÆ ी संÖकतीचा िमलाप िदसून यतो. कार वारली िचýकला ी ऐि क ि वनाचं आि मर ो°र ीवनाचं संगम प आ . व ोनुªव र्चालत आलली वारली िचýशली पÁयाच ÿयÂन ोत आ त| iBaMtaIvarIla ica~a | ko nvaasa varIla ica~a | k paDyaavarIla ica~a | paDdyaavarIla ica~a | vastauvarIla ica~a | k agadavarIla ica~a | [ ica~a | AinamaoSana |vaaralaI ica~a AaidvaasaI k laak arak Dunaca GyaavaI AaiNa saamaaijak ivak asaalaa hataBaar laavaavaa laavaavaa! We are Non Profit Organization |Registered under Society Registration Act 1860 with name “Adivasi Yuva Seva Sangh” Please get in touch at social network, check out our facebook or youtube chanel for latest creations & info Online platform by tribal youth for social AayauSa | AaidvaasaI yauvaa SaktaI Google us as AYUSH | adivasi yuva “adiyuva” ija. maha. DhaNaU, ija. zaNao, maha. Dahanu, Dist – Thane, Maharashtra