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Pranic Energy Healing, Yoga Prana Vidya, Pranic Healing

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PEH Presentation

  1. 1. Advantages & Uses of Pranic Energy Healing
  3. 3. Be your own Doctor Pranic Energy Healing is designed in a way that you can easily improve your well-being, all by yourself.
  4. 4. Healing from Distant You can treat a patient even if you are miles apart using the Law of Interconnectedness, and it works just as well.
  5. 5. Healing on others Not only yourself, it gives you opportunities to be of help to others and make them healthier and happier.
  6. 6. Anyone can learn It uses the cookbook approach that any one who follows the simple steps will reach the expected results.
  7. 7. No Touch, No Drug, No Instrument You use your hands to do the entire process, without even touching the patient.
  8. 8. Pranic Energy Healing is Safe If you have had fear of getting the ailment of your patient. FEAR NO MORE! Pranic Energy Healing is 100% safe.
  10. 10. Harmonious Relationships Even in difficult situation learn not to loose control and instead remove the thought forms and elementals causing problems.
  11. 11. A Life full of joy and happiness In Pranic Energy Healing your Heart can be Bigger and you can make others happier.
  12. 12. Protect your love life from a break down Learn what makes a relationship to fall and how to build shields and protection to make it last happily ever after.
  13. 13. Understand others and make yourself understood Learn the Seven Rays and how each person is a unique personality that has to be treated differently.
  14. 14. Help other with their Relationships Become a savior you never thought possible and bring the gift of joy and love to the lives of others.
  15. 15. Being Together is our greatest asset Learn to treasure it now!
  17. 17. Teaching with Techniques It is not only talking about it, but introducing techniques to achieve it. Learn Arhatic Yoga to awaken the Kundalini, increase you awareness and achieve oneness all at once.
  18. 18. Fast and Effective way to achieve illumination Know what illumination is and the ways to achieve it, using an advanced technology.
  19. 19. Better act now! Whenever you start your spiritual journey, you would always wish you had started earlier.
  20. 20. Any Religion, Any Sect Pranic Energy Healing is not a religion. It is pure spirituality.
  21. 21. Better Intuition Intuition gives you inner eye. Learn to stand ahead of the masses by activating your crown charka.
  22. 22. Build a better connection with your soul Learn how you are connected with your higher soul and how you can strengthen this connection.
  23. 23. Get to know YOU You are far beyond what is seen. Become familiar with your true essence and the real you.
  25. 25. Prosperity Mudras and Mantras Did you know that prosperity has certain mudras and perhaps very powerful mantras?!
  26. 26. Learn the Prosperity Meditation Yes…… There is even a meditation for prosperity that gives you right to the point.
  27. 27. You are destined to be Successful Follow your destiny now.
  28. 28. Bring wealth and abundance to your life Learn the secret laws of prosperity never revealed publicly before.
  29. 29. Get to know the stuff that prevent you from success There are lots of energy parasites that hold you back from success. Learn how to remove them and move ahead.
  30. 30. Learn the Principle of Success The level of your success depends on your energy. Learn to correct the imbalances.
  31. 31. Achieve your dreams It is not only the Law of Attraction that matters, but also the law of Entitlement in making your dreams to come true.
  32. 32. Workshops conducted/organized by us regularly: PEH Level 1 Healing using basic techniques. PEH Level 2 Faster Healing Techniques with using color energies. PEH Level 3 Healing for Psychological ailments. PEH Level 4 Techniques for defense (self & others). PEH Level 5 Healing Techniques with help of crystals. Meditation on Atma Meditation to achieve oneness with soul. Arhat Yoga Meditation for awakening kundalini and inner purification. Kriya Shakti Techniques to Manifest thought form and prosperity.
  33. 33. For Workshops, seminars, introductory lectures, healings and healing camps Contact: