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Case Study - All Out

Case Study - All Out

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  • 1. Case Study
  • 2. Karamchand Appliances Pvt. Ltd. (KAPL)
    KAPL’s Brand ‘All Out’ is almost a generic
    name for liquid vaporizers.
    Liquid Mosquito Vaporizers is a Rs.4 bn Segment in India with ‘All Out’ having 69% market share in 1999.( Result of conversion of large no. of customers to vaporizer users).
    KAPL managed to wrest market share amidst stiff competition from corporate giants like Godrej Sara Lee Ltd (GSLL) and Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL).
  • 3. Technological innovations
    1stMover Advantage
    Aggressive Marketing
    Reasons for Success
  • 4. Product:
    First of its kind/ New variant
    Quality/ Technologically sound
    Transition – Cord to plug
    Product Features
    High Quality Packaging
    Marketing Mix Analysis
  • 5. Price:
    Price was initially high to recover cost of initial investment
    Flexible pricing strategy
    Marketing Mix Analysis
  • 6. Place:
    Behind its competitors in terms of accessibility
    The only P in which KAPL was behind its major competitors was “Place”.
    GSLL and R&C were multi-product giants whereas KAPL was a newcomer with a single product. Hence the former companies (before launching vaporizers) already had well established distribution networks.
    Marketing Mix Analysis
  • 7. Promotion:
    Unconventional advertising strategy
    Hindi Movie Video Cassettes
    FM Radio
    Evening News Program/ Test Cricket Commentary
    Movie Songs/fight sequence on Doordarshan and SitiCable
    Series of failed ads by agencies followed by cost effective approach by promoters
    Adapting ideas from the parent company
    High mind recall
    Marketing Mix Analysis
  • 8. Invested heavily in other categories while ALL OUT had a single point focus
    Could not catch up initially with the advertising challenges poised by ALL OUT
    Entry into the vaporizer segment led to the overall expansion of the market
    Other Competitors - Failure
  • 9. SWOT Analysis
    • Harmful effect of chemicals
    • 10. Advertising criticized by the industry
    • 11. Major profits only through 1 product
    • Diversification of products
    • 16. Mosquito repellent spray
    • 17. Mosquito repellent band
    • 18. Creams
    • 19. Electric racquets
    • 20. Ultrasonic sound devices
    • Dependence on a flagship product for now
    • 21. Advent of new substitutes in the market.
    • 22. Can lose out on a market where there is no electricity
  • Analyze the toxic hazards, if any, caused by mosquito repellent chemicals
    Work in the R&D of product so as to improve the quality of the product
    Innovative advertising strategies
    Ensuring success…
  • 23. Thank You