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The Real Value & The Value Net - Aditya Yadav
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The Real Value & The Value Net - Aditya Yadav



The Real Value & The Value Net - Aditya Yadav

The Real Value & The Value Net - Aditya Yadav



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The Real Value & The Value Net - Aditya Yadav The Real Value & The Value Net - Aditya Yadav Presentation Transcript

  • “Running an Agile Fortune 500 Company”Aditya Yadav, aditya.yadav@gmail.comin.linkedin.com/in/adityayadav76*
  • **A Typical Global Company*Fortune 500/1000*200 Divisions*40 Countries*25000 Employees
  • @ Acme Inc.*
  • **Original Question “Everyone is talking of Value.We don’t see how its different from Cost orPrice. What are we missing?”*The Correct Question - “We have discussedQuality Benefits and Value in brief. We havediscussed How Value is NOT AN INTRINSICproperty of goods and services. Now lets placeValue in the context of the Customer using theconcepts of Real Value and The Value Net. Andsee some examples. Shall we?”
  • And The Philosophy Behind The Answer*
  • ** Business’s Deliver Quality(s)* Benefit = f(Quality(s))* Customer Value Net’s Capture Benefit and Make Value Manifest* Value = f(Benefit, Capture)* Segments = Clusters(Value Manifestations)* Doing this on Coarse Strategic Models can be very limiting* Delivery of Quality is not very Flexible* But yet Data Science helps us with matching Segments & Value (above)* And to a certain extent Broad Benefit and Quality Spectrum* It’s a multi step process, and inefficient. Business Success lies in doing thiswell.* Business Survival & Growth depends on continuing to do this well within adynamically changing environment where all of these variables changerapidly.
  • ** Value Net – is something that captures Benefit and makes Value Manifest* Real Value is – what gets Manifest in the Customers Value Net* We will use the following to describe a Value Net* Purpose* Success* Relationships* Ecosystem* Context* But honestly finalizing 5 or 10 dimensions of the Value Net would require an elaborateamount of research. We are just using these 5 dimensions of the Value Net in theabsence of that research. Feel free to use other dimensions as you seem fit as long asthose dimensions relate to Value Nets* Lets summarize* A Business PROJECTS A QUALITY SPECTRUM* Each of those Qualities might map to ONE OR MORE Benefits* Benefits will get captured across the Customers Value Net and Make Value Manifest* Note: All of that was inline with Economics, lets move to the qualitative illustration
  • *ContextEcosystemRelationshipsSuccessPurposeBenefitsB1 B2 B3 B4 B5
  • **The Size -> Quantum of Real Value*The Map -> Benefits being Captured in theValue Net and Making Value Manifest*One Value Net per Customer Segment*One Value Net per Business Customer
  • **Quality – Small Car*Quality – Price under 2 lacs*Benefit – Customer Segment can move from 2Wheelers to Cars*Real Value – Grossly Negative – NanoDetrimental to Social Status. Nobody wants tobe seen in a Nano
  • ** IT Projects a Quality Spectrum* Measuring Quality(s) of IT would be taking a Factor BasedView of the World* Benefits should be realized by the Business.* Business should drive IT* Real Value would make itself Manifest in the Business [IT’sCustomer] Value Net {2 degrees of Separation} or the EndCustomer Value Net {4 degrees of Separation}* Ref: The Solution To The IT Conundrum* The CIO Organization focuses on IT Quality(s) and Operations* The CTO Organization focuses on Applying Benefits into theBusiness and End Customer Value Net
  • **On similar lines*R&D Projects a Quality Spectrum of Innovation,Future Growth …*R&D Needs a Consulting Arm to go out into therest of the Organization and Deliver Benefitsand Make Value Manifest…*Again 2 and 4 degrees of Separation, verydifficult to visualize QBV Mappings andAttribute Value back to IT or R&D.
  • *Aditya!!!