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This was the quiz I put together with a friend, Jaiveer, for a monthly quiz event in the Dell Bangalore Quiz Club

This was the quiz I put together with a friend, Jaiveer, for a monthly quiz event in the Dell Bangalore Quiz Club

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  • 1. Question 1• Z is the drummer in a popular teen band, and is known for his laid back attitude. Z was also the code name given to a nuclear device in the 1950’s. There are also restaurant chains in India with the same name Z. Identify Z.
  • 2. Question 2• X is a prominent Indian character that shot to fame in 2008, appeared in exactly 33 episodes before being forced to shut production. An upcoming Bollywood comedy film borrows gets inspiration for its title from this character.• Id X
  • 3. Question 3• Identify the artist who is also the author of an Indian web comic which shot to fame in the last 9 months
  • 4. Question 4• X came into this world in 1971. X has been a crusader for the common man’s cause. X’s exploits have also prompted the creation of a television series. X has a close friend Y who is also famous by virtue of association & considerable strength. Identify X & Y.
  • 5. Question 5• Connect the pictures to identify the personality
  • 6. Question 6• X’s dad is a patent attorney and mom a housewife. X spends all his time with Y, perhaps the most popular anthropomorphic character of all time. ID X & Y.
  • 7. Question 7• X has an electrical engineering degree from MIT, but struggles with his romantic life. He has an anthropomorphic pet dog Y, which is probably the smartest dog on the planet – and whose mission is to conquer the world. ID X & Y.
  • 8. Question 8• X is perhaps the most popular of the characters in the Indian comic space, and is loved equally by children, teens and adults. He made his first appearance in 1983, and with his funny rectangular head and hilarious presence of mind, this simpleton with a fan following shouldn’t be hard to recall.• Id X
  • 9. Question 9• Connect the 3 and ID the character
  • 10. Question 10• Connect the 3 and ID the character