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Leadership Mindset - Aditya Yadav
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  • 1. * “Running an Agile Fortune 500 Company” Aditya Yadav, aditya.yadav@gmail.com in.linkedin.com/in/adityayadav76
  • 2. * A Typical Global Company * Fortune 500/1000 * 200 Divisions * 40 Countries * 25000 Employees *
  • 3. * @ Acme Inc.
  • 4. * Original Question “What’s the best Decision Making Framework that we should be using?”* The Correct Question - “The emphasis shouldn’t be on Canned (!!!) Decision Frameworks but rather Structure!!! Allow me explain” *
  • 5. * And The Philosophy Behind The Answer
  • 6. * Managers need skills like * Quantitative Reasoning * Operations Research * Operations Management * Project Management * … etc. etc. * But this presentation is not about Managers!!!* What is the Top Most thing that Leaders need? * Critical Thinking!!! *
  • 7. * What do we know?* Facts * Something that can be demonstrated to be true * Can be checked, verified and confirmed to be true * What are the facts relevant to the discussion?* Assertions * Something that is held to be true * But which has not been or cannot be demonstrated to be true * Distinguish between a fact and an assertion * Assertions can be wrong but facts by definition are right* Opinions * Weaker than an assertion * Something which is believed to be true by the speaker * But is subjective and depends on the point of view of the speaker * Different people might have different opinions on things * People can change their opinion*** Ref: Critical Thinking Course on Coursera!!! *
  • 8. * A Theory is an attempt at an explanation* Based on our current understanding of the world i.e. facts and assertions* How something is or why it works?* We are always discovering new things and better understandings* A theory is not fixed and unchanging* It continues to evolve and change* As we discover new facts and information* There could be several competing theories attempting to explain things* The value and usefulness of a theory is how well it corresponds with reality* Especially with incomplete information and complex phenomenon* Valid theories is based on evidence and facts which we know* Otherwise its explanation cannot possibly be correct* Viable Theory * Valid theories is based on evidence and facts which we know * Otherwise its explanation cannot possibly be correct * Theory must make testable predictions * Without testable hypothesis the Theory is of no use * * If the theorys hypothesis is incorrect * The theory must change and evolve * If it cant it must be discarded* Theory must make testable predictions* Without testable hypothesis the Theory is of no use* If the theorys hypothesis is incorrect * The theory must change and evolve * If it cant it must be discarded
  • 9. * A set or series of logical statements* Leading to a fair conclusion* Conclusion * Is a reasoned inference * Or a deduction * That follows from the logic of the argument* Evidence * Facts * Experimental Results * Observations * That support the argument* Present Your Arguments * In a Persuasive * Logical * And Reasoned way * Take on board the arguments of others* Source??? * What is the source of the information? What is their motivation? *
  • 10. * Freedom of Speech is a fundamental right but that shouldn’t be confused with the right to some nonsensical never ending debates in the organization* Its about Structured Discussions and Decision Making* Every statement from any person reflects his thinking, clarity of it, rationality…* A Non-Structured argument is of no use to anyone* It just creates a never Ending Nuisance that everyone has to put up with. And obviously nothing gets done when that happens.* Rule: Your entire Organization needs Critical Thinking (Not just the leaders) Critical Thinking needs to be coached!!! Or perhaps Trained (!%$#%$#^) in.* Rule: You need a moderator who says – I’m sorry to say STFU!!! You are not making any sense. Go back and come again with structured arguments, facts, assertions, opinions and/or theories.* So basically its not a choice between Absolute Command & Top Down Control where people do as they are told. Or the situation where everyone starts debating everything and nothing happens* The right answer is: Everyone uses Critical Thinking and Structured Arguments, Discussions and Debates. That’s what leads to consensus and agile decision making *
  • 11. * Critical Thinking is prevalent in the Academia* The way it works is Peer Review* Now its very clear that if you are the first person in the world to propose a solution to something there would be rarely any other people who are experts in it to the extent you are* Then how does it work* Peers/Scientists review your facts, assertions, opinion, arguments, theories…* You have to understand that they are still not the best people to comprehend your solution or anything* They are just checking The Path you took to arrive at that solution etc.* That’s exactly how we should do things in our Organizations. That’s something we should learn from the Academia. Everyone in your organization should do it.* Generalists/Leaders at the top still have a chance that they don’t understand every Innovation/Solution* The only way any leader can survive and succeed is Critical Thinking* The only way an organization can run and survive is Critical Thinking *
  • 12. Aditya!!! *