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Strategic Quality-Spectrum Framework - Aditya Yadav
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Strategic Quality-Spectrum Framework - Aditya Yadav

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Strategic Quality-Spectrum Framework - Aditya Yadav

Strategic Quality-Spectrum Framework - Aditya Yadav

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  • 1. “Running an Agile Fortune 500 Company”Aditya Yadav, aditya.yadav@gmail.comin.linkedin.com/in/adityayadav76*
  • 2. **A Typical Global Company*Fortune 500/1000*200 Divisions*40 Countries*25000 Employees
  • 3. @ Acme Inc.*
  • 4. **Original Question “We need a renewed focus onQuality. Isn’t Process & Statistical Approach toQuality the best Approach?”*The Correct Question - “Lets rethink Quality.Lets us redefine it in the context of Value andBenefits. Allow me to explain the QualitySpectrum Framework.”
  • 5. And The Philosophy Behind The Answer*
  • 6. **Crosby’s Conformance to Requirements:Manufacturing Based (Meeting specs,conforming to design)*Juran’s Fitness for Use: Customer-based(Meeting Customer Expectations)*Taguchi’s Closeness to the Target -Deviationsmean loss to the society
  • 7. **What do we know today?*We know that what we offer is Quality(s)*Quality is an Attribute of Goods and Services*We know that Value is not… an internal attribute ofGoods and Services*We know that we Project a Spectrum of Qualities toour customers through our offerings. Hence thename of this Framework - The Quality Spectrum*We know How Quality is Linked to Benefits andeventually Value (See Next slide…)
  • 8. ** Business’s Deliver Quality(s)* Benefit = f(Quality(s))* Customer Value Net’s Capture Benefit and Make Value Manifest* Value = f(Benefit, Capture)* Segments = Clusters(Value Manifestations)* Doing this on Coarse Strategic Models can be very limiting* Delivery of Quality is not very Flexible* But yet Data Science helps us with matching Segments & Value (above)* And to a certain extent Broad Benefit and Quality Spectrum* It’s a multi step process, and inefficient. Business Success lies in doing thiswell.* Business Survival & Growth depends on continuing to do this well within adynamically changing environment where all of these variables changerapidly.
  • 9. *Perception(OutwardIn)Measurement (Inward Out)1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 51234512345 RationalIrrationalIntangibleTangible
  • 10. ** Color* Bright Colors(External Quality) e.g. Easy to use, Just works,Reliable....* Dark Colors (Internal Quality) Easy to Assemble/Manufacture/QualityCheck/Automate etc.* Size: Quantum of Benefit(s) [Plural] [per Quality]* Marketing Notes1. Rational (Tangible + Intangible) = Transparency, Knowledge,Awareness, Reports, Data etc.2. Irrational + Intangible = Brand, Trademark, Reputation etc.3. Irrational + Tangible = Advertising* We are in the Business of QBV [Quality Benefit Value] ConversionEfficiency
  • 11. **What does the word Quality mean to yourOrganization?* THEMATICALLY* best flight experience, alternate fuel … A Collection ofConcepts.... i.e. Why!!!... Minimize Damage to Customers...Cost, Variety, Experience, Responsiveness* CONCEPTUALLY* more spacious cars, best hybrid car mileage i.e. What!!!,…better quality, within budget, before schedule…* SPECIFICALLY* autopilot driverless cars, refill station within 20 miles ofanywhere. i.e. How!!! low bug count, fast SLAs
  • 12. *Aditya!!!