ITFT- f&b hierarchy

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F&B hierarchy , maitre de hotel

F&B hierarchy , maitre de hotel

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  • 1. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • FOOD & BEVERAGE MANAGER: Ensures that the required profit margins are achieved. Updates & compile new wine list as per availability, trends & needs. Compiling in liaison with kitchen, menus for various service areas and special occasions. Employing and dismissing staff. Determining portion sizes in relation to selling price.
  • 2. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • RESTAURANT MANAGER / SUPERVISOR. Has overall responsibility for the organisation and administration of particular F&B service areas. Ex: lounges, room service, restaurants, private banqueting suites. Sets the standards for service and is responsible for staff training required, on job or off job. Makes out duty rotas, holiday lists & hours on and off duty.
  • 3. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • RECEPTION HEADWAITER: Responsible for accepting any bookings and for keeping the booking diary up to date. Reserves tables and allocate these reservations to particular stations. Greets guests on arrival and takes them to the table and seats them.
  • 4. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • HEADWAITER / maitre d’ hotel / SUPERVISOR: Has overall charge of the staff team. Responsible for seeing whether service pre- preparations are carried out efficiently or not. Assist the reception headwaiter during service & might take orders if station waiter is busy. Helps with compilation of duty rotas & holiday lists. May relieve restaurant manager or reception headwaiter on their day offs.
  • 5. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • STATION HEADWAITER: Overall responsible for a team of staff serving a number of sets of tables from one sideboard. Each set of tables under the station headwaiters control is called a station. Should have good knowledge of food & wine service and be able to instruct other members of staff. He takes the order from host and serves the same with the help of chef de rang.
  • 6. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • STATION WAITER / chef de rang: Same work as the station headwaiter and relieve him on day offs. Station waiter is less experienced than station headwaiter. Both station headwaiter & station waiter works as a team for effective and speedy service.
  • 7. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • ASST. STATION WAITER / demi-chef de rang : Is the person next in seniority to the chef de rang and assist where necessary.
  • 8. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • WAITER / SERVER / commis de rang : Acts by instruction from the chef de rang. Mainly fetches and carries. Do a little service of either vegetable or sauces. Offer rolls, places plates on the table. Helps to clear the tables after each course. Carries out service pre-preparation cleaning.
  • 9. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • TRAINEE COMMIS / debarrasseur / apprentice : Debarrasseur is the Learner having just joined. During service he keeps the sideboard filled with equipments. Helps to fetch and carry items as required. Carries out service pre-preparation tasks. May be responsible for serving sweets, assorted cheese from trolley.
  • 10. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • CARVER / trancheur : Responsible for the carving trolley and the carving of joints at the table as required. Carver will plate up each portion with the appropriate accompaniments.
  • 11. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • FOOD SERVICE STAFF / chef d’ etage / floor waiter : Responsible for a complete floor in an establishment. In large hotels floor service is throughout the day but in small hotels it is limited to morning teas or breakfasts. The staff consist of head floor waiter with appropriate no. of floor waiter working for him. Responsible for service of all food & beverage in rooms. Staff would normally works from a floor pantry or from a central kitchen.
  • 12. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • LOUNGE STAFF / chef de sale : Staff may deal with lounge service as a specific duty only in first class hotels. In small hotels f&b staff takes care of these services on rotational basis. Responsible for service of morning coffee, afternoon teas, aperitifs and liqueurs before and after lunch or dinner. Responsible for setting up the lounge in the morning and maintaining cleanliness throughout the day.
  • 13. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • WINE BUTLER / WINE WAITER / sommelier : Responsible for the service of all alcoholic drinks during the service of meals. The person must also be a sales person. Should have thorough knowledge of all drinks served and food & wine combination. Should have knowledge of the licensing laws in respect of the particular establishment and area.
  • 14. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • COCKTAIL BAR STAFF : The person must be responsible and well versed in the skill of shaking & stirring cocktails. Should have thorough knowledge of all alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Should have knowledge of licensing laws.
  • 15. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • BUFFET ASSISTANT / buffet chef / chef de buffet : Is in-charge of the buffet in the room, its presentation, the carving and portioning of food and its service. The staff member would normally be a member of the kitchen team.
  • 16. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • CASHIER : Responsible for billing and taking payments, or making ledger account entries for a F&B operation. Includes making up bills from food and drink checks or, alternatively, in a cafeteria, for ex: charging customers for their selection of items on a tray.
  • 17. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • COUNTER ASSISTANTS : Are found in cafeterias where they would stock the counter and sometimes serve or portion food for customers. Duties may include some cooking of call order items.
  • 18. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • TABLE CLEARERS : They are found in seating areas where the service is not waiter service. Responsible for clearing tables using trolleys specially designed for the stacking of crockery, glassware, cutlery etc.
  • 19. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE PERSONNEL • FUNCTION CATERING / Banqueting staff : It includes banqueting manager, one or two asst. banqueting managers, 1 or 2 banqueting headwaiters, a dispense person and a secretary to the banqueting manager. All other staff required are normally engaged on a casual basis. In smaller hotels the manager, assistant manager and the headwaiter undertakes the administrative & organisational work.