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Edge rank explained


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An Explanation of EdgeRank Algorithm for Social Media Enthusiasts.

An Explanation of EdgeRank Algorithm for Social Media Enthusiasts.

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  • 1. Facebook – An Indepth Study
  • 2. Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  • 3. Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  • 4.  While we see organic SEO Traffic from Google contributing around 40-50% of the total traffic followed by Direct Traffic. Facebook brings a little less than 10% of the total traffic to websites (May vary for Individual Websites as It is an average of over 200k websites).
  • 5. Answer: On an Average 12% of the people online at the time of Posting. Then it Increases based on the Interaction on that Update. Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  • 6. I have 1000 friends, and out of them only 300 are online at the time I post an Update, so it will be visible to only (300/100)*12 = 36 friends!! Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  • 7.  How do I Ensure My Posts (Status Updates) get Maximum Visibility.  Why should My Post Get Maximum Likes/Comments/Shares.  How do I make my Post Appear in the News Feed of Maximum Friends/Fans. Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  • 8. • How often do You/Your Page Interacts Affinity with the Friend/Fan. • Content – Photo > Video/Link > Text Weight • Interaction – Share > Comment > Like • How Long ago the Edge was Created. Decay Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  • 9. ∑uewede ue – Affinity Score between user and Edge Creator we – Weight For this Edge de – Time Decay factor between how long ago the edge was created Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  • 10. each status on your News Feed, rather than LIKE. The more people we interact with, Higher will be our reach. Interacting with other pages is futile as they Don’t have a News Feed. Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  • 11. Instead of Text, Links. For this, you can share pictures with links in the text part. For Individuals – Posting the picture of a quote is more engaging as compared to the same Quote updated as text. Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  • 12. Unfortunately we do not have much say when it comes to Decay Factor apart from Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  • 13. Working on these steps religiously will help you gain more engagement and also interaction in your updates and will be of immense help to you as an Individual/Brand. It has helped me Immensely in the Past. And these would help you as well. Data Source: Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi
  • 14. Aditya Bhushan Dwivedi