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  • 1. InQuiZtive
  • 2. Prelims• 20 Questions 1 mark each• Top 6 teams will be selected• Starred questions will be used for tie breaks
  • 3. 1. Name the popular website owned by ObviousCorp?
  • 4. 2.,,… these are the examplesfor?
  • 5. 3. Name the codename of the next version ofAndroid after Jellybean?
  • 6. *4. Identify these two very famous personalities
  • 7. 5. X recently lost a lawsuit filed against it by Y,having to pay $1Billion in damages for infringingpatents held by Y. Name X and Y?
  • 8. 6. Which company offers online cloud datastorage service called ‘Sky Drive’?
  • 9. 7. Established in 1996 through Nelson Gonzalezand Alex Aguila, this company’s name waschosen because of the founders fondness forthe hit television series The X-Files hence thetheme to their products, with names such asHangar18 and Aurora. Name the company?
  • 10. 8. B is a photo sharing and editing service takenover by A for $1Billion in cash & stock. A hadone of the biggest IPO in technology on May18,2012. Name A and B?
  • 11. 9.Name the youngest person to be named TIMEperson of the year?
  • 12. *10. Programed by Toneli Armanto in 1997variants of which popular game includedXenzia,EX,EX2,Subsonic,etc.?
  • 13. 11. Which iconic car was advertised in India withthe tagline ‘Curves are back’?
  • 14. 12.David Bradley spent 5 minutes writing thecomputer code that has helped the worlds PCusers for decades. Which key combination alsocalled ‘Three-finger salute’ is invented by him?
  • 15. *13. Michel Scott, Mike Makkula, John Sculley,Gil Amelio, __________, Tim Cook were/is CEOin chronological order of this company which isthe world’s largest publically traded company.Fill in the blank?
  • 16. 14. Identify this supercomputer
  • 17. 15. The name of this electronics giant companymeans ‘Three stars’ in Korean. Which companyis it?
  • 18. 16. When is the stated launch date of MicrosoftWindows 8?
  • 19. 17. Identify this logo
  • 20. 18. What is the name given to softwareapplications that run automated tasks over theInternet?
  • 21. *19.Which OS is sponsored by Canonical Ltd?
  • 22. *20. Photorealistic Renderman or PRMan is acommercial product developed by whichcompany?