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Management minimalism - Aditya Yadav
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Management minimalism - Aditya Yadav

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Management minimalism - Aditya Yadav

Management minimalism - Aditya Yadav

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  • 1. * “Running an Agile Fortune 500 Company” Aditya Yadav, aditya.yadav@gmail.com in.linkedin.com/in/adityayadav76
  • 2. * A Typical Global Company * Fortune 500/1000 * 200 Divisions * 40 Countries * 25000 Employees *
  • 3. * @ Acme Inc.
  • 4. * Original Question “Between a Bossless Office and Management Bureaucracy isn‟t latter the better known, proven and less riskier choice?”* The Correct Question - “Instead of Purist Idealism should we be considering Pragmatic Management Minimalism?” *
  • 5. * And The Philosophy Behind The Answer
  • 6. * Where everything comes to a halt…* Do we even need a slide on that?* Guess not! Lets move onto the other extreme… *
  • 7. *
  • 8. * Because we learnt most of our management from the Army* And most of our Strategies from War Strategists* But the Army Chain of Command and Control has huge downsides when operating on a Global Scale in especially less than life and death circumstances *
  • 9. * Valve Corp – US Video Game Company* GitHub – US Software Company* Gore-Tex – Material Manufacturer* Ideo – International Design and Innovation Consultancy *
  • 10. * Autonomy - No one looking over your shoulders, no one monitoring your work, you decide what‟s best to be done.* Extremely self-motivated workforce - They know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.* Employees have the complete big picture, about the entire company and the industry, including the customers and the supply chain…* The organization would need to be extremely values-driven, so that everyone would know, without a doubt, the framework for decisions and execution and what is expected of them by everyone else* Extensive mutual respect, maturity, belief in the purpose and collaborative peer reviews and consensus creation* Leaders emerge naturally* Is great for Emergent Strategy and companies in a Complex Dynamic Rapidly Changing Environment* Humility is a Virtue *
  • 11. * Conspiracy of Mediocrity & Free Riders* Decision Paralysis* Things might move slowly* Broad Consensus Achievement & Arbitration* Limited Crisis Manageability* Lack of Strategy & Overwhelming Tactical/Incremental Focus* Fairness, Disputes and Anarchy* Needs High Level of Motivation in Employees* Needs a Strong Culture, Values, Principles* Needs High Talent and Skills to be Self Driven* Conflicts of interest between groups in non-single function global companies* Small businesses and Traditional Managers/Employees have an impossible time relinquishing control* Loudest Extroverts will mostly end up dominating Silent & probably more Talented Introverts *
  • 12. *
  • 13. * Bottom Up Hierarchy* Strong Culture & Homogenous Values* Empower the ones with Knowledge and Expertise* Coaching not Management* Span of Influence and not Span of Control* Social Peer Pressure to Perform and Be Judged* High Motivation and Talent* „Offstage‟ Management in the Modern Age * “Don‟t manage me”, rather * “Create an environment where I can be successful”* Eliminates the Gotcha‟s and Risks of a Bossless Office, delivering all its benefits and everything you couldn‟t do with a Bureaucratic Management *
  • 14. * Reduce the Management Fat* Create the right Environment and Enablers* Coach Coach Coach!* Empower and…* Get the hell out of their way! *
  • 15. Aditya!!! *