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The Pyramid Of Maturity - Aditya Yadav
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The Pyramid Of Maturity - Aditya Yadav


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The Pyramid Of Maturity - Aditya Yadav

The Pyramid Of Maturity - Aditya Yadav

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. * “Running an Agile Fortune 500 Company” Aditya Yadav,
  • 2. * A Typical Global Company * Fortune 500/1000 * 200 Divisions * 40 Countries * 25000 Employees *
  • 3. * @ Acme Inc.
  • 4. * Original Question “We don‟t seem to be moving ahead but rather it feels like we are going around our mess in circles. What do we do?” * The Correct Question - “Lets use a simple way of assessing organizational, industry, partner and individual maturity. But the short answer to your question is that‟s happening because you are strong in wrong level of maturity on the maturity pyramid.” *
  • 5. * And The Philosophy Behind The Answer
  • 6. Why? What? How? *
  • 7. 1. Maturity and Value Increases As You Go Up The Pyramid 2. Control Increases As You Go Down The Pyramid 3. If You Are Facing Trouble at Level „n‟ You Should Address the next higher level „n+1‟ *
  • 8. * When Individual‟s Work By Experience * They mostly know How to do a few things which they have done earlier. * Its Sad that most companies hire for Know HOW * These individuals will also do What!!! Exactly which has worked for them in the past. * Most companies Sadly hire for Knowing What needs to be done * The real Value of Individuals is when they can explain Why something needs to be done (probably based on data and facts, current or previous). Not to be confused with the Cliché of Experience we frown upon *
  • 9. * Are your Partners good at How To Do Things? * Or are they telling You What To Do? * Or are they working with you on Why to do or not do things? Also? * That‟s the maturity of your partner ecosystem in 3 lines * Consultants and Partners normally bring How mostly, and some of What but little or no Why! *
  • 10. * Maybe your Industry needs Mass Standardization, so you have an elaborate process or How? Aka The Standard Operating Procedure… * But almost your Entire Management Hierarchy dictates What needs to be done and probably How it needs to be done (In Specialist hiring organizations) But no one talks about Why! Something needs to be done in your Organization. * Which level is your organization strong on? * I think you should start with the Top Of The Pyramid. * If you are fighting for survival you May (*** conditions apply) want to go down the pyramid. But the general purpose is to go up the pyramid across the company w/ consensus on Why‟s!!! And everyone can work their way down *
  • 11. * Changing the Most Restrictive Organization Construct preventing Innovation * Aditya – “It is extremely sad that we tell our engineers What! we want and exactly How! we want it... It would be best if we just told them Why! we need something done and let our engineers figure out the What! and How!....” * Trust me if that changes there is no stopping Innovation *
  • 12. Aditya!!! *